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  1. Shoop

    2020 Cleveland IMS

    Back to the original topic... I've been there several years and noticed that if you get there at opening and leave by 1 or so, you don't see all that many pirates. The Mullin brothers from Marietta and I will be there Saturday. It might not be right at opening time. Some of you might know Jim Mullen. Chris
  2. Shoop

    Thursday Ride?

    Sorry Pauly. I'll be in the Outback on the way to NY to visit the in-laws. Hopefully some of these old guys will take their bikes out of storage to join you. Chris
  3. Shoop

    Breaker 19

    Yes, she has. At 73 years of age, she (and 81 year old Jane Fonda) got arrested at a Global Warming protest in DC last week. Ummmm FEISTY. (Tsk, tsk...) https://www.latestly.com/entertainment/hollywood/sally-field-arrested-at-jane-fondas-climate-change-protest-1403195.html
  4. Shoop

    Breaker 19

    Bubba, Last time I listened in, they were not talking. Road conditions were good. So maybe the chatter would increase if it gets snowy or very rainy.
  5. Shoop

    Breaker 19

    So, I bought a new car last month and transferred all of the glove box stuff over. One item was a handheld CB that I probably didn't use for the entire time I owned that car, probably 5 or 6 years. I used to listen to the CB while driving on trips to PA, NY, WI to hear the truck drivers talking about traffic issues and those friendly little bears along the road. But if I remember correctly, I stopped using the CB after a few trips where channel 19 was silent. I had asked a driver that I sort of knew and he said that the drivers were all using cell phones. So, great for them. But do they just talk to other drivers whose numbers they know? Or is there a need - to - know, Truckers ONLY, service that is based on cells that they can use to still talk to other drivers? If not, then it seems like the road is a lonelier place than it used to be. Please don't tell me that you're happy with just the voice of the GPS lady. Although she did recently tell me about a camera speed trap. Chris
  6. Sent. Please post up if you need more.
  7. Shoop

    Triumph Best of British Tour Cleveland

    Who IS this Tonyblaze guy??? You new? Just kidding - been a while since I saw you here. So, did the cold weather motivate you to get on the forum? Chris
  8. Shoop

    Gerbing Controller Malfunctioning?

    Replacement control arrived today. I was busy till late but it works and the gear warmed up nicely. The customer service lady at Gerbing was great.
  9. Shoop

    Medina DS rider

    Welcome Scott
  10. Shoop

    MSF Range Bikes

    Crap. I hadn't thought of that. Also, I expect we're likely to see some boil overs. More mess.
  11. Shoop

    Gerbing Controller Malfunctioning?

    Customer service replied. The controller was defective and they're sending another one.
  12. I did not receive any instructions with my new gear other than a connection diagram. The videos make it look like the operation is super simple. I am frustrated because the controller seems to be malfunctioning and I am not able to use my new equipment. At the AIM Expo I purchased a 12v heated jacket liner, the hero gloves, the newer dual controller ( G1218U-ACC-930-001-10001), and a battery harness. I did not purchase the wireless remote. When I connect everything, with the bike running, and try to turn on the jacket or gloves, the controller often does not accept the setting and resets to off. When starting I have to hold one of the buttons for 5 seconds or more. Then, most times, the setting will hold and I can then tap the button again to increase the setting. Next, if I try to turn on the other device, gloves or liner, the controller will flash a "1" in that side then both sides will go blank and the controller has reset to both sides off. If I try both buttons at the same time, both displays flash – which think happens while it tries to pair with the remote – that I do not have. While trying this for about an hour I was able to get the liner and gloves to both work only two times. Is there some special technique or sequence that I am not aware of or did I receive a defective controller? Chris
  13. Shoop

    MSF Range Bikes

    I'm sure that standards and small cruisers are preferred because they have fewer plastic parts that can get bashed. The sportbike models all have lots of plastic. The newer naked models have less plastic - no fairings. But they still mostly have shrouds around the radiators and, in some cases, those silly fake air intake scoops. Has anybody seen one of these newer models go down? Do those shrouds or air scoops survive, or do they spray plastic slivers all over? @motocat12 I never thought of a KTM! The 390 Duke is not outrageously overpriced versus the Honda, Yamaha, or Kawi Z400. But they might be entirely reasonable on the loaner plan. I've never heard of any in the MSF program. So, wow, can't wait to find out if KTM is interested in or already has a loaner program. I think it would be a GREAT way to get new riders to try the brand. But I forsee three problems. First, if we only have one 390 for a class of 10 or 12, we'll have fist fights. Second, both rider coaches will want to do ALL of the demo rides. And third, I would be very very tempted to sneak the thing out on the road.
  14. Shoop

    MSF Range Bikes

    I have a question for current or former MSF coaches. (You OH guys are all former MSF now, right) What newer program bikes do you see on your ranges? At PKB we have mostly Honda Nighthawks with a few Rebels, two CR230's, Suzuki GV's and a single Yamaha Star 250. Good bikes but they're getting to be more than 10-15 years old. At the winter roundup meeting the state guys were pushing us to try harder at working with the local dealers on the loaner program. Apparently it's a pretty good deal where we get to use a bike or several for a year, then the dealer sells it used, and the corporation covers the difference in new versus used price. But looking at the newer 250-400 cc bikes, I see a lot of plastic, which will not do well through all those predictable drops. At the Morgantown range they have four loaner Grom's. Which are NOT fair competition for the limited space exercise. So, does anybody see any newer bikes? Are they holding up well through the low speed drops? I hear the Ninja's are not considered. Chris
  15. Shoop

    Sunday 10-20 seasons ending ride

    Hey, I'd try to meet you, but I'm teaching an MSF class. Have a great ride!