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  1. B-Mac

    Hey Guys!

    Just landed and checked in at the Microtel after a 125mile ADV back road ride in the shade for the most part. Looking forward to some early morning day rides this week on the East side.
  2. Had a great ADV ride today on the Trans Ohio Trail Sections 7-6 and 5. Wahoo, your old bike was in the group.
  3. ADV Ride this Sunday, (1 Aug) from Laurelville, OH. Village Cafe, meet for B-Fest at 9am and topped off ready to ride NLT 10am. This will take in some of the dirty stuff we all have done in the area, roads with names like Election, Sams creek, Pleasant ridge, Pole ridge down to Hamden, Lake hope-Hock Hills and return. You know the drill. all welcome. This route I created back in 2014 from the Baby Burr and Hanging Rock stuff so we may have some rode close / reroutes/ back tracks. Even thou I am starting to develop a "Biden" memory thing I kinda know my way around these parts. We shall see. PS: "My Butt's been Wiped"
  4. Shhhh! Keep "Big Pine" on the down low. Nothing to see here just stay on the numbered roads.😋
  5. Well done. Now that is family fun.
  6. Attention in the break room. 🙂 Route 329 from Glouster to Amesville to Stewert, Ohio has fresh Chip & Sealer on the surface. It will take a month to get road worthy. (IMHO)☹️
  7. Marc, I am available that week to assist you in your riding enjoyment of the Hock. I have weekend routes and weekday routes around the area with less tourist traffic. Great breakfast meet-up points are: 1. http://unionstreetdiner.com/ 2. Pearl's diner 12900 OH-664 Scenic B7, Logan, OH 43138 3. Bob evens 12930 OH-664 S, Logan, OH 43138 4. Hocking Hills Diner 2217 E Front St, Logan, OH 43138 I can lead-follow or provide you with gpx tracks Let me know what you would like. Sample https://youtu.be/KeuedKJyRV8 https://youtu.be/wEM5F0O3d4o https://youtu.be/P6n8JM6FuLk
  8. Welcome to the Asylum Greg, Hope to meet and ride with you sometime. Check out the upcoming Sport Touring event nearby: http://flybyweek.com/
  9. Suzuki GSX-S1000T Confirmed In Approval Documents Touring-oriented, faired version of new GSX-S1000 to be launched soon.
  10. Busted out of Hocking Hills at 9am in a NE direction on curvy back roads with little traffic. Slipped under New Lexington on secondary roads while turning more north passing Crooksville and Roseville turning up to the river crossing at Philo then thru Chandlersville to our coffee stop in New Concord (Chapmans Coffee). Fueled up and headed south on 83 picking up 313 east around Senecaville Lake to 800 south thru Woodsfield jumping on 255 to our lunch spot in Sardis, Marv’s place. To our surprise it was closed. The man living next door stated that they closed last week, unable to find workers. So hungry and disappointed we jammed down the shoreline to FLY, (Riverview Diner) Lunch sucked but we were at the Ferry so across the river into Sisterville for a trip back north to the bridge at New Martinsville/Hannibal. After crossing back into Ohio we jumped on 536 to 78 and Blasted 78 home to the HOCK. Just under 300miles for the day of great asphalt roads and very little traffic.
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