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  1. Shoop

    2013 Yamaha FJR1300

    Yeah, every now and then I think I'm funny. Till the wife hears about it.
  2. Shoop

    2013 Yamaha FJR1300

    Gorgeous bike. Where were you a year ago? Then again, I ended up with a blue bike so I can make @JustinNck1 envious. But please explain... You drive a Honda S2000 and you whine about the modestly peaky power curve of the FJR? ::shakes head::
  3. Shoop


    Hey David. Welcome to the forum! Lots of riders here, of many different types. Check back often and as the weather gets better you'll see small groups of NEO riders forming up to ride south. Usually there'll be one or two larger rides. Check out the pages under Events / Unofficial Epic Rides for past events. Please also consider the MSTA Motorcycle Sport Touring Assoc group. The group started as the Honda S.T.A. and was composed of guys riding V4's. But then they widened out to welcome all makes. Check out their page at http://ridemsta.com/srblog/ See the 2019 events listed under the "Let's Ride" button on the menu. MSTA rides are interesting. The organizers provide a numbers of suggested routes and the riders break into groups of 3-6, maybe 8 riders to keep it safe and less congested. The Cincy and Columbus sections have monthly meetings - a bit far to ride, but hey. Also we have a large regional ride in Marietta during the third week of August. I'm certain that you'd enjoy meeting the folks that show up. And, this year the large national meeting will be in Bristol VA in the third week of June. That should be a blast with a lot of great roads. Chris
  4. Shoop

    2019 Gap Trip.

    Nivin, I wasn’t complaining about or feeling like your mention was an afterthought. The comment was meant to be about the “few” when, for that post, you only mentioned me. I guess I should have highlighted the word. Humor is or can be difficult in text. I haven’t been to the gap. 20 years ago I used to live in Kingsport, fairly near there. But I wasn’t riding then. I’m sure some people at the Bristol rally will swing thru the gap. But we’ll likely be visiting fav spots near Kingsport.
  5. Shoop

    2019 Gap Trip.

    Hey Nivin! I’m honored to be one of your “few more folks” but sadly June is going to be too busy for me to make it on the weekend on/after 6/8. My younger son is getting married in PA the next weekend. Then the wife and I are going with the MSTA folks to the national rally in Bristol VA the last week of June. I’d be thrilled to visit VA TN NC twice in a month! But the wedding will have us hopping and will stress the wife more than a bit. So, just one MC trip that month 😀 Chris
  6. Shoop

    What did you do to your bike today?

    I think, HOPE, that I finally fixed the carb in my new-to-me WR450. I've been trying different things most weekends since I bought it in December. Poor thing sat for most of two years without being ridden. It barely ran when I first got it. Ran a tank of fresh gas through it, but no change. Got better after I cleaned out the carb but from 1/4 to mid throttle it still had no power and stuttered. I had found the pilot jet had some fibrous stuff mostly clogging it. I drilled it out, then later replaced the jet. Small improvement. I'll skip the several steps and parts replaced that didn't work. This time I checked all of the circuits and found some of the same fibrous crap completely plugging the line from the pilot jet into the throat. Got it out with a wire. The bike started up fine. Idled great. But it's SNOWING now, dang it, and it's supposed to be below freezing till Friday.
  7. I am NOT in the market for another bike, not even an orange one. https://www.ktm.com/us/events/us/ride-orange-street-demo-Columbus/ Location: AMA Headquarters in Pickerington May 17 & 18, demos run from 10-3:30. Likely bikes: 1290 Super Duke R 790 Duke 390 Duke 1290 Super Adventure 1090 Adventure R 790 Adventure 690 Enduro R Web magazine article: https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2019/02/06/2019-ktm-ride-orange-street-demo-tour-nationwide-events-announced/
  8. Shoop

    Looks like KTM is getting 24k from me

    Neither did she!!! (Sorry - couldn't resist)
  9. https://www.webbikeworld.com/ktm-announces-790-adventure-and-790-adventure-r-pricing/ For @smccrory I am not in the market for another bike. Chris
  10. Shoop

    IMS Show Saturday, Jan 28 2019

    I was there from opening till a bit after noon. Around noon it started to get crowded. Before then it was great. The show continues to shrink. Ducati, BMW and several other brands were not there. A KTM dealer was there but not the corporate folks. Overall I thought it was well worth it, even with a 4 hr drive each way. @smccrory Here's a pic of KTM's new smaller adventure bike. I think it must be a 79.0 Adventure 😀 I asked a sales guy about the 790 Adv S. He said it was not yet available in the US and they didn't know when they would get one.
  11. Shoop

    IMS Show Saturday, Jan 28 2019

    I and a group of 5 to 10 guys from Marietta and Parkersburg will be there early then leaving sometime around 2. We’ll be the grey bearded bow legged guys drooling over the Ducati girls. Wait, that’s 9 of every 10 guys at the show. We’ll be stopping for early dinner at the Brown Derby on Bagley st. Y’all are welcome to join us if that time is convenient for you. Chris
  12. Shoop

    Appalachian backroads - free route maps

    If he's going to 2016 he'll need a flux capacitor and 1.21 gigawatts! Oh, and ... "Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads."
  13. Shoop

    Pauly's got a brand "new" bag...

    Question 1: Nationality? Questions are not guesses, right?
  14. Shoop

    Shoop Buys a Thumper

    Thanks Max. It's the stock Keihin FCR 39 mm. I'll just order a full set of of jets and check the needle settings when I'm in there to replace the jets. If/when you get your FJR you should check out the MSTA events (Motorcycle Sport Touring Assoc). There are a lot of spouses riding or on their own bikes. Mostly older guys that used to be fast - or think they were. The most local event is the week of Aug 19 (Mon-Sun) in Marietta. Usually have about 100 bikes show up. The larger national meeting is in Bristol VA this year the week of June 23-26 (Mon-Thurs). This event draws 200 bikes, sometimes 400. The Bristol event should be very well attended. Here's a link to their ride events. I think you need to be a member to post but you should be able to read the pages. http://www.ridemsta.com/mstaforums/index.php?board=13.0 Chris
  15. Shoop

    Shoop Buys a Thumper

    Sorry to interrupt the comedy (love it). But I’m looking for suggestions on next fix attempt. Disassembled and cleaned the carb (scary lots of fiddly little parts. Found the pilot jet was partially blocked. Ended up drilling it out. Yes, I tried lots of other things first. Will order a new one tomorrow. So, reassembled it and had to change idle screw pretty far but got it to smooth out. But on the test ride it still misses badly when transitioning from low throttle to higher throttle. But goes ok if I bog it then give nearly full throttle. Also, the bike stumbles/misses if going constant 45 or 60. Seems to want to be on full throttle or off. Forgot to check the jet needle setting. That wasn’t in the YouTube instructions for a cleaning. 🤣 If it’s the jet needle it need to go richer, right?