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  1. I realized my backpack straps flip out and catch the wind. It doesn't seem like they should. Will have to try my other 2 and see how they do.
  2. For people with lowvoltaphobia but who also never ride their bikes
  3. model 3002. I don't believe they were ever used. 3 of the mounts have cracks. https://www.amazon.com/Daytona-Twin-Tec-Mini-Coil/dp/B000GV7KFQ also have 4 2007-2009 Shiver COP and 1 rsvr dual spark used coils for for cheap if you have any projects.
  4. Fewer returns? " I put your new battery in and the bike still won't start" "Well our voltage is good"
  5. They have some that list to only fit the fjr. https://www.ebay.com/itm/CNC-25mm-Lowering-Front-Large-Foot-Pegs-For-Yamaha-FJR1300-01-13-YZF1000R-96-00/353079742958?hash=item52353151ee:g:WQAAAOSw3oVexWUV These were listed for honda but fit my aprilia. I mailed something in their box and it was so long ago ebay doesn't bring up the listing.
  6. Touring/Lowering CNC footpegs $25 Columbus pickup. with 1" radius drop/F/B adapter. Not sure what all's compatible they were a Honda model Messed around with mounting but never ridden.
  7. Wouldn't it be cheaper and better execution to throw in a cheap remote voltmeter?
  8. Previous owner emailed me wanting to buy his toxy back 👌
  9. Geared up turned the key and got an Urgent Service msg. Wouldn't start, took the car to make an appointment on time. Came home and it just said Service and started up then looked normal. Read the codes and have no current, P0609 saved fault. Safety shutdown. This is usually logged with other codes. V was 13.1 with ignition on not running. Battery(and previous battery) has given me no starts overnight in cold weather with no codes. Got a CPS sensor🙄 error on the car 3 weeks ago. Can 2020 be over all ready?
  10. Playing sick to politically skip a Trump visit?
  11. How can they milk the land with no nipples left?
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