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    Bikes/Places over the years
  2. Today I was transported back to my teen years of the early 70's riding Honda mini trail in the woods. I took my wife's Honda Monkey and went spanking in and around the WNF trail system near my home. "Long Ridge Trail Loop" Kicked our Ass. All my young man skill set returned and I had so much fun.
  3. No one called in sick to ride today so I took the wife out to lunch a Boondocks BBQ Grill: McConnelsville and road some great curvy roads,
  4. Tory should be riding your CBR when you go to the Dragon. If the current administration is going to let 16YO's Vote on the national election I am sure we can turn Tory loose on a motorcycle. If you get pulled over just ask the officer if maybe we could just re-imagine the police and enforcement of licensing laws and consider her; (if that is her preferred pronoun) on a parental motorcycle permit and I am sure you will be fine.😁
  5. Just finished a organized ADV ride in the Vinton Co. area. Lot's of shaded forest roads. It did start to get hot in the afternoon so we broke off the route at 121 miles. Great Day
  6. I had to move two M/C and a 3wheel Spyder out of this stall to get this much free space. We all need more room.
  7. Eat at the Hickory House on our cold Sunday ride. Great BBQ food, clean and WARM. Thank You Pauly for the tip.
  8. Slapped a new BS front tire on the Z this AM.
  9. Made it back from WVA.&VA. Loop visiting old friends from time gone by. Cold and fog the first day but two day's of warm curvy back roads. 621miles. Moto-Mac https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsBAaDfZkbxULiV3c5MohnA/videos?view=0&sort=da&flow=grid
  10. We will be going by Weston WV. on US.119 on Sunday. We might jump up on US.19 and have some BBQ for lunch.😃 It's about half way to our overnight destination in Harrisburg, VA.
  11. I did that in FFA back in Jr.high. It helped framed my young understanding of the VaVa. I wasn't a farmer but they let me cut grass at the school on a riding lawn mower for credit. I think we hacked off some baby pig nuts also. Wife and I are riding to Fredricksburg, VA. on Sunday with a return on Tues for our Holiday ride.
  12. Pauly, That has to be one of the nicest post I have read from you in my short time here on O.R. 😀 Enjoy your Gerkin.😋
  13. Give me a shout when you get ready to come down. I would be happy to show you some routes in the area that are nice especially during the weekdays.
  14. Wife and I did a nice Sunday ride: Hocking-Chesterhill and return. Had Brunch at the 555Diner. It's great to see a small restaurant was able to survived the Wuhan/Fauci restrictions and stay open. Great curvy roads, very light traffic and made it home just as it was getting hot. Great food and service. Love that place. https://www.triplenickeldiner.com/
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