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  1. Hello Katom. I just relocated myself back to Columbus. Was living in Florida for 5 years. I guess the year round riding and beaches was not to my liking. Wtf was I thinking:)? Anyways, DO NOT sell that Connie. As soon as I moved down to FL, I sold my 2014 Connie that I had just ridden down because I wanted something more "Adventure touring". Regretted it as soon as the guy loaded it on the trailer and took it away!!
  2. I stopped by 28 Motorsports the other day and met Ryan. Seems like a solid dude. My Voyager will be going to him. Also found out that he works on Kawasaki Jet Ski's. I just moved back from Florida so it's nice to know that my bike AND ski can go to the same guy. Ryan is 15 minutes away from me so I'm looking forward to getting my bike to him. Thanks for the heads up on a well regarded shop gentlemen!
  3. I'm still on my bender of "anything Rush" after the passing of Neil Peart.
  4. Thanks for the recommendation of 28 Motorsports!!! That is the BEST color for the Voyager. My 17 came in black and dark grey. I HATE any black vehicle as I'm way to over OCD about my vehicles. Yet, I have a black bike and a lack Jet Ski. Two things you should never own black!! Pauly, I think Race Tech has some nice custom built rear shocks for the Voyager. I think they are in the 800 dollar range.
  5. I was just hoping to find someone local, but if not, I'm up for a nice ride down 33 or 35 to the WV border. I agree, the labor for this to me is a no brainer.
  6. Race Tech calls for 20w oil, but that's with two additional holes drilled into the damper. The "Race Tech" dealer in Henderson quoted around 150 for the labor. That, to me, to take the front forks off and re-install is a steal. That's something I haven't done on any of my bikes. Really wish Kawi put some drain ports in the bottom of the fork and this would be easy-peesy, like my former Wing was! I will look int that brace though.
  7. I was thinking about the brace since the forks will be off for the emulators/springs. Thanks for the reminder!
  8. Hello everyone, I'm looking to add the Race Tech emulators and springs to my 2017 Kawasaki Voyager. The closest "Race Tech" authorized center is in Henderson, WV. I don't mind taking the trip down to WV, but if I can keep my business local, I'd like to. Any suspension shops in the central Ohio area that really know what the hell they are doing. Not looking for cheap, looking for extremely competent. Thanks!!
  9. The Baldwin "Grand Touring". BEST seat I have ever owned and I've been riding motorcycles for almost 30 years and have NEVER been comfortable on a single one of my bikes, this includes a Goldwing, UNTIL I bought that Baldwin. Best money spent ever on a bike. I also have the Euro cut Cee Bailey. It's ok I guess, expected more I guess, but it works.
  10. Where to start on the farkles??? New Baldwin seat, Cee Bailey screen, both fender extenders, T-Rex crash bars, bar risers, Murph's peg lowers, Tech Spec tank and saddlebag protectors, Kaoko throttle lock, grip puppies, headlight protectors, 2 RAM mounts. Sena SMH10 headsets. All I can think of at the moment. One headlight protector and one of the protective pucks on the T-Rex engine guards was destroyed/missed after impact. And yes, I do have two jobs:)
  11. BTW, it wasn't rocks, it was about a 6 foot strip of prime semi tire retread.......
  12. They can question all they want. The truck tire was in the middle of the roadway, and the car that struck it was a "medical courier" car that had it's name plastered on the side. It wasn't that guys fault anyways. I saw the tire debris in the distance and in fact was saying to myself to the other driver "don't run over that, don't run over that" well, he did, traffic wouldn't allow me to take evasive action to the left and all I had was berm on the right. Well, he ran right over it and it kicked up in pretzel like form right in my lane. I almost avoided but it had the angle on me as it was moving toward me. I'm the head of a local police department and have been in LE for 20 years. I encourage them to "investigate" the matter.
  13. Hey Connie14, I'm right on Taylor Rd. Have you heard any good things about their shop. I will be demanding from the insurance co. (Markel) for OEM replacement. I have replacement cost coverage, but with 300 miles on the bike, I want anything with a mark on it replaced. The good thing is, I can drive the bike to Iron Pony if needed. I've seen bikes get more damaged getting transported. Anyways, I'll have to look you up after I get my bike repaired. Thanks again.
  14. Concours, NOT Concourse. I'm still shook up. Happened about 2 hours ago.
  15. I would have gladly taken some damage to the body to prevent a scratch on my bike:)
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