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  1. Ricer1 in trouble

    Hope I get to meet this amazing gentlemen sometime. Well done sir.
  2. Please advise me on what bike to buy.

    Brand new bike for "demon releasing 500 mile street rides," Jim is not that young anymore. It better come with a family size tube of Preparation H "with mint cooling gel" and can of Icy Hot Pain Relieving Balm. There comes a time.
  3. Please advise me on what bike to buy.

    Jim, Anything you ride is trackable. At your age I think that a Liter plus Adventure bike may increase your fun factor with the additional roads and trails that are open to you on adv's.
  4. Tonik needs sporty tires!!

    The real issue is how are you going to carry a few boxes of donuts on the new ride. I want to see your top case off the cruiser on the FZ.
  5. Tonik needs sporty tires!!

    Required Speed for tire Suggestions. I want to suggest we adopt a format for Tire proposals: (I'm using a modified @DerekClouser off idle Throttle Video) All tire suggestions should say a couple things, average weight of motorcycle, estimated duration of tread life, maximum lean angle, and reviewers normal riding speed, road conditions and Lat & Long for gobal warming effect.
  6. Tonik needs sporty tires!!

    Sport Touring on my Z1K . I did the Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact tires, nice but did not last long. Now I am enjoying the Angel GT's , Extremely happy but I am old and my riding style could be considered very slow and lethargic. B.
  7. Cbus Lunch Meetup 7/15?

    City Barbecue, recommend
  8. Great choice Dan. I had big fun on my dr650 rental in june. I was impressed with the versatility and fun factor. Huge aftermarket and great avilableity.
  9. Rpt: Trip with the Mrs.

    Great but I am installing a set of MRA universal M/C Windshield Mount Kit to keep the upper half from moving around at speed. Here is the rest of my set-up
  10. Rpt: Trip with the Mrs.

    Make sure you haul in your beer/wine. no-joy at the restaurants in town. The inn has a back patio for relaxing and tipping a few back.
  11. Well it was that time again to take the Wife on a multiple day ride with camping and small town shopping on the menu. I needed to visit my old Boss from my days in Virginia who retired in the Fredericksburg, VA. area and we also wanted to stay at the Big Lyn Lodge in Little Switzerland, NC. I wanted to return to my 80-90’s version of sport touring on the Z1K with Tank Bag and Tail Pack with sleeping bag on top. I loaded the tent and camping crap on the Wife’s Spyder to keep things even. Day one we road 33 out of Ohio to Elkins, WV. and continued into the area of Harrisonburg, VA. We then jumped on 211E an old favorite on mine by late afternoon. We were going to camp in Luray, VA. where we use to back in our Virginia days but I talked her into a Hotel in New Market since we were running behind scheduled and so we could be fresh the next day when visiting friends. Day two started with a great breakfast in Luray we pushed on to an area just west of Fredericksburg. We spent the day visiting so by the time we got back on the road heading SW to pick up the BRP it was too late to camp so we hit a Holliday Inn with a Bar/Restaurant in Staunton, VA. All backroads in the foothills provider great riding but at a pace well below what I consider sport touring. Wife’s speed parameters are as listed: Interstate/Divided HW- 10 over, No higher than 75. All others: at or 5 over. Curves 10 below posted recommended. Day three was a southbound on the BRP day. With the day time high temps the upper elevation was a blessing topped off with the standard BRP views. My wife loved the parkway pace and low weekday traffic. I on the other hand came up with a fun event I call. “Hitting the Chicane” Once I checked the overlook turn off asphalt surface conditions I started hitting them at speed as one should when they are empty of cars and people. We got off the BRP at Meadows of Dan and proceeded to Willville M/C Campground. The Wife checked the restroom/shower facilities and gave it thumbs down. So it was back north on the BRP a few miles to Tuggles Gap Restr/motel that was full. They recommended Hotel Floyd just down the road a piece in Floyd, VA. Great place, Neat town with a lot of (Earthy’s) ?? Clean Hotel with a Blue Grass Band playing in the hotel court yard. Great restaurant across the street called the Dogtown Roadhouse with a huge stage for live bands. It was Thursday night so we enjoyed the BG Band at the hotel. A great little town to stay in on motorcycle road trips. Day four started on a fun road 221 out of Floyd to 211S into NC and up the mountain to Little Switzerland, NC. We hit the Diamondback route and finished at the Big Lyn Lodge in Little Switzerland for the evening. A fantastic Dinner and breakfast included with the room and beautiful views of the Blue Ridge. Day five started with a forecast of rain and thunderstorm in the NC./TN area we were heading so we decided to head home on back roads with an overnight at the Old Clark Inn in Marlinton,Wva. This put us on WVa. 219 one of my favorite roads for riding with the Wife on day six returning home with just under 1500 miles. Mission Accomplished: The Z1K did just fine in the sport touring mode with the little few little modifications. Wife was happy but could have used a few more walks thru towns window shopping with me and less riding each day. No video’s just a few pic’s. The End. B.
  12. NEO custom ECU Tuners?

    I have used Ivan for this type of work on two bikes. Great service. http://www.ivansperformanceproducts.com/ecu.htm
  13. What did you do to your bike today?

    Changed the rear tire on my wife's Spyder in preparation for our trip tomorrow. I was unable to mount the new tire with my No-Mar changer, not enough ass. Took it to a local shop "Big Dogs" $20.00 and I was good to go. What a pain in the ass it is working on the Can Am Spyder. Not friendly. 9mm, 13mm,15mm, 18mm UN-Common Canadian Hardware sizes. WTF. And the Tamper-Proof TORX . I hate this machine. I wish Honda would hurry up with the Neowing. https://www.asphaltandrubber.com/bikes/honda-neowing-hybrid-leaning-three-wheeler/
  14. Suggestion: Require Speeds for rides?

    Yes, I have seen the cheat sheet you speak of. How about when your taking a break during a ride and he starts talking about the Coriolis Effect on our motorcycles moving due north or due south and the reciprocating mass of a inline four engine effect on what fuel pump location you should pick at the speedway gas station in Marietta. I miss you Jim. B.