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  1. What did you do to your bike today?

    Touring screen that might fit the lines of the bike better than the original. Rick's starter relay. Weatherproof Maxi fuse holders inplace of the main fuses.
  2. Oh shit, wish I saw that firs....

    were they properly torqed? I know people have had their Oh-lins axle clamp break like that
  3. NEW! Contest!

    Sign up people you don't like to get paid to have to ride a harley all summer. http://www.nbc4i.com/news/u-s-world/harley-davidson-hiring-paid-interns-to-ride-across-the-country-this-summer/1132359523
  4. Sport touring tires

    I avoid these situations by riding generation old RS2s
  5. Granddaughter and politics

    It's a conspiracy. If shoes are flat, Why do feets have arches
  6. $25-$30 claim to have restitching holes but i can't find any, sloppy seam taping maybe. I grabbed a 2xl for this price. I have the lighter defender 500 XL that fits quite tight ??? and just ordered a touring screen. https://www.ironpony.com/ipd/pi.asp/ProdID/557411/ImageName/DE-2000.jpg/Brand/Adventure/c2/Garage-and-Shop/c3/Covers/c1/Street-Products/KitKey2/Defender-Factory-Seconds-Cover
  7. School me on travel trailers..

    We drove this fiberglass camper down the freeway with only flex seal holding it together!
  8. What's your download speed?

    why is my 990 a literbike. small print I'm getting 35 now
  9. What's your download speed?

    Got a random letter from spectrum after months of fliers of 100mbps for 29.99... (if bundled and 2 yr contract) lies. I qualify for automatic upgrade from $19.99 @ 3mbps to $14.99 30mbps no contract
  10. SEO Spring Ride Friday April 13th

    how old?
  11. Charging upgrades ?

    I just ordered a lot of 8ga maxi fuse holders to upgrade my main fuse holder like I've seen VFR fixer's do. I plan to make and adapter to use std fuse spares for on the road emergency backup.
  12. Aftermarket springs on cartridge forks, spacer length issues

    measure the length of the "spring gap" of the assembled cartridge. cut the spacer so it and the spring = 1/2 more than the gap. ? save up $ for extra pvc for next time