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  1. Have banks stopped depositing infected checks? I got an insurance refund and have tried at my credit union 2 days/transaction canceled after I choose it. I have deposited cash since the lockdown started.
  2. woman helping protestors flee files police report for assault/stolen car. https://abc6onyourside.com/news/local/woman-robbed-assaulted-by-two-teens-during-rioting-near-ohio-state-campus-police-say
  3. Someone was zooming down he street @ over 3omph in front of traffic on an electric unicycle when I was outside yesterday.
  4. The medics were called due to his behavior before crossing the street to the cruiser they tried putting him in. Do you want to give a suspect who may have been kicking for example a chance to assault the medics too?
  5. You went to the bank, he want back to the same grocery after being told to leave & it was counterfeit, but to a different teller while on fentanyl. I see 12 minutes of video with Police showing no aggression leading him to the car before the pinning. Something happened after that. If you start a fight with police I have less sympathy for your injuries. https://codes.findlaw.com/mn/crimes-expungement-victims-ch-609-624/mn-st-sect-609-632.html
  6. My assumption is these police wanted to put him in the car and go home to their families. It appears he prevented that and escalated the situation leading to him being pinned. I don't know what procedures are for securing a handcuffed suspect in the back seat. Would anyone have objected to him being tazed instead of being pinned?
  7. Anyone else curious what was happening in the cruiser before he was pulled back out and pinned down? https://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2020/05/29/george-floyd-arrest-video-minneapolis-dp-orig.cnn/video/playlists/george-floyd-death-protests-minneapolis/
  8. his excuse for violence against people breaking the law while rioting for police brutality? what if the kid had a heart problem?
  9. They seem to be ostracized from the races once they become police.
  10. Who brings a child to these things?
  11. I meant to post it was a theory. We know that he could breathe for 3 minutes while pinned. And that he would pass out before dying unlike the movies. And that most felons want to avoid going back. I've been choked out before. I know that's from blood to the brain not air. I've never heard of anyone being choked from the back of the neck.
  12. the guy says he can't breathe for 3 minutes in a video. The initial autopsy says not choked or asphyxiated. Someone suggested he swallowed his stash since he has felony armed home invasion on his record in Houston. Wouldn't be the first time that blew up a heart.
  13. https://videos.dailymail.co.uk/video/mol/2020/05/28/4762896503804939304/1024x576_MP4_4762896503804939304.mp4
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