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  1. Damn this trip was so much fun. Easily the most fun I've ever had on a bike trip.
  2. JustinNck1

    2019 Gap Trip.

    THIS. Trust me, I love the Smokey Mountains, but damn we got some awesome riding in SEO and WV that aren't nearly as enforced.
  3. JustinNck1

    2019 Gap Trip.

    No, my bikes are not going to be for sale anytime soon. 😂
  4. JustinNck1

    2019 Gap Trip.

    Yeah, work has really put a damper on my vacation planning...
  5. JustinNck1

    IMS Show Saturday, Jan 28 2019

    I agree the show is continuing to shrink, but it was cool to see Zero motorcycles make an appearance. Ran into @Tonik and some other local friends, so that was cool. AIM Expo is definitely head and shoulders above IMS.
  6. JustinNck1

    Go Karts Saturday 1/26

    Anyone wanna go race some karts this Saturday? Probably electric karts by the casino in Columbus. We had a bad experience at the gas owned last time. http://www.buckeyeraceway.com/pricing.html
  7. JustinNck1

    IMS Show Saturday, Jan 28 2019

    I'll be there Friday as well. Looking at dual sports.
  8. JustinNck1

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Gave both bikes a much needed bath. I figured it was time to do a maintenance assessment to see what needs done before spring. Both bikes need a front tire, FJR needs a fork flush, and the MT needs an oil change. Really starting to get cabin fever.
  9. JustinNck1

    IMS Show Saturday, Jan 28 2019

    I'm going up Friday evening if anyone wants to meet up.
  10. JustinNck1


    Drove 7 hours each way to pick up that tire machine. Brian was a super nice guy, awesome shop! Also picked up several snap on tools, everything is in amazing condition.
  11. JustinNck1


    My dad and I are on our way to pickup the tire changer tonight. If anyone wants something picked up, shoot me a PM or text.
  12. JustinNck1

    2019 Gap Trip.

    The bojangles in Robbinsville is shut down now. I'm not sure if that's the one you guys are referring to.
  13. JustinNck1

    Leaving my company after 13 years.

    Biggest issue is no vacation first 12 months of employment...
  14. JustinNck1

    What did you do to your bicycle today?

    Any recommendations on where to look? Craigslist?
  15. JustinNck1

    Leaving my company after 13 years.

    Bikes needs to be a hobby not a profession for me. Going to a job with substantial pay increase, 4 days a week instead of 6, full benefits vs none, etc.