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  1. jhughes

    Random Track Talk

    You mean I can't just say I'm fast and demand a bump?
  2. jhughes

    Random Track Talk

    I will be there both days 😀
  3. jhughes

    Random Track Talk

    I still really really doubt it will happen but.... after being there for the last 3 days i have heard a few things that maybe make me think there is a 1 in a million chance it actually happens . 😀😀
  4. jhughes

    Supertech R boots 43eu

  5. jhughes

    gear Supertech R boots 43eu

    Look and smell brand new still only worn 4 times. Comes with a extra set of toe sliders . $320 picked up in Chesterland ohio
  6. jhughes

    Track day pass

    Is this sold ? If not I'll take it
  7. jhughes

    Random Track Talk

    Agreed its basic math. Mid O charges $215 so even if only 50 people show up 215x50=10,000.
  8. jhughes

    Random Track Talk

    We gotta fix our bikes all the time lol Pulled it out yesterday to start getting ready and a exup valve cable broke . Scrambled today to fix it
  9. jhughes

    Random Track Talk

    Hopefully still room 😬 I'll walk up Monday
  10. jhughes

    Random Track Talk

    Anyone thinking of going to Mid O next Monday? (22nd) I'm sure the weather will change 15 times between now and then but there is a day scheduled
  11. jhughes

    Random Track Talk

    I have zero desire to race i just thought it was interesting that its that easy to get a race license.
  12. jhughes

    Random Track Talk

    I remember that day seeing you out there
  13. jhughes

    Random Track Talk

    What if you are slow? 😀 All i gotta do is pass a written exam and not crash? Shit i can do that hahahahaha
  14. jhughes

    F.S. Spidi Trackwind Pro suit 54EU

  15. jhughes

    Random Track Talk

    They are for sale now .....just bought a 6 day pack👍