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  1. Got one of these which seemed pretty slick if you don't have usb or voltmeter. It measured 12.5 in the car even when i gave it gas but it is a CVT. Measured a spare battery at 13.2 with a regular voltmeter. This thing 12.5. Measured a 9v batt.. 12.5 Raising hell with the seller.
  2. is there animatronic flashing too?
  3. I used that pinned to a sweater with tinsel for an "ugly christmas sweater party" Best sweater there!
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/nov/26/post-haste-alabama-police-ravine-fedex-packages
  5. You need to get another bike for salt. Fuck roads.
  6. I think of home as the office now. I mean remote further from that
  7. new spark plugs and soaked the airbox gasket in leak sealer. The old NGK EK copper after 13k had an oval electrode
  8. I thought goldwing riders were retired and had winter homes down south? Can't you work remote? another option
  9. I had an SV one that leaked not on a seam. I took it to a repair guy, not in Ohio, who said he fixed and "pressure tested it" with air twice and it still dripped until I JBW it. Fixing might depend on if bent open or cracked would be harder. Someone here fixed a subframe with these-
  10. Can anyone identify this bike frame on the sidewalk in seattle?
  11. Have you tried telling them you have been waiting for their call for 24 hours and are lost on a mountain in India?
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