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  1. The new guy.

  2. Some self info from a newbie rider

  3. Introduction

  4. Strange, I thought I'd pasted the link there. Sorry bout that. http://nbc4i.com/2017/10/01/motorcyclist-dead-after-head-on-crash-in-pickaway-county/amp/
  5. It was probably this. This was a few miles north of the road you listed. RIP Rider
  6. Howdy

    Hey Puck, I have a similar story. I stopped riding for 25 years then got back into it four years ago after the kids were more or less moved on. Welcome to the forum and welcome back! Chris
  7. 255 Closed?

    Oops. That link was for a 2012 project.
  8. 255 Closed?

    Hmmmm. Google maps on my iPhone also shows the road as closed till Sept 30. This link from odot says there is one spot closed near the west/north end http://www.dot.state.oh.us/districts/D10/newsreleases/Pages/Section-of-SR-255-Closed-for-Slip-Repair-Project.aspx Thanks!
  9. 255 Closed?

    Thanks. Hopefully we can keep some out of the area visitors from getting lost and frustrated. The PC version doesn't show that. Why just the Android version? (damnit).
  10. 255 Closed?

    Does anybody know if 255 is closed or has a bridge out this week? Google maps won't let me run a route from Woodsfield to Sardis or vice versa. Usually that means that something is closed. I'm asking because the MSTA group is meeting this weekend and several of their planned routes use 255. Thanks, Chris
  11. New Rider

    Welcome to the circus.
  12. Justin's Saddlesore 1000

    Just about half-way back by now.
  13. Hi!

  14. New guy!

    Welcome. It was great to meet you. Come back soon. Chris
  15. New Blood from Rogers

    Hi Hazen. Welcome to the forum. I think it's a good place to meet people. Some times you'll see guys talking trash at each other. But USUALLY they're friends and just poking extra hard online. Try to make it to the next EPIC ride. Prob in Sept. Your trip to the meet spot will be shorter than many who come from Cincy or Cleveland. Chris