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  1. Shoop

    Motorcycle Survey from Ohio State

    Price vs brand name is not a linear scale. How about price vs quality?
  2. Shoop

    Heading down to the Gap - Oct 12-15

    Joiners interested: 1 Planners interested: 0 I saw Justin last night. He told me that Ben scrubbed this trip in an FB post. Not a problem - Think I'll just take the winding way to my uncle's place in Roanoke.
  3. Shoop

    Heading down to the Gap - Oct 12-15

    10-4 ... on October 4, good buddy!
  4. Shoop

    Heading down to the Gap - Oct 12-15

    Are you still planning to go down next week? I'd like to go through there before it gets too busy with leaf watchers. I can only spare two evenings away - Fri & Sat, but perhaps I could meet you down there? Chris
  5. Shoop

    Unicorn Found

    @max power Hey Max, Sorry but I quit shopping right after I bought this one. At the time, July 27, there was a nice 2014 near New Philly but that one was off of craigslist right after I bought mine. Best of luck finding one that you like. Now is the season to get some deals.
  6. Shoop

    Ride 9/29?

    Anybody else? Would a later start be any better?
  7. Shoop

    Ride 9/29?

    Update. I will be going on this ride. Hope some others will join.
  8. Shoop

    Ride 9/29?

    Geez, still no plan? How about this one? I'm from farther south and do not typically get this far north on a day ride. I know that you NEO guys hit these roads often, so please suggest something better. For Kent's benefit, I suggest that the route should be shortish and have options. Start in New Philadelphia at the Sheets/Long John Silver parking lot on West High Ave. Arrive at 9:30. Drain the tank, fill the other tank, and be ready to depart at 10. Take 250 to Wheeling , then WV-88 to bypass the straights along the river. Continue on 250 to Cameron WV. Then return on 25 & 17 to Moundsville. Then 54 to 239 to 147 to 149 to 800 back to the Sheets in New Philly. WV-17, Fox Ridge Rd looks a bit narrow and rough on Google maps, but it's got a lot of curves and views. https://goo.gl/maps/BGctcBA7TTD2 That's about a 5-hr loop, probably less. Most of you guys that have chimed in will ride about 2 hours to get to and back from New Philly. Leave the house by 7:30, home by 5 - unless we have a meal at New Philly or along the route. For a 6-hour loop, we could extend past Cameron to Hundred, WV, then take 7 back to New Martinsville, then 536 (yeah!) to 78 to Woodsfield to 800. Home by 6 or 7. https://goo.gl/maps/fgvhmpTqMm42 I will PROBABLY be going. Not certain.
  9. Shoop

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Didn't exercise the recall on those trailer tires yet, eh? My replacements came on new rims with a red and a blue pinstripe on the rim. Sales gal said it was how they tell the difference - easily. If you're adding the eyelets for the rear wheel, consider using the folding D-rings. I used the 1/2" variety because the 1/8 inchers are rated for 200 lb, and I couldn't find any 1/4 versions.
  10. Shoop

    My wife’s knee replacement

    Kent, Hang in there. The wife really needs your support now. My wife had her second knee replacement in May. So we knew what was coming, sorta. A word of advice on the pills, check to be certain that she received the number that the doc prescribed. I'm not saying the pharmacy would mis-count. With all the awareness of the opioid epidemic, some INSURANCE companies (bastards) have started refusing to pay for the full course of the prescription. When we left the hospital, the nurse explained this, but there were too many things going on for me to remember this important fact. And the wife, well, she was drugged at the time, so.... guess whose fault it was two weeks later when she realized that she didn't have enough pills to get through the weekend. Plus, that's when you learn that the doc cannot send a scrip for an opioid by fax or any means except by snail mail. I should have driven the 2 hours to Morgantown. Hindsight. So sorry to hear about her dad's passing. Knowing that it's coming let's you prepare, a bit. But it still hits you. Watch her for depression as she deals with this on top of the frustration of the physical therapy/recovery. Again, hang in there! Keep refilling that ice bag. Keep adjusting that behind-the-knee pillow. Chris
  11. Shoop

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Added helmet locks (2) to my FJR. Now I feel better.
  12. Shoop

    Request for Road Reports

    BUMP Did anybody see any roads closed or bad conditions this past weekend?
  13. The MSTA sport touring group that I ride with (sometimes) is having their annual Marietta meet next week into the weekend. You are welcome to attend, but you have to join the group to participate, $30. But this post is really just a request for any news about road closures or bad hill slips etc. that you guys might see while you're out this weekend, or recently in the SEO or northwest WV. About a month ago when I was our for the maiden voyage with my FJR we found that 537 and 255 were closed. They seem to be open now because Google maps will let me run a route on those roads. Any insight would be appreciated! Chris Shoop
  14. Shoop

    SEO Ride Sunday 08/19

    I'm planning to be at the meet spot. But unless the lawn mows itself and a few other miracles happen, then I'll just make a loop and come home.
  15. Shoop


    Welcome Mike!