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  1. Lets discuss oil filters...

  2. What did you do to your bike today?

  3. What did you do to your bike today?

    Cleared the catch can on the xr, runs better. Still needs more love to catch up with Andy's... new trailer is great, should easily hold four big bikes, or one decent sized tractor.
  4. Columbus GoKarts 3/11 - TIME UPDATE 2:30pm

    Get ready to get passed boys. I'm gettin mad.
  5. Where’s Pauly?

    He's alive, confirmed sighting a couple weeks ago.
  6. What did you do to your bike today?

    April 21 is practice, Sunday the 22nd is RACE DAY!!
  7. Ohio Riders Unofficial Mid-Ohio Track Day 2018

    Me me me!
  8. Superbike School, Vegas, April 7-8

    http://www.riderswin.com/index.html Holy shit, the guy's a lawyer! hahaha Fast as hell!
  9. Superbike School, Vegas, April 7-8

    Yup, Eric Spector? That was a fun day, made some major changes to how I ride.
  10. New to Ohio

    awesome bike, welcome!
  11. Columbus GoKarts 3/11 - TIME UPDATE 2:30pm

    Yep, going to be great. I'll be in a parking lot all morning with novice riders so it'll be fun to watch people crash and not fill out paperwork! Bring it on!
  12. New to the track

    Yep, I'll be there one of those days, probably not both though. Very likely with @bandit as well. Two days in a row for the first time at the track might be tough, but I don't know your endurance. I'm usually whipped after one and need a couple to recover. Like John said, I'll be watching the weather, mid ohio sucks with even a bit of dew. Assuming the weather is great, I'll be there one of those days and I'd be happy to split a garage. Generator needed if you don't have a garage and run warmers? Welcome to OR!
  13. What did you do to your bike today?

    Ran it out of fuel. Sonofabitch. Why did I leave 5 miles worth of gas in the tank?! Haha
  14. Need Help Working On XR650L Columbus Oh

    @max power? Didn't you have one and also recently did a bunch of carb work on the new Suzuki?
  15. Usually south east. There's usually a group that come over from the Dayton area.