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  1. So, the hotels were happy to have customers and didn't try to put you into quarantine for having crossed state state lines? 😁 > My wife is the paranoid one, but sometimes it rubs off on me. Thanks for the info on the 50. I'll probably keep my 10R till it dies. But it seems like mesh is finally living up to the advertising. Chris
  2. So, who has changed their riding habits, or stopped for a bit? I hope this thread will stay objective and respectful, but we all know better... For the record, I am tasked to go to work M,W,F to run some samples. My company is taking good measures to prevent exposure. I am very concerned about the employment situation for the rest of the area. I understand the desire to get back to normal, but I don't think it's time, yet. Anyway, I have been riding, pretty much to my typical schedule. I ride to work except when there's ice on the roads or it's raining. I've been taking pleasure rides most weekends, either solo or with my neighbors. Visited Hawk's Nest SP about two weekends ago with two others. One of the few reasoned discussions that I have seen was from a guy in NJ who asked us to consider the overload levels in whatever hospitals are in the area. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvLNzElW4A0 But he was in JERSEY, where the 'rona was and remains rampant. I have relatives (some are nurses) just the other side of the border w NY and it's pretty grim there. I would not want to be the happy winner of an ambulance ride into that mess. Or to add to the healthcare worker's burden. If I lived there, the bikes would be parked. But that makes me wonder what the situation is like for hospitals closer to home. Which brings me back to my intended question - Does anybody here @NinjaDoc have insight on the status of COVID-19 overload in area hospitals, in OH or in the newsworthy low impact rate state of WV? OTOH, I heard a few weeks ago, that Ruby Memorial in Morgantown WV was fairly busy w COVID-19. I feel like I'm starting an oil thread. Yikes. Chris
  3. @TimTheAzn Interesting. Wait, you get the dirtbike version???
  4. Hey, sorry to hear that you'll be farther away. I count myself as one of those quiet people, well as at least not one of the ... well, you know. I will always remember that EPIC ride when you helped push an older couple's car off of the road, up a freaking hill. Thanks. Please keep in touch. They do have internet in RTP - right? Chris
  5. Never ever buy Sena's latest thing, like the 50S that is about to be released. Sena has a history of using their early adopters to help iron out the bugs in products that really weren't ready for sale. I have not been bit - but I've seen it and heard the whining.
  6. Last year I wanted to use my Sena SMH10R with my dual sport helmet. Decided to buy a third unit so I can avoid swapping back and forth. Was not willing to risk suggesting that I could move the wife's unit. Went to Revzilla for an SMH10R and ended up with a 10R. At the time I thought it was an SMH10R and they had added the radio feature. But when it arrived the box said it was a 10R. I suspect that the Revzilla description was wrong - not that I would blame them when Sena is continually changing things. Anyway, today on Revzilla you can get a pair of SMH5-FM for $215 and have the radio. A pair of SMH10R's (no radio according to the online description) is $287. And a pair of 10R's (with radio) is $395. These are all sale prices - no idea when they will end. Or you can check Ridersdiscount.com Mike is a member on OR. (whom I keep forgetting to check - but I'm still loving that Shoei Transitions shield!) I really like my SMH10R and the 10R with the radio is just a bit nicer. I think the 10R might have a bit better battery life and a few extra yards of range. Whatever you decide on, read the descriptions really closely because with so many similar names, it's easy to get confused.
  7. One thing to consider with the 5 - a few years ago, that model could only connect with one other unit. Fine for riding with the wife, but then if you ride in a group you must choose between talking with the wife or talking to the group. Though if the other unit is a Sena 10 or above you should be able to network both in. Not real simple though. OTOH my neighbor says the lit for his 5, newer than my 10, is able to connect to up to three others. Sena seems to add features to their older models every now and then. He's never been able to get it to work with more than the one other 5. But he doesn't seem to like talking to other riders anyway and it's not fun sitting aroud in your gear trying to connect to others. A pair of SMH10R's is about $100 extra. Just a thought.
  8. Yes, the headsets make it better for the wife. I like mine for music when she's not along. I have a pair of Sena SMH 10R which are getting to be older but they work fine and we don't need the extra distance and connectability that the newer units offer.
  9. Hello and Welcome. Nice bike, and I'm happy for you that your wife likes riding. Chris
  10. Welcome! Sweet bike. Don't let Pauly buy it back - He'll be having seller's remorse anytime now... You should also check out the great info on the FZ6 at 600riders.com
  11. 555 is a GREAT road if you like a very technical route. Lots of twists, turns, hills, and hollows. More blind curves than most people like. I love the southern end (which has lots of them). There are very few places where water will sit thanks to all the elevation changes. But all of those hollows mean that you will have quite a few curves that pass through shaded areas that will not see any sun till late in the day. So with 20's in the evening and then only getting up to 32, I'd be very concerned about icy spots. Also, if we get the snow they're predicting for Friday - at least here in WV, then ODOT will be out spreading sand. Out in the country they put it just in the critical spots - which can be surprising. That would not be fun at all. If you want to get out Friday, I'd stick to the 4 lanes like 33, 50, then 23 back to C'bus. Unless those roads also have a coating of sand and salt... Spring is on the way!
  12. Congrats Jim! Dang it Governor! That's Tonik with a "K"!!! See, it looks like this.
  13. Shoop

    Today's work day.

    While I was in college, I worked part-time for what was then the only distillery in Pennsylvania, Michter's Distillery. I managed the wastewater treatment plant (did testing and reported to the PA DEP). It was great income for a college chemistry student. AND, my senior research project was to develop test methods to compare their product to JD. Taste testing was not officially involved. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bomberger's_Distillery This article doesn't mention one of the distillery's favorite claims to fame. They had a 1777 invoice for sale of whiskey to George Washington's bursar while the troops were at Valley Forge. The still building and the warehouse are gone now. The only remaining building is the jug house that is still on the registry of historic places.
  14. Sorry Pauly. I'll be in the Outback on the way to NY to visit the in-laws. Hopefully some of these old guys will take their bikes out of storage to join you. Chris
  15. Shoop

    Breaker 19

    Yes, she has. At 73 years of age, she (and 81 year old Jane Fonda) got arrested at a Global Warming protest in DC last week. Ummmm FEISTY. (Tsk, tsk...) https://www.latestly.com/entertainment/hollywood/sally-field-arrested-at-jane-fondas-climate-change-protest-1403195.html
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