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  1. You did better than I ever did with mine. By the book I think that's brazing not welding. I have some fluzed AC rods too that will burn through aluminum but not much luck sticking stuff together.
  2. can't call them wheelchair races anymore.
  3. I made an under-cabinet spice rack Friday!
  4. https://i.imgur.com/upwB4hB.mp4
  5. I looked the same way pushing my MTB up the opposite end of that trail last week.
  6. forged or carbon only for me too.
  7. Rode Baileys in Athens Sunday. Machine built trails with lots of whoops. Wore myself out climbing the worse direction. Tried Wayne N Forrest Epic loop Monday. It's basically all narrow hiking trails with not much traffic. slow, soft, steep, overgrown. Bailed out to the road 1/3 in for 3 hrs and lucked out that the agressive trailer dogs didn't live at the bottom of the up hills
  8. to avoid getting cooked by the engine?
  9. https://dearborn.org/317141/colombian-cartels-killing-anyone-who-doesnt-obey-coronavirus-lockdown-orders-report/
  10. Rode east rim, what a rocky beast. ,@ Austin Badger Park, Reagan-Huffman and Brookside in Ashland (Root of all Evil is a great trail name) 2019 OHIO MTB state championship trail. 4 months later these stump gaps are still MIA with no signage. stumps feature
  11. They have sold more tuonos than rsv4's if you don't mind smacking on clip ons. Some of the updates take a few years to trickle down too.
  12. Headed up to NE ohio for 2 afternoons of trails.
  13. will it fit my head?
  14. 10 miles at Hueston Woods. F#cking race loop
  15. too easy(except for getting a wind gust). Do we have to know which flag it is? Speaking of easy, go take one at a proctologist office sign.
  16. doesn't that tolerance increase to like .256969" out at the grip though?
  17. I just wanted to say, "Viral load" The dose matters in determining whether an infection can take hold and seemingly how severe the resulting disease will be. https://www.galaxydx.com/pathogen-infectious-dose-and-the-risk-of-vector-borne-disease-transmission/ The main sources for infection are home, workplace, public transport, social gatherings, and restaurants. This accounts for 90% of all transmission events. In contrast, outbreaks spread from shopping appear to be responsible for a small percentage of traced infections https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.04.04.20053058v1.full.pdf If I am outside, and I walk past someone, remember it is “dose and time” needed for infection. You would have to be in their airstream for 5+ minutes for a chance of infection.
  18. I don't understand why that is news. But I have seen many maskers telling others to get educated that masks don't protect yourself . -shrug- Does the amount of droplets change the intensity of the infection though?
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