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  1. Noted. You are a busy Man. Well Done.
  2. Yes, Rutted 4X4 tracks fill with water & smegma can be a pain at times and the rocks in the streams also. We had much fun riding two days and enjoying Marietta at night for food and drink.
  3. Forgot this one from WV and east Ohio. We overnight-ed in Marietta to get a fresh start on a 160 mile advance level route that winded it's way just inside West Virginia. Next day we jumped on another route back into Ohio and split up just east of Woodsfield and went our ways home. Video, dirt starts at 3:50
  4. Let's here it for the two new 2020 Adventure Riders on the O.R. Forum.👍😎 Lot's of great riding in this area. maybe we can do a first annual O.R. Epic Dirty Ride this year.
  5. Is the tire changer sold. I have a friend that may be interested. Thanks
  6. With what you have stated, I think that bike will meet your current needs plus you have great fire roads just south of you. Give a shout if you need a wing man, I have a shitload of routes below I-70. I have been spending a lot of time in East Ohio just south of Woodsfield, Love the gas/oil routes. I am planning a possible trip down to Talladega National Forest next week for two day's of adventure stuff, (72deg's) Stay Safe. B.
  7. Tim, How much do you weight in with gear and a day ride worth of snacks.
  8. Started on my V-Strom winter maintenance check and service. Get ready for a winter trip to Talladega National Forest for a weekend ADV riding around the area.
  9. Drove down to SC. for Turkey Day with wife's relatives. Dinner is Friday, So road all day on some northern parts of the SCAR. Attached Files: 100_0837.JPG Moto-Mac https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsBAaDfZkbxULiV3c5MohnA/videos?view=0&sort=da&flow=grid
  10. Checked E-Bay $95.00 but...Only up to 2012. checked they don't match up. I am going to try to pressure it up and try to find the leek, may have to peel back the flange then I can try to JBW it if I can see the sweet spot. I'll just have to put a new one on my Christmas list just below the 2022 Black Honda Monkey.
  11. Took a small hit/ding to my lower front seam on the outlet tank side. Can't see it but drips out during operations. Tried stop leek and JBW on seem, NoGo. Need shop repair or new one is $750.00 Any Shops that can handle this??
  12. Spent the day NE of Marietta enjoying the colors and lite traffic for a 350 mile day ride. Crap video snippets: https://youtu.be/AlVUILIUv60
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