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  1. I'm not up to date on this? what's going on?
  2. I've set up my GoPro and am really enjoying messing around with it. Plus it helps with the insurance rate. I'll post my ride alongs here in this thread. So far the bike is bone stock. I've got about 130 miles on it right now. The break in period is going great I just can't wait to open it up and do some regular riding. Thanks and hope you enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjuglsabrJQ
  3. Great service. I went to Competition Accessories and they treated me terribly. I've never been treated that bad in my entire life. I have bought dirt bikes, 4 wheelers, all my gear from them. etc. and I tried to negotiate prices with them and they brought out the "manager" and he began to tell me how I must not have any common sense and that it's okay because this was probably my "first big purchase" so then I gave Joey a call and he treated me very well and got me out the door cheaper than I tried to negotiate with Competition Accessories. That looks like a blast. How do you like your windscreen? I've been thinking about purchasing one. Does it make a difference?
  4. What would you charge for a pair like the one listed?
  5. I compared the 2 bikes and If I did more touring the FJ would be hands down my top choice. The motor in these bikes is unreal. I've never experienced low end torque like this besides my CR480. When in "A" mode, it is impossible to keep the front end down.
  6. I just had them adjust the stock to my weight and then added 10 lb buffer for gear and stuff. I haven't had any complaints at all. I could def see buying an ohlins or maybe a penske if I lived in the twistys or if I tracked my bike. Haha I didn't even notice. Honestly it is the most fun I've ever had on a bike.
  7. Hi all. I just picked up my new 2015 Yamaha FZ-09. I've put about 35 miles on it so far and it is by far the best motorcycle I have ever ridden. Torque, Comfort, Handling (after suspension fix) are all amazing. It feels like a dirt bike flickability wise. I'll post more, just wanted to get it out there if anyone was thinking about the bike. I'll be more than happy to answer questions the best I can. I posted a youtube video of my first ride. sorry for the wind. I don't have my gopro set up in the right case yet.
  8. I'm selling an 05 GSXR 750 anniversary edition and a 1984 Goldwing Aspencade. PM or email for details if interested.
  9. Thanks for the advice. I've been looking at all the options. Only problem with the speed triple and z1000 is they are both out of my price range or what I've seen so far. I can get this 09 buell for my bike and $700 cash. I think that's a fairly good deal
  10. I've read that too. I've read that the cooling fans on the 9 are more efficient since the 9 s don't get as hot as the 12s. Overall I've read the 9sx is the best overall performing bike. On the city streets it has great torque. On the curvy roads it has great suspension and the shorter crank allows you to corner better and not have to downshift as much as the 12. I guess it's the ego thing that makes me want the 12.
  11. I agree. The i4s are great. I love the occasional 100mph blips but I can't afford a ticket and I know eventually that will come. I'm trying to look at all of the performer parts for the 9 vs the 12 and see what's going to suit my needs best. I can get an 09 very nice looking xb9 for my bike plus cash. I might make that trade instead of trading for an even older xb12. There's enough parts for the xb9 that I can make roughly the same torque as the 12
  12. I've read that the 12 got a lot hotter quicker and the cooling fans had to stay on longer. I think I'm probably going to go with the 9 and if the power is too little NHRS makes big bore kits and 3 stage CNC kits that are fairly cheap.
  13. Awesome. My next question is should I take the xb12s over the xb9sx if possible?
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