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  1. Yeah buddy! I'll be out a couple times this year. 😊
  2. Good buddy finished the valve job on Isabella and ran her in the dyno. She's real strong. Especially for a bike that's 21 years old, 65k ish miles, and been run the crap out of for much of it. @Pauly , I love this motorcycle.
  3. This will be #4... well, 3rd 1200, had an 1100 before. I'd get a yellow X14 if they made one. Have a white X14 for the big bike stuff.
  4. Shoei RF1200 Brilliant Yellow, medium. Has to be to my house by next Friday so I can race Saturday and Sunday. Please and thank you!
  5. Our buddy Milo came over and led the dinner preparation. Damn good. Only ate one between the three of us. Froze the bigger one for later.
  6. They were murdering Katie's veggies. Had to go. I'm eating them tonight.
  7. Yes, I agree. Had no idea until I sighted it in at dad's. Much louder than anticipated. Oh well, I let the cool neighbor know what I was up to. Should be ok.
  8. Got a pellet gun today. Thing is not sneaky at all! Much louder than anticipated. Oh well. Gotta dial in the scope at dads house, rabbit massacre is coming.
  9. The thing about the ORC and Columbus rules that is confusing is the part about explosives. If my "airgun" pushes a pellet with a spring really fast, is that an explosive? I would argue not. Since we're a farm, maybe I could get a nuisance permit. "No person shall discharge or cause to be discharged any firearm, airgun or other instrument used to explode any cartridge or thing filled with any explosive substance or material"
  10. I need to kill some rabbits. Now. Little rascals are trying to eat Katie's veggies and we can't have that. Also I like to eat rabbits. I live in the city, so I'm curious about pellet guns and their legality and sneakyness level. Anyone here in the know about such things?
  11. Yep, I'll take the blame for that. Posted for the first time in forever about a track day. Day gets canceled.
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