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  1. Mid-O September 4th

    Also, not novice for long dude.
  2. Mid-O September 4th

    Yeah, the 4th is best for me because I won't have to take more time off. I'll also be there the 11th or 12th. @Tonik, the traffic won't be bad on the track. It will be the best kind of traffic.
  3. I really appreciate the help. I stayed off it the rest of the day! Rob did bring it down, I was thrilled to have him as a coach.
  4. Oh yeah, that's an I sticker! Happy for the bump, can't wait until next time!
  5. Wow, that looks awful, you did a hell of a job keeping that thing upright until you were in the beach at a reasonable speed. Pretty sketchy. Rough end to an overall good day. I hope you get it filled back up with oil and new (non K&N) filter and get it back on the track.
  6. My buddy had the same issue, he'll be in novice and I'm sure he'd appreciate a heads up if it's full. Thanks man.
  7. Still won't be a race. The 0-60 times posted for bikes are unattainable by mortals like us.
  8. Yeah, I figured you'd be in the Tesla. I drove a p90d with ludicrous mode a year ago and it was nuts. Mash the pedal and you're gone. No sounds, no squeal, nothing, just woooooosh. Weird, fun, but weird.
  9. Ludicrous enabled? Good luck, anything but hoblicks mustang is getting whipped. Haha
  10. Exactly. If you want to race, come down to an OMRL race. I have two bikes and would happily sit out a race to watch Derek and Tonik battle it out on 6 hp bikes.
  11. Appreciate it, but no worries, we'll be right next to each other anyway, one big happy OR family. Speaking of which, is @Casper coming, or does he even ride anymore?
  12. @F4iguy I have a non OR buddy coming in for this. He's up for throwing in for a garage if there is still room in yours...
  13. bike SOLD!! 2008 Ducati Multistrada 1100S; SOLD!!

    Well geeze, I was hoping to get her home for some pics and whatnot before, but Izzy will be coming to live with me soon! Totally thrilled to ride her more than the 20 life changing miles I did a few years ago. Thanks Pauly for the opportunity!