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  1. make some passes in the marbles?
  2. got some aluminizedized fiberglass to insulate the starter from heat soak hot start problems.
  3. oh there's an oh-ring behind the metal shield.
  4. Got my ohlins upgrade shoved in without removing the subframe. My dirty linkage has rubber sealed bearings the ohlins one was metal shielded. regreased both but reused the old one. Used the new frame stand I built. 'Hightower' I get 6" of space under the rear wheel. it talks a lot of leverage to get it up I may have over done it. I did this one in an dual connected A frame since the old U based one rocked on uneven asphalt. This one is not as easy to pass under the bike. The next one might just have leveling feets.
  5. Not it! Pauly's thread took 3 pages to sell it.
  6. Cabellas prices haven't changed.
  7. Are manufacturers raising prices or is vance is price gouging? Is the co-worker well off enough that access is worth more than $?
  8. https://i.imgur.com/qBn5ink.mp4
  9. Anyone prepping/hoarding again for the Minneapolis verdict?
  10. Was that why god had that rule? The Garden of Stealin
  11. https://www.wkbn.com/news/rapper-lil-nas-xs-nike-satan-shoes-spark-outrage-yes-they-contain-1-drop-of-human-blood/
  12. My old one that is for sale is the best. Even better than my new one. Do you by chance have $1400?
  13. Coincidental color coordination?
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