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  1. Good hang, as usual at the race track. Nice to meet some more of the Mosites crew and especially Eziah. Went for a hike with Katie and Lucas Sunday morning and broached the subject of attending a YCRS event. I'll be saving, should be able to make it happen next year. Thanks for the push and introduction, @TimTheAzn.
  2. @TimTheAzn Looking good! See a top 10 tomorrow?
  3. Yep, I know. So he knows where the secret tunnels are like in Mario?
  4. Been turning a few laps at PIRC, huh? Escalante is making the ZX6r look good, come on Gary, you too!
  5. Well, we've decided to make it a more real vacation and get out there as soon as gates open on Friday. Can't wait! Picks for the Supersport race wins?
  6. Do you know what time the gates close Friday night?
  7. Yes. Katie and Lucas also. But do you mean 7-9th? Not this coming weekend?
  8. From the riders meeting at PIRC a few weeks ago, kids in the back! And from NCM last weekend. Thanks to @what for snagging the picture in his set.
  9. Did you get that brake guard to match your gloves?
  10. @kbrok let me take his Aprilia out a couple weeks ago and had a blast. I "rode" Derek's GSXR1000 for a session last year, but I felt more comfortable on this thing and boy howdy was it a hoot. I mean, it's no 900SS, but what is, honestly? Maybe they'll do a refresh in a few years and could pick up one of this gen on the cheap.
  11. Yes to heat gun and the kit came with a plastic scraper card. It had some velvety material on it also. But the heat gun was incredibly overkill. A hair dryer would probably be just fine. My heat gun has a Hot and Lava setting. Hot was plenty. Definitely better with 4 hands instead of 2. One guy holds the sheet while the other does the sticking.
  12. If there was some sort of communication regarding where registrations stood and what was needed to make the day happen that might be helpful to folks who normally walk up because of weather concerns. I know that's not your call, but I get a bunch of emails from MidOhio about stuff that doesn't really matter and this would.
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