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  1. ROAR 2017 / Not so Epic Fall Ride

    I escorted Doc to Hocking Hills after skipping the meal in Caldwell. I Hope he made it to his destination, He seem tired. I went to dinner later and could have sworn I saw Doc with a pack of Harley Pirates at a local watering hole. He had a Vest on with "Property of Neil Ubich" and his new biker name on the front was "Love Doctor" I hope he comes back to us soon. I would hate to see him operating a Aid Station at Sturgis next year.
  2. ROAR 2017 / Not so Epic Fall Ride

    Hi Riden, I enjoyed our 536 dance of the Z's with you. Nothing happened on 78 just riding a un-faired Z1k standard with a strong headwind can wear this old man out, a little.
  3. ROAR 2017 / Not so Epic Fall Ride

    Great day. Thanks for putting up with me Durk&TreeFime. I had so much fun. it was nice to meet so many riders. Also thanks to Derek for the highway upper body workout on 78. You are my personal highway strength trainer. Doc, I enjoyed the ride home to the Hock. Got home splashed water on my face and drove the wife to Lancaster for dinner in the car like a madman. my sense of speed was still on 78.
  4. ROAR 2017 / Not so Epic Fall Ride

    Last time I lead a ride I guided Jschaf down some unexpected route diversions to include a small water crossing and farm animals. Old people get misplaced often when they decide to disconnect from what is now considered normal life. I just can't get this "Maps-to-GPS" thingy to xfer correctly.
  5. What did you do to your bike today?

    Took a spin around my neighborhood in the Hock area. 328,56,278,691,595,93 all wet this am but many have grass and dirt from the ROW mowing that's getting completed before the fall deadline. this should be washed off for the week end and will open up the roads a little. Derek's corner at 56/356 is not finished yet but they are working on it. again I asked for more run off and sand traps but they just looked at me with that bent head tilt look. 52 sec clip of intersection.
  6. ROAR 2017 / Not so Epic Fall Ride

    I know, it's been seven day's and I'm gnawing at the bit. Let's get this party started Now!
  7. What did you do to your bike today?

    Will there still be Donuts at the fall "Not so Epic ride" now? Get well soon Jim.
  8. ROAR 2017 / Not so Epic Fall Ride

    Weather permitting I should be able to make this Roar... B.
  9. We completed a road survey of Ohio 255 and it feels fine. As was stated it has a nice rhythm and flow to it. Ohio 255 Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEjJYabkgCM&t=6s
  10. Not going to make it over there today. Wife grounded me.
  11. What did you do to your bike today?

    I chased a Jschaf all around SEO. (Video )OH. 536
  12. Great day ride today chasing Jschaf. Made it home safe, 350miles,6hrs. Video in editing.
  13. Jim, I will be riding the V-Strom, in case you would like to try it out for a bit. What time is coffee and a BM.