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  1. Oh that was a day right there. It was so hot in Oklahoma.
  2. Yeah that is definitely not my old bike. It’s new owner lives around Pennsylvania.
  3. Took the wing out for a short ride to Marietta to get some BBQ. It was beautiful out today.
  4. Oh yeah those are super special. Even the label says 4 quart which is weird...
  5. I agree, at some point I’d want the connector to fail instead of breaking something else.
  6. JustinNck1


    Dragon: fun on any bike imo. Yes, a purpose built grom does great, but I’ve had absolute blasts on heavy loaded touring bikes. Traffic is the reason I avoid the run most times. Cherohala: You get time really stretch the legs of a bike. Granted it’s triple digit speeds but damn it’s a lot of fun.
  7. I made the best of the crap weather I was dealt for my weekend, and rode 502 miles of West Virginia (and Maryland!) mountain roads. Only got about 30 minutes worth of rain the entire day.
  8. JustinNck1

    2018 Goldwing

    I’ve heard so much praise for the DCT. I see it’s selling point and it has its place, but it wasn’t for me yet. My local dealer has a tour DCT leftover for right around $20k, as well as a manual.
  9. Worked only a 8 hour day at work so I had some time this afternoon for a quick ride. Bike path was very crowded.
  10. It’s tempting. I never thought I would enjoy the bike path this much, I first was thinking mountain bike but now I’m thinking road bike.
  11. So that’s why I was asking, on my hybrid I was in top gear and had no issues pedaling, so I felt like I was out of gear.
  12. I was using the MapMyRide app on my phone.
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