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  1. I normal go from Logan area 93N to New Straitsville-- Jump on 216 at Begley's campground to Murray city then 78 to Glouster and turn south on 555 at Ringold. If you are coming down from Newark on 13 then at New Straitsville I can go thru the ghost town of Shawnee, hit 155 to Corning and meet at (Johns Place, gas station ) SR13&Main. I am 30min from Corning and Newark is just under a hour. Is 10am at John's place, (105 11th St, Corning, OH 43730) OK for a meet?? I am flexible, Let me know what will work for you all.
  2. Wife just informed me of a prior conflicting engagment. I am out till fall season. 😞
  3. You don't have a set of sticky street tires and rim's ready to slap on and go asphalt touring? Pauly, come on, You ride a BMW now$$$$$$$$😀
  4. I am free and willing to tag along If you would like a wing man. I am low maintenance and know the area well. PM me. It's your call. if not than stay safe and do a ride report and have fun. Just off ohio 33S Logan.
  5. That would be nice, I could meet you at the Marathon Gas Station: 383 W Riverside Dr, McConnelsville, OH 43756 and Jump back west and do the new section of 555 to Chesterhill then 676-26-260-7. or north to 255. return,Woodfield-Caldwell-McConnelsville-bla-bla. Will we have to eat at Arby's 😁
  6. Just planning ahead. I am not able to edit post after one minute. August 7th 2020 is my schedualed ride if anyone in the route area wants to ride.
  7. The forecast looks great for a weekday blast from Hocking Hills over to Marv's Place 37143 Muskingum Street, Sardis, Ohio 43946. for lunch and return . Run 78 east to Ringgold and hit the new asphalt on 555 to Chesterhill then 676-26-260-7. or north to 255. return,Woodfield-Caldwell-McConnelsville-bla-bla-Hock-Home. Is 536&800 open and repaired? A Lively Pace is necessary and needed.😜
  8. I enjoy the night trail on the V-Strom but I don't do a lot of night street like I use too back in the 70's-90's. I used to have driving lights on all of my street rides and had them aimed left to right and right to left at about 25ft out front crossover for the cornering at night. Crap Video, Last half is faster stuff.
  9. Ah yes, The Wunderkind out in the 90deg temps all day. My hat is off to you gents. Well done. I have been enjoying my early weekday morning sprints around the Hocking Hills area with little to no traffic and tree shade covering. Got multipule curve and elevation changes that will suffice till temps drop and I can do a day ride.
  10. This rag has some great routes with gpx tracks and lodging/food info. (ymmv) https://www.roadrunner.travel/magazine/content/current/
  11. KY: Big Rock off road park: Maysville, KY. OH: Hanging Rock OHV, Ironton, OH. This will/may help: https://www.riderplanet-usa.com/
  12. 255 to Sardis for lunch at Marv's place (37143 Muskingum St, Sardis, OH 43946) Love that route.😀
  13. Temps look great for a fast loop tomorow 6/13. Little fog early but going to do the same route but 78E out of Glouster to Ringold and then the same loop back to the Hock.
  14. If you are driving/riding south on sr33 stop at the Valero Gas station in Rockbridge. Right off sr33 and purchese your trail pass. 10730 Jackson st. Rockbridge, OH. 43149 740 380-1808 Also during your stop top off with fuel, gas is cheaper than in Logan & Nelsonville.
  15. Sure sounds like he is on the right track for some off road fun. I love me some E-07 Dakars. ROX risers, 50/50 tires, Look out! Pauly will be doing the German Sturm Truppen stand up gravel riding in no time.😀
  16. Leaving Marietta on 26 and joining 260 to the intersection of 260/565 Would like to know about turning left on 565 to Harrittsville joining 154 and then 564 thru Ashton to Caldwell. I normally would take 260 up to 78 but looking to cut off some time. Might cut off 564 and head to 339 Crooked Tree/Dungannon and head north to the bucket on 83, BTDT. 78 from Caldwell is Boring a fuck unless I am chasing Derek at triple digits. I have a brother visiting from Arizona and want to give him a taste of the area and have lunch at Boondocks in McConnelsville. Thank in advance for any input.
  17. All this Covid-19 knowledge and information being posted on here makes me thing of time before the internet when we relied on group think and royalty to provide us common folk with a understanding of science and justice.
  18. I picked up a new type mask that has some type of filter flaps that are for motorcycle riding but they make a frapping / wining noise above 50 mph.
  19. FYI, I have taken 421 to 606 to 68 to 160 with ease and back road asphalt enjoyment. YMMV
  20. You are right. It's none of your business But... since you are requesting more knowledge let me take you back to the 70's when we found humor at bad things. X rated not for the easily triggered. Just for you ED.
  21. I trick I use for disc brake rotor is also good for stubborn fasteners. Take a point punch and firmly tap the head of the fastener with one or two strikes. (Don't go Crazy) This will loosen the thread locker or rust in your case. Then apply penetrating oil. If the bolt head is facing horizontal or down, spray the bolt head and spray compressed air also to help with penetration. Sorry for all the sexual word usage in my answer.
  22. Our Lake Cumberland SP trip got cut short last fall due to weather but it's on our list for a fall/autumn trip to Land between the Lakes on the west side of state. We have staid at Natural Bridge, Pine Mountain, Breaks and Cumberland Falls and have not had a bad experience. I like ending a long motorcycle day ride having a restaurant/lounge bar and outside seating near a room with A/C and a shower for a great price. You are so right about the hospitality.
  23. Took off Thursday and set up base at Jenny Wiley SP Lodge near Prestonsburg, KY. Fri.& Sat did back road twisty both day's and returned today Sunday with a few rain showers on the return trip. So many great roads in Kentucky and the State Park lodges make for great operating bases. 820 miles total.
  24. Rain check. I have been down in Kentucky hitting twisty assfault back roads since Thru. Chowed down on pizza at Miguel's outside of Slade. Home tomorrow. Have fun!
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