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  1. I will ride my DL1000 V-Strom. It's getting harder and harder to find riders with my grumpy old man pain in the ass disposition that like to rip gravel, catch air on the chip/seal back roads and blast the asphalt connectors on Adventure Rides. So I may just sell the Z1K and re-mod the Strom into a sport tour-ish old man bike to ride around with my Hemorrhoid face. If you remember my first ride with you was on the Strom. Jim was leading. PS: I miss Jim's rides. https://youtu.be/C_lXMqHkPrw https://youtu.be/AHtZPBA4t4o
  2. You are there. My Z1000 awaits your call. This will help you transition onto a ADV bike down the road. I went 25 years with (Clip-On's & Rear Sets) then I got married at 47yo in 2004 with a new (sit up, bark like a dog V-Strom) and never went back. I did miss the inline four motor and picked up the 2013 Z1000 for kicks and had to raise the bars, lower the pegs and get a gel seat. I think I am ready to will the Z to you for a good price.
  3. I tried this and the board turned/rolled over???? What air pressure should I be running for this exercise.
  4. 😉 1. Add Preloaded. 2. Try pushing your fat ass away from the dinner table a little earlier😅
  5. It has been located and secured, thanks for the aleart response. 😀
  6. If you should see it: I left my blue Kodak Easy share camera on the walkway post facing the Rinard Covered Bridge on OH26 outside of Marietta yesterday late afternoon. I was so happy I was able to get back to my bike in 10sec for the timer shot and got my bike off the bridge and drove away like a old man and forgot it. Should have a nice shot of my V-Strom and my friends Yamahe wr250. I was being rushed.
  7. B-Mac

    3Day OH-WV-PA Loop ride

    Yes, You are so right. A little bumpy coming out of Parkersburg but clears up to a great ride thru the cool little town along the way to connect to 119/33 Next time you have that Motard over around Seneca Rocks 33/28 search out "smoke hole road" it off 28 and go's down to 220 on the back side of the rock. It's made for fun when dry but it's getting leaves now that it's that time of year. 28/250/220 are fun also.
  8. B-Mac

    Tuesday 10-8-19 any one planning to ride?

    I just finished a road trip on the Z1K and am heading out for a Tue-Wed possible Thur. overnight Adventure Ride on the V. With this rain all the dust will be low and gravel will be just right for hooligan power slides. I missed you again Doc.😪
  9. B-Mac

    3Day OH-WV-PA Loop ride

    Enjoyed a nice early fall ride with the wife in tow. 717 miles total. we hit of the back roads that are not well known with names like "Frog Hollow" Rt. 72 out of Parsons follows the Cheat river north up to Albright and then 72 is nice to continue north. Great Coffee and Bake goods at the Fuel Coffee Shop, (100 Farmington-Ohiopyle Rd, Farmington, PA 15437) WV-PA Oct 2019_0020_Moment by WV-PA Oct 2019_0020 by WV-PA Oct 2019_0037 by
  10. B-Mac

    Live to ride...Ride to eat

    I think The wife and I may have passed you. We road east on 47-119 in Linn-Weston and then 48 to elkins 250 south and so on to the east. Overnighting and back north on Sat. into PA. And home on Monday. Green law z1k and a white spyder in tow. What a great day.
  11. B-Mac

    Mental Health Weekend

    I would have thought that Tonik would have staid at the high class "Martha Washington Inn & Spa" with his Honda Gold Lodging Card. I stay in Abingdon, VA. when I ride the Mid Atlantic Back Road discovery route that starts in Damascus, VA. Nice area.
  12. We have been looking hard at Marysville, TN. For the last few years.
  13. B-Mac

    Sat 10-5-19 ride?

    ☹️Can't make it Doc. Wife and I will be riding southbound on the Blue Ridge and east into VA. The weather looks great.
  14. I will hit 62 in Jan. I knocked everything off my bedroom dresser trying to put my underwear on standing up one leg at a time. It was a nice save thou. I did not hit the floor. Picking shit up off the floor was not the best way to start the day.
  15. B-Mac

    Which oil?

    This is more for big touring rig's Butt Eze Anal Desensitizing Lubricant W-hemp Seed Oil