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  1. Win my Apple Pie Moonshine!!!

    @Casper misses epic threads. The Blitz!
  2. COTA cycling

    Tuesday Nights
  3. What did you do to your bicycle today?

    74mi round trip to cedarville with a gorge hike @2talltim on mossy rocks in bike shoes. Turns out arrester beds don't work as well for bikes. hit this rock on the trail ~17mph lost my grip and went into the loose ditch. grabbed a bullhorn grip and couldn't reach the brakes or steer and finally washed out. I probably should have moved the rock. drank 3 water bottles came in 5 lbs lighter
  4. Garmin Zumo 220; $150

    can't let this one go to waste. @Tonik
  5. Garmin Zumo 220; $150

    Put it on the Kona, . . . . . If you want to draw a penis map, may sure you use "dyke rd ave"
  6. Garmin Zumo 220; $150

    @killerkaw @badInfluence
  7. Random Thoughts thread

    Random internet search- youtube "reply girls" that's half way down the page on, The daily Poop. At the top of the page “Virgin Boy Eggs” Are A Popular, Urine-Soaked Snack In China. Is this for real? So it is.
  8. Obama was right.

    Well, VA judges just said stuff candidates say on the campaign can invalidate executive orders. Video was different, he was blaming Bush for illegal migrants when it wasn't his responsibility.
  9. Today(or recently) in Weird News Thread. their dorm er cell. Hey prison girlfriend wanna netflix and chill
  10. What did you do to your bicycle today?

    I had one on my bike once. crazy Topheavy. trying to wheel it through doorways by the stem it would try to roll over like a puppy,
  11. If my new chain lube sucks I'll blame cleveland

    Sprayed some on a bicycle chain first. The can has a rattle ball to help mix it up. Quite a bit of excess spray using the tube but it also was discolored carrying dirt after wiping the chain with a spirits rag. Dries quick non clear white in thick places feels slick. it's also 9 oz compared to most 11oz but as above more lube %
  12. Today(or recently) in Weird News Thread. there's a google doc list of joints to attack.