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  1. JustinNck1

    Let's help a brotha out.(EDIT: FUND RAISER ENDED)

    Money sent your way @2talltim. Hopefully we can get Dan a camera ASAP.
  2. JustinNck1

    Funny picture thread.

    This happened in Athens not to long ago. There's still some remains lol.
  3. JustinNck1

    Indian is getting with the program.

    This was me with the quickshifter on the MT but not the FJR.
  4. JustinNck1

    Indian is getting with the program.

    Dad's been talking about getting the tune for his...
  5. JustinNck1

    Indian is getting with the program.

    Yeah I’ve ran into this issue, found some great prices until I find out it’s a non tour they added a trunk to. Also no electronic suspension or reverse.
  6. JustinNck1

    Which oil?

    Well I guess I’ll keep my lack of skill, wadded up less bikes that way.
  7. JustinNck1

    Which oil?

    This! Yes people find what their bike can do or their abilities to maneuver bikes ON THE TRACK, but guess what the street has way too many variables to use most of those abilities. My MT was like super glued to the track and I could throttle the hell out of corner exit. Guess what, on the street, I was fighting traction, stepping out using throttle modulation. Same goes for braking. I had a blast on the track but it’s a total different animal, and I don’t consider myself better than others because of a track day.
  8. JustinNck1

    Which oil?

    I didn’t know you couldn’t learn to be comfortable with handling your bike without taking it to the track.
  9. JustinNck1

    Which oil?

    Jim we all know Rotella is a best 😂 not much to discuss.
  10. JustinNck1

    Which oil?

    So what you’re saying is track guys don’t stoop down to street guy dangers. In my opinion, it’s a completely different skill set. Memorizing a track and getting every possible time gain is a skill, but running a good clip all day comfortably without riding over your head is also a great skill.
  11. JustinNck1

    Which oil?

    Basic synopsis, track guys have more “knowledge & skill” but can‘t explain why some street guys have no problem running the same or faster pace than them on a group ride through twisties. Then the street guys explain the track is fun but not railing curvy roads all day fun. It’s a vicious circle.😂
  12. JustinNck1

    Which oil?

    Haha yeah Tim tell me again where u get those 5 quart Rotella jugs.
  13. JustinNck1

    Which oil?

    It must be winter...Sad part is some people are actually arguing about oil 😂
  14. JustinNck1

    Indian is getting with the program.

    A thread about a cruiser turns into MotoGP talk 🤣
  15. JustinNck1

    Nerding out over new gear.

    They were being distributed by Schuberth right?