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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/aug/31/lake-tahoe-ski-resort-uses-snow-making-machines-to-fight-wildfire
  2. https://imgur.com/gallery/Bs3pmFJ
  3. Your 4h club milked people? everything with nipples?
  4. Vesrah JL make a ton of dust. I've wiped them clean and this is a few hundred miles. Just ordered Craft T4 ceramics
  5. I lost count of how many times i pulled fitty cent out of a dryer doing maintenance. Sometimes in 1 piece still.
  6. Continued jamming the key in harder and it fit in and started. The dust shield is still MIA and i'm not confident it won't rejam and strand me.
  7. I always assumed weekends were higher theft risk. Keys are only chipped to the dash. An aprilia guru in california can rekey an ignition to my current key. Sounds like the easy go.
  8. Welp. Got up before 7 and saw it missing. Took off and found it in 5 minutes across a main road and around a corner on the kickstand between parked cars. Signals and headlight wires damaged. Filed a police report before touching it. Then trying to move it found they screwdrivered the ignition. I had assumed a guy dropped it then gave up. Then that they had a truck parked and failed at that. Now with the ignition I can't figure out what the mental rejects thought they were doing. Just got more expensive and over my deductible. I tried turning the ignition with a screwdriver with the chip key beside it and that didn't work either. Looks like i'm inop for a while. I admit I've been surprised I've had no issues before. I have a disc lock i had used regularly before this year and had started using last week but not last night. No cameras.
  9. Road by a Pile of 8" mending plates in the median at an intersection this weekend. Someone could have had a bad day.
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