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  1. New price: $9000 with the extras. $8500 without.
  2. The price with the extras is now $10,000. I could probably drop the price without them a bit below the $9500 that's listed. A bit lower for OR members.
  3. Shoop

    Hey Guys!

    www.flybyweek.com Starting Monday Aug 23, but the busiest days will be Fri & Sat.
  4. Gorgeous Cobalt Blue 2016 FJR 1300A (not the fussy electronic suspension model) with 39,300 miles. The 2nd gear transmission and front brake switch recalls were performed in February along with a valve check. All were good I'm asking $9,500 on FB marketplace, with all the extras stripped off or $10,500 as is. I can do a bit better for OR members. Ask me. Michelin PR4GT's with more than half the tread remaining. Standard features - the LED cornering lights are on the ES model, not the A. https://www.cycleworld.com/2016/03/22/2016-yamaha-fjr1300a-and-fjr1300es-sport-touring-motorcycle-review-first-ride/ Extras in the as-is price: Shad 50L topcase with base plus Garald Stiffy Bracket. MCE Canyon Cages, front (w highway pegs) & rear. Bruudt passenger peg extensions. Townsend's helmet locks with Powerlet outlets on both sides. Chris Shoop
  5. Rider - not Race... Dang, I'd blame it on autocorrect, but that would have picked a LESS appropriate replacement word. I'm taking the ChampDay session. Not the ChampStreet. The Champ day is new this year. From different email replies, it seems not all of the YCRS guys have the same understanding of what this one is. I think, and I'm hoping that it's sort of like a track day but with more emphasis on coaching. One description said it has a low student to coach ratio. Anyway, I borrowed, I mean stole, I mean bought @JustinNck1 ' s leathers. So I expect to have a nice hot sweaty time.
  6. Wouldn't work. They already like me better than you. 🤪
  7. 2020 MT-09 with absolutely no mods. And it's BLUE!!! It's a seller's market. MT-09's are rare and disappear quickly. The seller managed to look happy for this pic. The purchase was in Dayton. I need to find a new way to buy a new-to-me bike without driving 3 or more hours with that bike in my rearview mirror. I've added a frame slider package (all the spots) and a Puig windscreen is in the mail. Next will be heavier springs, though it's not too bad with the presets and dampers tuned most of the way up. Next trip, Monday, Aug 9 is to PIRC to take a ChampDay with the Yamaha Champions Race School where I will probably manage to avoid seeing @TimTheAzn
  8. Shoop


    I just earned a badge for being a conversation starter. I am supremely grateful. But I am also an old guy whose brain is riddled with old movie quotes. https://tenor.com/view/blazing-saddles-badges-gun-we-dont-need-stinking-badges-gif-15462454
  9. I agree!!! Not seeing enough of them nowadays.
  10. @Scruit I will be listing my 2016 A for sale soon. That's the "base" version without all of the electronic handling features that make maintenance and longevity a pain. It still has all of the other nice things, ABS, cruise, heated grips, all LED lights - and other things that I don't often think of. The transmission recall was done and they replaced the clutch which started slipping after the recall work. I'm in Parkersburg WV so you're probably not that close, but let me know if you might pass by and would like to take it for a spin. Why am I selling it? Well, I bought it in the hope that the wife would do more riding with me. Her knees were bothering her when she rode pillion on my FZ6 - which has crazy sport bike ergos for the passenger. But lately she hasn't wanted to go riding and agreed that I should sell it. I'm going to be cleaning her up from a trip to Canaan Valley two weeks ago, then posting. My price won't be exceptionally low, but I'm planning to also offer a stripped version without all the added extras: Shad top case, crash guards, passenger peg extenders.
  11. Got my 2016 FJR back from the dealer today where she was getting transmission recall work done. Ran great. A bit brisk. Yamaha added the 6th gear with the 2016 model and apparently almost all of them were recalled. It's been quite a while since @JustinNck1 sold his five speed FJR, but I'm still gonna tease him about having (had) only five gears.
  12. Shoop

    MSF Range Bikes

    Thanks for the suggestion Jen. Not considering the Z300 because Kawasaki stopped participating in the loan program. Seems to have been a few years ago. They are still listed on the program description but it says - "no longer participating." If the range that's close to you is using Kawi's, they probably have a close relationship with a Kawi dealer - who's giving them a great deal so they expose a bunch of newbies to their brand. I'm looking for FREE bikes. My local dealer (Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha) is interested in / willing to put some newer ones on our range through the one-year loan program. But there's paperwork to do, and they want to grump at my state director about the deal that went sour before they start that. Regarding the Hondas, I was thinking that the CB300R had a fairing. But now that I looked at the Honda pages, I see they updated the CB300F to the R in 2019. But it's strange that they still show the 2017 & 2018 CB300F on their sales page. Musta made a pile of them that didn't sell? I like the looks of the newer R version better but which version I get will probably be up to the dealer and their corp contacts. Chris
  13. Shoop

    MSF Range Bikes

    BUMP - Getting closer to being able to talk with the local dealer for a bike or two. Honda, Yamaha, or Suzuki. Same local shop handles all three. They've been a big supporter in past years before there was some sort of "misunderstanding" a couple years ago. Any fresh insight on new range bikes? The Morgantown range says the revised Honda Rebel is a real problem when they do the power-walking exercise because the pegs get in the way. The Groms are good but the brakes are a bit too powerful and they've seen more than a few drops and stoppies. I like the looks of the Yamaha MT-03, and the Honda CB300F. We already have a pair of CR230L's that are great for taller people, or I'd also be looking at a CRF250L or maybe a Yamaha XT250. Sorry - but I don't like the look of the TW200. Any thought on these or others from this dealer? Anybody have experience with adding crash protection to range bikes? Thanks, Chris
  14. Don't believe anything he says about getting more for it than he paid.
  15. Welcome to the forum. As you'll see, there's not much going on. But don't worry. The weather will soon be getting crappy and then all the regulars will be back and complaining about whatever. It'll be great fun. Chris
  16. This weekend I am hoping to be in motorcycle training in Charleston. But if that doesn't work out I am considering a ride up to State 8 to see if they still have any bikes in stock. If plan B works out I could bring the Star helmet with me and stop by some place in Canton. Do you wear an XL and have an intermediate shape? Chris Shoop
  17. Parkersburg, WV. I could meet you somewhere. Location is a feature of your profile. But you can't see it if you're using the mobile version.
  18. The riding season has an end date?
  19. Welcome Rich. More details, please! I’m from PA and the wife is from Rockland county NY. We live in WV where the roads are even better-when they’re not actively sliding down the mountainside. Chris
  20. Bell Star MIPS DLX, white, XL, $260 plus shipping. I bought this helmet last fall shortly after Bell brought out the MIPS in a street helmet. Besides MIPS, it comes with a Transitions shield - which is awesome. I LOVE the design and quality of this helmet. But I'm selling it because it is trying to tear my left ear off. I've tried two different, smaller sets of cheek pads. But that has made it only barely tolerable for me. I haven't logged 50 miles with this helmet. BTW, you'll get those two extra sets of pads for no extra charge Chris Shoop
  21. For my FZ6 I just put it the tank bag. But with the FJR I mount it on the flat spot of the right side fairing. I bought this to make it more discrete. https://www.ebay.com/itm/EZ-Pass-IPass-Holder-Electronic-Toll-tag-Camouflage-Cover/254230477245?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item3b315139bd:g:mqcAAOSwX~dWtQR9&amdata=enc%3AAQAFAAACYBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu%2Fn%2BzU5L90Z278x5ickkrDx%2B2NLp21dg6hHbHAkGMaUE7altwZxATlEYonsafkFo7C3OdsqFrAwNFQtaYnWJ%2FFRleYh9RNQ6A4Int8WG3ZX7VkxNaUhjdNqNe%2Bj6aWzYh1svQgIlpY8FpdJZfyO%2Bt8PniCMfPePtsJIeji7yWGDCYZP3zbmuyDT%2BU%2FnU9Iti9%2F0dTxiq2ed%2FXVDPhl1SmQwf4sF87FWDPG8t1cpZddP6EIDcH8fLAS6fcjVuBW7OCbqVbmiKMxQncn6NLwFhlm5PMpPeVfq0aYSKE%2BEkNR5NWUOi11aAnL7YOq5z8ZbBxrXTfRZZD0L5wXgaMV%2BgRM8Nh4R0M7YRryxKFajVlcjxQLSo2ifaNk0kDcRvyb2pIXWtgNTG%2BImPkjqf4P22qRSnf%2BO%2B2mbSPBwlfNyMWxt%2BfhNfanAL03fs%2BfxV0R4lzZyqk9lu4aljcCwi3kwI2ljYvZqVocUJ%2Blzv3aa1DAPatSxr04gu12m6a9auZZ%2F1jHlwmJc64ndfjwDXLS7mGXVYKWIHMfYXwjKrjQ2oBWpvHGWCk%2FsSbduvqo2hR46UFuINI3PzN1W3ZHNHN%2F%2FjzoASxVbSivTXu7H1nwDmmuATzx286X6qqLrGU%2FoBIPOJN%2FhqAafSNv3aMcHZAApApXhsXFfw7ga90JA19US%2F1H258v1heUcO9Dp6xhABvepqrxdqyC1FOsOh3lUHJIR51bFWNGEQYwaL%2FjwQlBauzp%2FYerkpkNfnubpwnoqM1lK7r7cSxTtVHfHagBD%2FBEx4|cksum%3A25423047724568ed5c7450a54916ad899c46d7a19eca|ampid%3APL_CLK|clp%3A2334524
  22. So, the hotels were happy to have customers and didn't try to put you into quarantine for having crossed state state lines? 😁 > My wife is the paranoid one, but sometimes it rubs off on me. Thanks for the info on the 50. I'll probably keep my 10R till it dies. But it seems like mesh is finally living up to the advertising. Chris
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