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  1. jacobhawkins

    Waaaaay too long

    See the above pic. She'll be back and faster than ever.
  2. jacobhawkins

    Waaaaay too long

    Yikes. My doc just cauterized em. Whatever does the trick I guess? Guess I'm gonna have to find that thread. Hope it's all good now bud.
  3. jacobhawkins

    Waaaaay too long

    Hey guys, I'm Jacob. I live in Columbus and own a few motorcycles. Note I said own, not ride. *Humor engaged* Been a wild year and I'm hoping to be a full keyboard warrior once again. Highlights include (ahem, lame excuses), Katie went full time on the farm on our property, our son Lucas was born, and a major remodel on the house is mostly done. Dreams for this season: more track time, mini racing with Luke, maybe a street ride or two. Well, what have y'all been up to?? I have some catching up to do.
  4. jacobhawkins

    New track bike

    I love my '14 675R. Nothing wrong with turning a sportbike into a track only bike. I tried to do double duty with mine, but after a year of swapping bodywork, full track for me. Have fun!
  5. jacobhawkins

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Thanks guys, Lucas Eugene will be a staple figure at future motorcycle events. I look forward to introducing him to many of you. Katie's doing great, no meds, girl's a fucking beast. 16 hours labor to get the 7lb 2oz 21" scream machine out.
  6. jacobhawkins

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Vintage Day race bike, if I ever get a free minute. Katie made a small human on Monday morning, so I'm one handed for a bit.
  7. jacobhawkins

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Some of it, I'll be getting a lot of help from Jake Brown at The Dyno Shop in Powell. Once the heads are free, I'll be doing the machine work on them. If the cam gears need adjusted, I'll do that myself also but I don't know exactly what to do. That's where I'll rely on his expertise, I can follow directions.
  8. jacobhawkins

    What did you do to your bike today?

    She's out! Big thanks to @what for all the help.
  9. jacobhawkins

    November Adventure 2019

    Not been on much lately, so happy to pop on to see this!
  10. jacobhawkins

    Random Track Talk

    You might notice I'm not riding a Triumph in these pictures. Gingerly riding a less than 100 mile old GSXR1000. Weird to still be accelerating past the kink. Obviously lots of fun to have that much power available (65 more wheel HP on the same dyno). Thing revs real quick and handles pretty well. It's set up for a bigger rider so it was stiff. Lot more work on my wrists, guess I need to think about how I brace myself more. Didn't want to push it, I can see how with a little more time it would be an absolute monster. Still love the Daytona, but damn!
  11. jacobhawkins

    What do YOU need?

    No problem, thanks.
  12. jacobhawkins

    What do YOU need?

    One of those airbag vests, delivered by this Friday. Whatcha got?
  13. jacobhawkins

    Motoamerica Pittsburgh

    Just bought my ticket and camping pass. Andy and I will be getting up there Friday evening.
  14. jacobhawkins

    2010 Street Triple R - $3,200

    Somebody buy this bike. Shes real clean, no issues, and frankly, as Pauly aluded to, a bargain.
  15. jacobhawkins

    Motoamerica Pittsburgh

    Yep, I'll be there this year. I think @what and I are getting a camp spot. I'm bringing a trailer with pit bikes and doing another test run for our Watkins Glen trip with the new tow vehicle.