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  1. Funny that you posted that. I drove though there in my truck yesterday. I might have to do a couple of laps tomorrow on one of the bikes. I will admit that I was like WTF at first.
  2. I just ignored it. I just thought that Tonik was trying to send me dick pics again.
  3. Wojo72

    Ammo prices

    The sad part is that the price dropped a little bit from 2-3 weeks ago.
  4. Wojo72

    My mom

    Sucks man. Sorry to hear that.
  5. I just broke the clip off of my Sena 10S. I could probably rig something up but this might be an excuse for an update. What does everybody like these days? I use it primarily for listening to music and google directions. I don't use it for communication during group rides very often. What's the best these days for audio quality? Sena used to be the top dog but it seems like Cardo does better in the recent reviews.
  6. Something, something, tech inspection, something something.
  7. No shit. Thanks Casper!
  8. Wojo72


    I'm due for a new helmet at 5 years and counting but I can't find one that fits my fucked up head. I was in IP this weekend but in no hurry to try on helmets with this Rice Rabies stuff going on. So far the best fit has been the Signet Q (long oval) helmet but it's pricey and still didn't feel all that great. Even the newer model of the HJC helmet that I currently use feels different than what I have.
  9. Things were fairly tame last winter. I was almost disappointed.
  10. Wojo72

    Let them die.

    I've gotten a hankering for a new Fat Bob but then struggle with the fact that I can get a brand new Vmax for a few grand less. Too bad some medical bills for the kid nuked my play money pile so I get to daydream for another year.
  11. I hadn't thought about the Grom knock offs. I'd have to lose a shitload of weight first though.
  12. It's better than anything else going on bike related in January so I'll go. Hopefully Covid doesn't fuxxor it up.
  13. I replaced the battery in my bike today. Somebody was a dumbass and left the ignition on after parking the bike. last weekend. The battery was super dead and wouldn't hold a charge. Iron Pony didn't have shit in stock as far as new inventory. I'm amazed that folks are spending money with the economy being iffy right now. I'm spending money but it's on medical bills. FML.
  14. I absolutely hate blind hills. I don't get a chance to practice on them much in Cbus.
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