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  1. Wojo72

    What do YOU need?

    Thinking about upgrading to a Sena 30K. My 10S battery won't make it though a day without a top off at lunch.
  2. No love here. A friend of mine is getting married in Cinci that day.
  3. Wojo72

    aim expo columbus is this weekend

    I just got home. I didn't do any demo rides. The indoor show was pretty decent. I was hoping to see some of the big helmet brands there but not so much. I was in and out pretty quickly since I was solo. I'm an selectively introverted asshole so I didn't talk to many vendors. Booth babes were almost non existent. I guess they were going for the family friendly vibe. The only real disappointment was the fact that Yamaha didn't bring a Vmax. I want one of those in the worst way for no good reason other than nostalgia and to maybe do a rolling burnout though my neighborhood.
  4. Wojo72

    aim expo columbus is this weekend

    I'm heading to the show in a few minutes. Still debating if I ride the bike or take the truck not that it matters to anybody but me.
  5. Wojo72

    aim expo columbus is this weekend

  6. Wojo72

    aim expo columbus is this weekend

    I'd like to head over tomorrow morning. I was going to take my son but he is having a fit because it will cut into his video game time.
  7. Wojo72

    aim expo columbus is this weekend

    @what How was the show? Is it worth the trip and the $$?
  8. Wojo72

    aim expo columbus is this weekend

    Has anybody seen a promo code for tickets? I'm thinking about heading over there tomorrow.
  9. Wojo72

    Google Fi

    I tried Fi for 30 days. Compared to Sprint it was an improvement which makes sense because it's 3 (Sprint, T-Mo and USC) carriers bundled together. The deal killer was the fact that it there is no signal where I work. They only have Verizon repeaters installed. The alternative was to camp out on corporate guest Wifi all day long but I wasn't excited about being monitored. Google VPN wasn't reliable and 3rd party VPN was a pain in the ass. . It wasn't riding season yet so I didn't get to test it outside of the metro area. I'm guessing Verizon would win there. I'll deal with it until I change jobs. I also looked at the MVNOs. They were cheaper but they had restrictions like data caps, speed caps or other issues that made them less attractive.
  10. Wojo72

    Rekluse RadiusX Clutch Kit

    I watched a couple of youtube videos while I was bored today. This looks interesting but they don't make a kit for my bike to even worry about.
  11. Wojo72

    Yet another newbie

    All six of us that are left!
  12. Wojo72

    Walmart open carry, Sept 3, 2019

    I haven't done it for the past twenty years because I have lived in medium sized metro areas. I don't think that I have ever (8 years) seen somebody open carry in Cbus that weren't' marked LE. It wasn't common in Indianapolis either. I don't expect that it's any different now. The point is that gun owners shouldn't be shitting all over each other for legal choices. The cartoon was a poorly executed jab at Midget Todd for calling folks Rambo and attention whores.
  13. Wojo72

    Weight loss/ lifting/ dieting thread

    You bring up a good point here. I tend to weigh myself every morning while I am waiting for the shower water to heat up. Maybe I should only weigh myself once per week.
  14. Wojo72

    Weight loss/ lifting/ dieting thread

    I'm still at 1.5 miles of walking per day. I made a little bit of progress on the weight. Starting Monday I'll try to bump things up to two miles per day. I'd really like to start working some resistance training into the mix.
  15. Wojo72

    Walmart open carry, Sept 3, 2019

    I haven't open carried in a long time (20 years) but just because I don't chose to do it doesn't make it wrong. If more people chose to open carry on a regular basis maybe the little snowflakes wouldn't freak out every time that they see a pistol.