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  1. jacobhawkins

    Random Track Talk

    Best part of the timer is that it doesn't care how cool you think you are! haha
  2. jacobhawkins

    Random Track Talk

    Meh, best was a 1:49. Seemed like I was 1:50 most of the day. Top speed at the limiter before the kink was 137. Data tells me I'm a weenie through turn 1 and headed into madness for sure. That's where I'm going to focus next time, lots of ground to make up elsewhere obviously, but had a blast on the first day of the year.
  3. jacobhawkins

    Random Track Talk

    I borrowed his timer for the day.
  4. jacobhawkins

    Random Track Talk

    I'd guess mid 60s to start? Immediately felt great.
  5. jacobhawkins

    Random Track Talk

    I've been sending weekly notes to the painter who's doing mine. At least it's just vanity for mine, don't really need bodywork for trackday. Racing, you gotta have it! Good day at MidO yesterday. Perfect weather, really open track. Felt good to be back on the Daytona, and yes, all the pistons left in nearly the same condition they arrived. Nice to meet @jhughes and share a pit. Can't wait till next time.
  6. jacobhawkins

    Random Track Talk

    Well, I'm loaded for tomorrow. I think. Sure there will be several things forgotten. First day of the year, yippee! Took the Daytona around the block, first time I've ridden it since last May and man o man is it fun. Brakes work, smashed my little jeuvos. Off to a good start!
  7. jacobhawkins

    MSF Instructors

    The program that Motorcycle Ohio developed started with the Idaho STAR program. I disagree with Dustin regarding not riding after becoming a coach. I coach several classes early in the season, I'll be in Nelsonville coaching in an hour, so I can ride when I want to in the summer and fall. I don't mind getting rained on occasionally if I can do the kind of riding I like to do later on. The requirements to maintain your certification are to coach two classes a year. Not hard, and would hardly make a meaningful impact your your "personal" riding unless you choose to coach more, and that's on you. That was the standard when we were using the MSF also, I don't anticipate that it changed. I have not seen the new MSF program, but hear very good things from people who's opinion I value. It was updated just after the time Ohio stopped using it. I appreciate your interest in becoming a coach for WV, the value you'll bring to real people's enjoyment and safety in the sport will be huge. Are there any specific questions you have? Good luck and thank you!
  8. jacobhawkins

    Random Track Talk

    haha What is it with guys riding 675s and late sign up?
  9. jacobhawkins

    Random motorcycle thoughts and talk

    Sounds good!
  10. jacobhawkins

    Random Track Talk

    I meant to sign up earlier too, after noon they close registration online and today no one is there because of the holiday. When I looked about 11, I could still get in, got sidetracked and missed it. I anticipate there being room in A.
  11. jacobhawkins

    Random motorcycle thoughts and talk

    Monday at Midohio??
  12. jacobhawkins

    Random Track Talk

    Dad and I are likely headed to MidO on Monday.
  13. jacobhawkins

    OMRL 2019 Season

    Port/polish, mill head down a wee bit, piston, cam, ecu, injector, clutch springs, full rear suspension, front fork springs. Some other comfort parts. That's about it I think?
  14. jacobhawkins

    OMRL 2019 Season

    Stock bore. About everything else is different, but it will fit into the F3 class. I'm hoping after Andy gets the CBR back and on a dyno, he can run the Grrom to get a real number.
  15. jacobhawkins

    What did you do to your bike today?

    $50 to do that at this place. I thought that was real reasonable. Guy was real thorough, went through everything.