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  1. Met up with Goldfinger today.
  2. what's the date code? a little hard to see what the damage is. does it resist pressing in less in those spots than unmarked places? you could puncture it all the way through and do a vulcanizing patch/plug to fill more of the divot.
  3. I thought the first one warmed you up for that.
  4. Pulled off my EP oil cooler guard to see if I get lower temps. Bottom row had a pile of pebbles blocking the fins. Easily pulled the bearings from my spare rear wheel for powerder coat with a new hammer puller. Wish I had a spare front but a week of rain is almost as good. Will be replacing the steel carrier rotors with alu and new rubber.
  5. Is the brake master radial on it too? that's my next project.
  6. once wolves colonize a county, deer vehicle collisions go down about 24%," said Dominic Parker, a natural resources economist at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and co-author of their new study published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
  7. I got a used series SH866AA off a zx14 cheap. Not many people know it's a series one too. The smaller one is usually for monitoring no?(flywheel position sensor wires )
  8. welp, I didn't modify my headlight covers after the LED conversion with large heatsinks and the "landscapers" managed to blow a leaf up inside. I watched the dumb asses blow crap from one end of the lot, directly across every vehicle, to the other. Maybe a shop vac will get it?
  9. I can see how curved residential roads are tempting, but those parked cars. Reminds me of the deepfake track video with the bus stop.
  10. drove by Uranus fudge factory today. .they have a new "fancy" cowboy statue that would be great for a bike pic. https://www.route66news.com/2021/03/17/mega-mayor-muffler-man-installed-at-uranus-missouri-complex/
  11. Post any bike photo. 2nd person posts any bike photo. If the previous photo doesn't get more stay on top votes in 72 hours the new photo gets on top. King of the hill. *new photos only, taken by you *no reposting the same photo *only post photos 72 hrs after the last challenger
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