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  1. I’m not very tall, 29-30” inseam and can touch both feet, not quite flat foot. I slightly move one side or the other and have a solid flat foot.
  2. Well I don’t want the crickets to start chirping…
  3. After a year or so hiatus, I am back into motorcycling. But the real question is, what did I buy???? 😁 I guess this is another guess the bike thread, maybe we can get some more activity back on this forum.
  4. You meet the nicest people on a Honda 😂
  5. My current driveway is barely wide enough to get one car around another, I just drop my wheels off in the yard. I still found room to get the Goldwing and a car in the garage…
  6. Yeah driveway is massive, and about 3 minutes from 555.
  7. I made $20k+ on a house I lived in for 2 years. Going from 1200 sq ft to 2400 sq ft with a basement, garage, and land. Here is what I’m gonna be working with…
  8. Hard to tell, hopefully soon. We are in the process of selling our house, buying another house (Gonna be able to work on bikes again with my new garage), and I start a new job 2nd week of July. Life has been busy and I'm itching to get back on two wheels.
  9. My dad switched to the Cardo as well. I tried his out, sound quality was amazing.
  10. I’d say they at least owe ya a beer…
  11. +1 on Caffe Rel, and Tonik is 100% right, go for the bowl, not the cup 😂
  12. I’ve spent thousands and thousands of miles with @2talltim, me on my FJR and he on the Connie. Both bikes have never let us down and they both have their uniqueness. The Connie was not as good ergonomics for me, but I’m under 6 foot. The FJR fit me like a glove. Both bikes have plenty of power and the handle good for their size. Regardless, I don’t think you can go wrong with either bike.
  13. I rode 83 south of big Muskie last week and it was a blast, no traffic at all.
  14. Out knocking off the cobwebs this morning.
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