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  1. Shoop

    My wife’s knee replacement

    Kent, Hang in there. The wife really needs your support now. My wife had her second knee replacement in May. So we knew what was coming, sorta. A word of advice on the pills, check to be certain that she received the number that the doc prescribed. I'm not saying the pharmacy would mis-count. With all the awareness of the opioid epidemic, some INSURANCE companies (bastards) have started refusing to pay for the full course of the prescription. When we left the hospital, the nurse explained this, but there were too many things going on for me to remember this important fact. And the wife, well, she was drugged at the time, so.... guess whose fault it was two weeks later when she realized that she didn't have enough pills to get through the weekend. Plus, that's when you learn that the doc cannot send a scrip for an opioid by fax or any means except by snail mail. I should have driven the 2 hours to Morgantown. Hindsight. So sorry to hear about her dad's passing. Knowing that it's coming let's you prepare, a bit. But it still hits you. Watch her for depression as she deals with this on top of the frustration of the physical therapy/recovery. Again, hang in there! Keep refilling that ice bag. Keep adjusting that behind-the-knee pillow. Chris
  2. Shoop

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Added helmet locks (2) to my FJR. Now I feel better.
  3. Shoop

    Request for Road Reports

    BUMP Did anybody see any roads closed or bad conditions this past weekend?
  4. The MSTA sport touring group that I ride with (sometimes) is having their annual Marietta meet next week into the weekend. You are welcome to attend, but you have to join the group to participate, $30. But this post is really just a request for any news about road closures or bad hill slips etc. that you guys might see while you're out this weekend, or recently in the SEO or northwest WV. About a month ago when I was our for the maiden voyage with my FJR we found that 537 and 255 were closed. They seem to be open now because Google maps will let me run a route on those roads. Any insight would be appreciated! Chris Shoop
  5. Shoop

    SEO Ride Sunday 08/19

    I'm planning to be at the meet spot. But unless the lawn mows itself and a few other miracles happen, then I'll just make a loop and come home.
  6. Shoop


    Welcome Mike!
  7. Shoop

    Out of state bike purchasing (input needed)

    I just did this, well in Indiana/Illinois. 1. Depends a bit on whether the seller has a lien on the bike. Actually easier if he does though you'll have to do the deal on a weekday. Get a certified check from your bank or credit union. Check with the seller's bank/etc. they will probably want to call your bank to be certain the check is legit. General lack of trust nowadays.:) Be certain your bank will be able to provide that assurance. 2. Title & plates: Most states only require the seller's signature on the title. Some require that the sig includes a notary signature - another reason to do this at the bank, or at a DMV. Ohio does not require the notary for the title. 2A. Most states will provide a "Drive away" permit for people that are taking a bike or car out of state. WV, and probably Ohio will honor that plate (or probably just a strip of printer paper.) The permit is good for anywhere from 7 to 30 days. Check with whatever they call the BMV or DMV in FL. 2B. Depending on the price you get, you might need a notarized statement of the sale price. WV collects sales/property tax when you exchange the title so they charge the NADA blue book price unless you have a notarized bill of sale or same info if the price was lower. 3. Carry on, unless you really want to trust the gorillas in the luggage dept with your helmet. Enjoy those straight flat roads - and the humidity! Good luck!
  8. Shoop

    Lets fix this ear plug BS

    Not much activity in this thread. I guess everybody's been out riding. The latest I can find is: https://www.daytondailynews.com/news/motorcyclists-can-wear-earplugs-under-bill-passed-ohio-house/sLKvBeMkIj0OPhR0LkvzUK/ In short words, the House passed House Bill 548, 89-0, to allow motorcycle riders a choice of whether to use ear plugs. In other words - make it legal to wear them. I couldn't find anything on any activity in the Senate.
  9. Shoop

    What did you do to your bike today?

    New front axle? OK, easy to do. But why? ( ... as Shoop starts wondering when he'll have to replace his front axle...)
  10. Shoop

    Unicorn Found

    Ahem .... garage queen... Some day somebody will get a good deal on a low mileage bike - hopefully without rust in the fuel pump. But to try to be fair, maybe he's busy right now and plans or hopes to take a big trip soon. Depending on your life circumstances, it can be hard to find time to ride. I took a 25-year break from riding. Was really busy with the kids and job. Didn't miss it enough to keep a bike in the garage with stale gasoline. ☺️ I sold my 77 RD400 to my brother-in-law. I really wish he would have kept it up or sold it. It's been in his barn for years, with a mouse nest in the seat.
  11. Shoop

    What did you do to your bike today?

    8Rider6, The pic below shows Scott Townsend's helmet lock bracket installed on an FZ6. That's the forum where I saw this. He also makes these parts for FJR's. I don't know where they are mounted but it would be different because the FJR rear subframe isn't made of round tubes. Anyway, the unit is pretty beefy as you prefer it because it is actually the Yamaha helmet lock that is mounted using Scott's bracket. A nice feature is that you can get the locket re-keyed so you can use your bike's ignition key. Chris
  12. Shoop

    What did you do to your bike today?

    8Rider6 - for the helmet lock, please talk to this guy on the FZ6 forum. From his handle (TownsendsFJR1300) you can tell he has or had an FJR. He makes & sells small things like the helmet locks and mounts for power outlets. https://www.600riders.com/forum/member.php?u=6338
  13. Shoop

    Unicorn Found

    Tim, What I meant is that it is rare to find a used 2016 for sale. Yamaha sold quite a few. But they haven't been out very long and not many guys are willing to sell them. The few used ones that are up for sale are mostly very lightly used ones (garage queens or wife crisis "you bought a WHAT???") and the owners want to get most of their purchase price back. The bike I bought was owned by a 70 yr old guy that racked up 31,000 miles in two summers then decided that he's done riding. He wanted a quick sale so he can get his convertible.I got it plus a top case for less than half of the list price. I am not at all worried about the mileage because it was well maintained and because these bikes run carefree for a long time. Tyler - the trick corner lights only come on the ES electronic suspension version. The A model gets just about all the other goodies except the fancy suspension, oh, and inverted forks. Chris
  14. Shoop

    How many FJRs on here?

    I'm keeping my FZ6, for now, but I'm really enjoying the FJR. Do what I did. To clear up garage space and overcome wifely objections, I agreed to complete the refinishing of an old dresser so it can move to the family room. No knives involved.😌 Chris Dave - Good luck with the medical issue!
  15. Shoop

    How many FJRs on here?

    Thomas - keep looking & try craigslist. Last weekend I narrowed it down to the 2016 that I bought or a 2014 in New Philly that had been on the list for a month or so. That one seems to be gone now. There are several older ones nearby. Or this one in NE Tennessee for $7600 looks pretty good. The owner has offered to replace the rear car tire. Sheesh. http://www.fjrforum.com/forum//index.php/topic/174882-2014-fjr1300a-for-sale-in-east-tennessee/ You should be able to find deals on the older ones. The mileage almost doesn't count. The quality of owner maintenance is far more important. Keep in mind that the heat deflection and throttle management got better for 2008 & later. 2013 and later have ABS & cruise. Chris