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  1. I'll be there with STT. Anyone else going?
  2. Get the tsx. Great fun cars. Grab one with a 6 speed and never worry about it again. Probably one of the best all around fwd packages available.
  3. Haven't been to active with motorbikes for a while. Not any interesting riding or time to travel where I am at now so the bikes have taken a back seat for a while and I have been more into automobiles. Got a new flying couch a month or so ago and have been doing a few mods to it. Kinda missed my old r1 and wanted something less obnoxious than the buell for commuter work. Plus I can do some traveling with it and not die. We have affectionately dubbed it "Mushu". A few mods in the near future, r1 suspension, rearsets, stainless lines, and personal massage chair. A few trackdays planned out for the Buell and a road trip for the twizzle. Looking forward to hitting the hills sometime soon. With the arrival of the new scooter the buell will be getting a chain drive and big bore. Leaning more towards off road use. Got some new street gear with the lady last weekend at iron pony and she was eying the r6 pretty hard. Came in with the intentions of picking up an fz07/9 or a monster for her but she liked the r6 more. Too bad they don't carry ktm or we would have checked them out too. Anyways. Hi.
  4. This one tickles my special parts.
  5. 32 and Red river gorge in KY. Stay at the gorge overnight. Pretty awesome place. Twisties galore and great scenery/food.
  6. Could even put points like this stuff in there.
  7. Hey. I was just thinking, dangerous I know, what if we had a map to mark the best routes on? Color coding depending on the road type/technicality/condition etc. Google maps would host and it would be open to edit. I run a few smaller groups in the NWOH/SEMI areas and have a setup like that. It's pretty handy for newcomers and as a reference. Literally just popped in my head, not sure if we already have something like this or not.
  8. I have an MG Midget being built for SCCA and road course. It's getting a 4g63T in it this winter. Under 2k lbs and somewhere in the 300hp range. Something mild. My last car was a 99 Prelude SH I built for Road course. Building speed is expensive. Building a slow car to drive fast is less expensive.
  9. I would be so happy I would probably poop.
  10. I actually strongly dislike 555. I can never be comfortable enough to get into a rythym comfortably. Seems like everytime I get something going there, I come around a blind curve and get a nice perfectly distributed, lusciously plump plethora of tiny gravel rocks. So awesome. The road is a sphincter clencher for sure. Very dangerous even without traffic. There are many other roads in Ohio just as good if not better imo.
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