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  1. Trackbikez

    bike 2000 Hayabusa Stage2 turbo 306HP JS1GW71A3Y2105445

  2. Trackbikez

    Free Trackday July 2, 2018

    You don't realize how scary I group is until you get a shot at A group, but maybe being scared is half the fun for the really twisted riders?
  3. Trackbikez

    Still got your first bike?

    Also had a liter bike as a first bike, also glad it's gone, but a late 1980s liter bike isn't the same as what they're cranking out now.
  4. Trackbikez

    2017 Year in Review

    2017 was full of trackdays, drag racing, and demo rides (Yamaha and Polaris). Hoping for a new track bike for 2018, reduced lap times, and some more drag racing. I'm a simple guy.
  5. Trackbikez

    How do you guys feel about these "New Age" bike raffles?

    I need to raffle off my SV...
  6. Trackbikez

    Mid-O October 9th

    As much as I'd love to see all you knuckleheads, and get the free trackday I earned... I'm going to have to bow out. Major thanks to @blue03636 for prepping his bike for me, but I'm not going to risk MidOh with any moisture on a bike I'm not familiar with. You guys that do go, ride safe, and hopefully I'll have a new bike next season to play with ya'll on. The SV will be going back to street-only duty in 2018.
  7. Trackbikez

    Mid-O October 9th

    You did, and you're a better man for it! But seriously, I appreciate the fact you even offered -- even if I don't use it. You're good people.
  8. Trackbikez

    Mid-O October 9th

    I'd be happy to throw you some cheddar, shake it down for you, and return it with a full tank of 93 (or whatever you prefer).
  9. Trackbikez

    Mid-O October 9th

    If it's mechanically sound , I don't really care what it looks like.
  10. Trackbikez

    Mid-O October 9th

    Plans have changed -- I doubt I'll be making this unless someone wants to loan/rent me a bike.
  11. Trackbikez

    My track bike conundrum.

    Manual controls << ABS alone << Six-axis IMU systems << Future?
  12. Trackbikez

    K&N recall

    Yep. Was told even the HiFlo filters are no longer acceptable after tech-ing in on 9/11 at MidOh.
  13. Trackbikez

    My track bike conundrum.

    Unless you're a WSBK or MotoGP-level rider, I'd trust a computer designed by vehicle dynamics professionals with many hours of track testing, over my right hand when it comes to braking. But that's just my personal opinion. I've never had a bike with ABS, but I consider it a feature rather than a detriment to improving safety and lap times.
  14. Trackbikez

    My track bike conundrum.

    I know where there's an SV1000 for sale... with track fairings even, and @Tonik could look at it on his way home from work. Jussayin'