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  1. For sale is my IXS leather one piece suit, and Forcefield Pro L2K Evo back protector. Both were used for one Mid Ohio track day. Suit is a size 48, and the back protector is a size medium. $300 for the both.
  2. It really is surprising how great they handle. Congrats!
  3. SOLD! Lock it up please
  4. Bump. Price drop to $16,500
  5. You know you want it 😎
  6. It was a non-tour model, with a trunk kit, center stand, and taller windshield added. Manual transmission
  7. So with a baby on the way and my busy life, I just haven’t been able to ride the wing that much, and it sucks to just see it sit. I don’t see two up touring in my future for a little while, probably find something to ride locally once I sell this. 6,000 miles on it. Accessories include Honda Touring shield, drivers backrest, center stand, trunk kit, trunk luggage rack, and luggage rack brake light. $17,000
  8. Yeah, the seat can be made to accommodate but the trunk options are not that comfortable.
  9. BINGO. This is why I sold the FJR for a wing. Passenger comfort yet sporty enough to keep me happy.
  10. If Kawasaki doesn’t release a new Concours, then I figure it’s on the chopping block. Yamaha gave up on the FJR, the sport touring market is really ready for something new.
  11. I had Maxwells for the first time last week, and I was very impressed.
  12. Got out for a little ride today, 185 miles or so. 78, 555, 550, and some others. Traffic was non existent.
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