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  1. I wish that I could find a helmet that fits me well. I have a fucked up Frankenstein shaped head. Not sure if that is long oval or what. I was almost to the point where I was going to spring for one of the Bell custom fit helmets but they stopped making them. I think that I have tried on every model of helmet in in stock at IP twice. I hated my HJC but I did the hot spoon trick on the forehead and that seemed to help for now.
  2. Dem ad has truck chasing down kids

    Wow. I guess I had better take my flag down. I'm scaring the chilrens!
  3. Happy Birthday Tonik!!

    Oh yea...Happy Birthday Jim!
  4. Happy Birthday Tonik!!

    He is just following the lead of his idol.
  5. Weather App poll

  6. The new guy.

    Welcome. Fair warning. This place gets pretty salty during the colder months when everybody is suffering from cabin fever.
  7. Random Thoughts thread

    Thanks. It's done. I just feel bad for my wife and son. They were more attached than I was.
  8. Random Thoughts thread

    Tomorrow is going to suck. I have to take a sick cat to the vet to put down.
  9. Considering Android

    That would work.
  10. Considering Android

    I don't see myself paying $1000ish for a phone anytime soon. I also don't like contracts with the carriers so I guess that I am stuck with shit hardware. Right now I am running a Nexus 6. I've been looking for something new because even after a factory reset the phone is slow as hell.
  11. Random Thoughts thread

    Damn...I'm a social retard so if I worked from home I'd REALLY be in trouble.
  12. What did you do to your bike today?

    It's dangerous working 8 minutes away. I have pissed more $$$ away during lunch at IP than I care to admit.
  13. Fuck da police.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
  14. My Battle with K&N

    I had a K&N filter sitting in the garage from my FZ-07. I tossed it in the trash when I got home from work yesterday.