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  1. Yes, It's a "must have" for the wife. You can buy one and install it on other brands.
  2. I had a Givi V46 with pad on my 04 and it was great. The E55 is a huge "Dead Hooker Box" and it may have a crosswind component on the open road.
  3. Close call with Hunter in truck around a blind corner on a Forest Service road. He and the Dog look at me like I should NOT be on the road. https://youtu.be/jJiQ2NJKQeU
  4. B-Mac

    New to me bike

    Well done. Very nice. Congrats. Trade in your tail pack for a duffel bag now so I will recognize you.
  5. Headed out today with the Spyder Wife NE out of Logan on back roads to New Concord for coffee then slightly NE to Cambridge that had the town main street aligned with 1800era Manikins? some type of festival going on. Headed SW to Cumberland and McConnelsville for lunch at Boondocks BBQ Grill. North on river to 669 and back to Hocking Hills. 202 Miles with move time at 5 Hrs with a total of 6 Hrs. of great weather and roads.
  6. Had a lunch ride to Marietta (Boat House) and returned on Veto Road. Nice day for riding.
  7. I passed Jacob Hawk today on 78 near Bucket. yellow helmet / Red Duck
  8. I replaced the rear tire I installed to use up during my latest trip to the smokey Mtn. Check out the nail I picked up during my trip and I did not loose any air. Hat's off to Mitas tire company for the E-07 tires I have been using for going on 6 years now.
  9. Cold and wet Sunday morning in Franklin, NC. so I got a 9am start and routed a fast way east away from the weather. Arrived at the BR Prky. near Little Switz. around 11:30. Sun was shinning and I had a coffee/snack and jumped on the route off the side of the top of the parkway. East side had sun shinning and 57deg. made for great conditions. Ended up at Erwin at 5:30 and decided to load up and drive home. Arrived home at 10 pm. Had a great ride and am now working on a trip video. Stats: 237miles Move avg: 42.7 TS:96 Move time 5:30 Total time: 6:26
  10. Great Ride yesterday. Made it to Franklin, NC on 80% forest Svc. roads and 20% curvy asphalt. left/right/up/down.. I have never turned so much. 253.4 mi. 7.5hrs move time. avg. speed 33.4 TS94.7 Total time 9:40 All roads had a lot of fall debris and the forest service road blind turns had P/U trucks and drop offs. Mentality tired at the end. Great Day. Looks like a little rain today.
  11. Heading down to ride the NE half of the Smokey Mountain 1000. I have done the original SM500 twice but need to do the NE 500 mile addition. Starting in Erwin, TN. just south of Johnson City making my way SW to Franklin, TN. then heading back NE thru Asheville, NC. to the Forrest just east of Little Switzerland and Spruce Pine, NC. Then I will finish off back over to Hampton, TN and Erwin. I will report back later.
  12. I mounted my Snow Tire this AM. Heading down the Smokey Mountain 1000 track to do three days of riding in dem-dar-hills.
  13. Great plan Pauly. You NEO's have all the fun. It's been a great riding season for me. Just over 11K on the V-Strom and 5k on the Z1K and the best winter Adventure riding is just starting, No Bugs, Cool temps, Leaves and Brush cleared. Will trailer down or back of truck with all the gear. Going to try and do another Smokey Mountain 500 down in TN.NC.GA. this winter and the Talladega National Forrest in AL. Hope to see you gents on one of you SE Ohio rides. Stay Safe.
  14. Happy Birthday. A. When are you planning on returning? B. Are you looking for a wing-man by chance.🤠 C. Looks like rain moving in the area down south on Early Sat. AM. D. No long interstate rides , Right🥱 E. Are you riding solo
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