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  1. Random Thoughts thread

    Today was literally the biggest display of bastard driving I've seen since election day 2010
  2. 2006 zx14 front brake pulsating

    i had bent caliper bolts cause it once. there's fixed. floating, and semi floating. On some bikes as a last resort people will bend the spring washers out away from the rotor.
  3. K&N recall

    they're also known to blow through the middle of the hollow o-ring and have the bypass valve break and block flow
  4. What did you do to your bike today?

    Chased a spider out of the steering nut. I think it was a black widow. One was dead and the other live.
  5. What did you do to your bike today?

    2x4 in the spokes?
  6. Did I buy the wrong replacement brake switch?

    bought the above at micro center, the plunger is between the mounts instead of on the end like the stock switch and mounts are a bit off. Did a post op on the original switch. cut/melt the potting and you can swap the outside pins' wire and convert between closed open types.
  7. Craigslist, eBay, Internet find thread

    These $11-15 boots will probably get removed or never sent....maybe he has several auctions. The same photos are also listed for $100 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Professional-Motorcycle-Offroad-Sport-Motorbike-MX-GP-Racing-Leather-Boots-Shoes-/192301277057?var=&hash=item2cc60c9f81:m:mC-vXU6A52-Z3LnrIGwkGRQ feedback sales are listed in $HKD not CH...
  8. My track bike conundrum.

    Pocket it for your policy renewal next year.
  9. My track bike conundrum.

    you're also comparing bargain brakes to sportbike radials... what would the SV abs do with gsxr forks?
  10. Hillary Just a Thought.

    pod save america
  11. Trailer Build Help - Securing Ramps for travel

    a coil spring, a minilock and these
  12. Equifux

    so 143 million were stolen and the other 157 million have never had a job(or ssn)to qualify for credit. 1. have you had a job? yes .a you were affected no .b you were not affected.
  13. Equifux

    you can unfreeze temp(ya punned)orarily even if you do want to use it. just ask the loaner which they check for credit
  14. Equifux

    In case you hadn't heard re: the op, 4 executives dumped stock a few days after the hack was detected/reported to authorities..