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  1. jacobhawkins

    What do YOU need?

    No problem, thanks.
  2. jacobhawkins

    What do YOU need?

    One of those airbag vests, delivered by this Friday. Whatcha got?
  3. jacobhawkins

    Motoamerica Pittsburgh

    Just bought my ticket and camping pass. Andy and I will be getting up there Friday evening.
  4. jacobhawkins

    2010 Street Triple R - $4,000

    Somebody buy this bike. Shes real clean, no issues, and frankly, as Pauly aluded to, a bargain.
  5. jacobhawkins

    Motoamerica Pittsburgh

    Yep, I'll be there this year. I think @what and I are getting a camp spot. I'm bringing a trailer with pit bikes and doing another test run for our Watkins Glen trip with the new tow vehicle.
  6. jacobhawkins

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Remember the little drive she took in the new wagon? Sport+ down the on ramp!! Get on it! haha At least she has a dirt bike to learn a little how they handle so if she ever decides to get an ADV or street bike it'll come easier. Can't find it now, but Katie and I saw a stand up comedian tell a joke about at the minimum teaching your daughter enough about mechanical things to not be impressed by a guy with a V6 Mustang. The fact that she rides on a CBR1000 pretty regularly should take of that! Nice work my friend.
  7. jacobhawkins

    What did you do to your bike today?

    She's a beast! When is she getting her own bike?
  8. jacobhawkins

    Shop recommendation for fork rebuild?

    PM sent
  9. jacobhawkins

    Shop recommendation for fork rebuild?

    Yep, Hoblick did the seals on my FJR a while back, no issues, ready for me when I got there, good work, fair price etc.
  10. jacobhawkins

    Shop recommendation for fork rebuild?

    I'd go to Jake.
  11. jacobhawkins

    Shop recommendation for fork rebuild?

    Jake at The Dyno Shop or @Hoblick would be my go to. Jake is in Powell and Ryan Hoblick is in Marysville.
  12. jacobhawkins

    Crash Investigation

    I have a slipper and I still rev match.
  13. jacobhawkins

    Crash Investigation

    Oh man! It was good to meet you, real sorry to hear about the injury. No need to beat the "reason for the crash" horse to death. Heal up soon and we'll see you out there again.
  14. jacobhawkins

    Random Track Talk

    I fit a 300 on my Daytona. Cant turn for shit, but it sure looks good at bike night.
  15. jacobhawkins

    Random Track Talk

    Speaking of the evos, I used them for the first time yesterday and loved them. Initially had the front a couple lbs too high on pressure, but otherwise felt great. I'm looking forward to seeing how they do after a few more days.