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  1. final run for the Lean TD endurance series this weekend .... Craig, you coming out again?
  2. Rider changes for pony express are at the discretion of the team ... we chose 40 minutes as a baseline as that seemed to be where the gas tanks started to display "low." ( and for a 3 rider team ends up being 2 40 minute stints each ) But we also use a white board to signal early changes from the pit. And riders can signal early stops if the need to. The rain and dry out had us making all types of changes.
  3. I too had a great time running the 4 hr pony express at Nelson Ledges last weekend. That rain made for some interesting strategerie. We took 2nd (me, Chris Murphy and Robby Noe) despite all of us running pretty decent times, hard to fight guys that can run lots of 1:07s and 1:08s. couple of shots from the John Martinowski:
  4. Tim, yeah that was an epic battle .... fun to watch!
  5. holee chit Tim ....my old Duc 900 SS was like that, chitty alt connections, but no fire down below ... git er fixed ....
  6. Planning to head out to Nelson Ledges this weekend ... anyone else going?
  7. at the moment thinking just LEAN ...
  8. yeah, plan to run Nelsons (race endurance too) and Mid O (have some certs)_ .. maybe a trip to PIRC as well Would love to do Vintage Days at Mid O if they happen this year
  9. Fellow Gearheads ... wanted to share the results of a local painter who TimtheAzn recommended ... Dave P did an absolutely killer job on the 1199 ... she's a proper bitch now. The old rattler can black was, umm, a bit lacking. The nephews and nieces thought black it was uber cool ... not so much me .... Dave got it exactly right! PM me or TimtheAzn for contact info for Dave P. Before/After Track crack is only a few months away .....
  10. Anyone got a recommendation for some track day / race day bodywork painting? Somewhere in the Cleveland/Akron metro area ...
  11. As was stated, it was a great day. A few too many people "running out of skill" as Mladin used to say. But thankfully no serious injuries that I heard of.
  12. Anyone headed there, weather be damned ...?
  13. any track updates on this project?
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