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  1. got my damn riding pants gusset caught in the zipper hard. might put a stiff patch on if I get it undone without destroying them. have never had jeans' denim get stuck in a zipper.
  2. Also noticed my upper clutch adjuster screw has play when I pull the lever. There's 5 threads in and it has a spring notch rather than a jam nut
  3. Radial swap levers came in. They are thick. I thought there would be more finger access with the cutout but it's further out. They are longer than my current levers but the adjustable adaptor thickness matches them unlike the shorty that came on the master. Put the clutch on . It came with a brass bushing but it was bigger then the bolt. Don't look as good but the lever bevel is a little more comfortable current levers
  4. I came back negative. "Europe is dealing with a resurgence of cases. When adjusting for population, the number of new coronavirus infections in the EU and the U.K. has now overtaken the United States."
  5. Chase freedom card 5% cashback for paypal @ wamart oct -dec. Discover 5% back @ Amazon.com, Walmart.com and Target.com
  6. If you donate blood, red cross gives you antibody test results.
  7. 3 weeks until dark at 5:30 Got 2 pairs of leds from Amart Katana mini '10000'lm all-in-one 90deg clockable $6 returns. warm after buzzing around the neighborhood a couple laps Yorkim '16000'lm external driver 360 adjustable. $30 returns. Really hot after a ride will verify the fan is turning tomorrow. Beam pattern up close with one of each annoyed me in the city but was fine out in the dark looking further ahead. My mind needs to get used to seeing more elements now instead of," oh well maybe there's something there, can't see"
  8. I recommend someone buy these h7 all in one LEDS. just got a set for $6 and they ar 3 x brighter than my halogens with hardly any oncoming glare. https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B07T7FKLC4/ref=dp_olp_ALL?thresholdShippingMessage=true_mbc?ie=UTF8&condition=ALL%3FthresholdShippingMessage%3Dtrue If you are in columbus I can put them on an an order as I am looking for free shipping fillers
  9. @jacobhawkins you get presidents day off or is the vice president in your work backyard?
  10. Really? Buying a bmw adv and goldwing didn't already have you age yourself?
  11. When you're tired of the grom turbulence hitting you in the gut.
  12. 😄 https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-wants-bring-light-inside-the-body-to-kill-coronavirus-2020-4 nationalreview.com/videos/researchers-find-light-frequency-that-kills-covid-19-virus-without-harming-people/?utm_source=recirc-desktop&utm_medium=article&utm_campaign=river&utm_content=most-popular&utm_term=third Columbia University and Japan’s Hiroshima University researches found that a UVC light wave of 222 nanometers works.
  13. wet carbon fiber attacks aluminum too.
  14. I heard you should change the air filter when they've been in dusty showrooms for 2 years.
  15. Any apple people watch it yet?
  16. do you try heating them to release any threadlock?
  17. Why did this take so long to be made?
  18. The state switcher also switched bikes frequently
  19. Oh whoops, per google it looks like they moved a mile to the newer side of the development.
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