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  1. cuzenjeff

    Mapping Programs

    Thanks Dan, been following your thread. Time is getting near.
  2. cuzenjeff

    Mapping Programs

    What mapping programs are you guys using these days that can be up loaded to a Garmin?
  3. Mark wasn't ready to see you yet......he has an Adventure to watch.
  4. Dan and Ed's Groovy Escapade.............
  5. Hey Dan, I like ya just the way you are, I don’t care about politics, history, sports, news. I am politically incorrect and morally impaired. I love tittys and clits........but the problem I have with you is that FUCKED up music you listen too. We will have a beer before your big departure.
  6. Hey Dan,,,get you a new one and make it yours. This is a big deal you are about to do. Bite the bullet.....get it set up the way you want and make it unique, you will glade you did
  7. cuzenjeff

    Who knows air rifles?

    Check out the Gamo Swarm Maxxim. I know a couple of guys that have this one and like it a lot. Loads itself on every cock and they got it at wally world. I shoot .177, cheaper then .22 and just fits my needs.
  8. cuzenjeff

    Who knows air rifles?

    I have been shooting Gamo guns, but there are many out there to choose from. Plenty of info on the net for what people like and don't like. I think if you can find any break barrel in the 120 to 220 price range you cant go wrong. Then shoot the hell out of it , do some research to find out find something that will suit your needs better. You will find these things addictive and a lot of fun to shoot. They can be highly accurate and deadly on small game. They can be like Lays potato chips....you cant only have one....Good Luck
  9. cuzenjeff

    She's gone

    May the journey begin Dan...........
  10. cuzenjeff

    New Law passed - HB 154

    Its just another law that most wont give a FUCK about.....just remember before you ride...LOCK and LOAD,,,,,and as the old Indian said....first shot, yes, second shot, maybe, third shot, never.......
  11. cuzenjeff

    Changes in oil, for example Rotella T6

    I was not a lucky one to be blessed with a big penis.......but I do run T6 in the Dl650 but run the high dollar Motorex 10-60 in the Guzzi
  12. cuzenjeff

    Changes in oil, for example Rotella T6

    I am with Papa on this one,,,,,,,but virgins do like it up the ASS
  13. cuzenjeff

    New BMW

    http://www.swmmotorcycles.co.uk/models/adventure/super-dual I would rather go Italian.