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  1. B-Mac

    Ride videos getting started.

    This 5.4.3 auto update screwed up my windows 10 system. I need the older Virb Edit 4.2.3 or maybe the older Virb 270. It may be my laptop with only 6GB ram. I am not up on this shit. enjoy your Virb's I will be selling both my cameras.
  2. B-Mac

    Ride videos getting started.

    What version VIRB Edit software are you using? Or another program perhaps? Thanks.
  3. B-Mac

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

    LiveLeaks.com posted That out of work strippers out in the west have started a food delivery service called, Boober Eat's
  4. B-Mac

    What did you do to your bike today?

    when it's my turn to follow the Spyder one must find a wake-up exercise to pass the time.😀
  5. B-Mac

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Yesterday: Completed a great curvy back-road Street-ride with the wife down to the river at Portsmouth. Lot of roadway debris along the route with some wind provided a little spring training in avoidance. Just over 200 MI. http://www.supportraven23.com/
  6. B-Mac

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Had a mellow ADV ride yesterday with three from AIO. Ran into Pauly at the Bucket. Finished the day with 7hrs and 200 MI. Bremen--555diner--Stockport--M.Bucket--Blue Rock.
  7. B-Mac

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

    I am really enjoying this thread during the downtime. Keep up the good work.
  8. B-Mac

    Mar. 24/25 ADV Ride Hocking

    I am not personally familiar with Ank 3's. I did run Metzeler Tourance 90/10's for 10 years and I would say yes to a 90/10 tire for this. The roads are all Gravel, Chip/Seal and Asphalt. There are no Hero/Challenge or Hard section scheduled on a open to all ride. If we run into a flood/washout or rutted section we will stop and take a look. No one needs a trip to the ER during this time of the year. I have dismounted and walked my bike thru unknown shit a few times alone on occasion. No worries, No Judgment.There are many bail out points on the route and easy detours that can be used. Everyone is welcome to sign off and head home at any time. The folks that normally show up on my rides are very helpful and patient. Think about it, Your call. There will be more Dry day's ahead with DUST.
  9. B-Mac

    Mar. 24/25 ADV Ride Hocking

    Change of plans; Outdoor Activity Adventure March 26 Thursday IAW OH. State Wuhan ltr. I will be traveling on back road gravel avoiding towns, villages and all human gathering areas. I will only emerge from the outback to refuel my vehicle that I use only for transportation to my outdoor activity that will consist of photography, forest observation and communing with nature....at sp__d. I will pack my own lunch to be enjoyed in the outdoors with the animals. My Protective gear will consist of all-weather suite with gloves and over the ankle boots. I will have a protective headgear with a face shield/mouth guard. I will maintain a minimum 6ft distance to all humans. I will start my Outdoor Adventure from Bremen, Ohio at the (One Stop Crossing gas station at Hwy. 664/37. 10AM! Transportation side stands up at 10:15ish. ADV-ers welcome Pauly, this is a good beginner friendly ride. Route: Bremen-Corning 155/13—Chesterhill 555—(decision) 1. Loop around Wayne National Forrest (Monday creek) 2. South to Coolville-Rtn. to the North on new route to Musky-Bremen 3. North to Stockport-Musky-Blue Rock SP.-Bremen. 4. North on TOT#04
  10. B-Mac

    Mar. 24/25 ADV Ride Hocking

    Here is much of the route that we will be riding for your reference. https://youtu.be/aHpA_Kstt2A
  11. B-Mac

    Mar. 24/25 ADV Ride Hocking

    Normally, I would say yes, 90/10 tire doable when dry but with all of this rain we have been having and the increased 4wd vehicle traffic rutting up the two track roads it may be somewhat difficult in some dirtier sections. I have not been out on the back-roads yet this year so could be some winter wash outs also. As soon as this weather dry's up I am happy to post up some ride's that you will be able to enjoy and build on your ADV style. The Trans Ohio Trail route is very big bike beginner friendly and the section above I70 are in areas that you have most likely blasted thru on the street. Also June 7th. check this ADV ride out: http://hockingvalleymc.com/ Great way to find routes and build on skills.Your high level of Street Skills will transfer with a few tweaks and you will be enjoying even more back roads in the great mid west Motorcycle area. Stay Tune my friend. https://advrider.com/f/threads/the-un-official-trans-ohio-trail-tot-thread.1432028/
  12. Might try to do a mid day ADV loop around the area on this Tue or Wed. looks warm with slight chance of rain. Will stay east of SR33 due to flooding. one stop crossing at 664/37 Bremen, OH is a good start with fuel. 120-150 mile, mixed gravel, Chip/seal, asphalt. Big Bike friendly. Must get out and ride before the GOV orders us to stay home or else!!!
  13. B-Mac

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

    Wife and I are Sheltering in place. ☹️
  14. B-Mac

    What did you do to your bike today?

    My first set of Modifications to my Z1K was Ivan ECU reflash and two sets of maps for my PC.V. one for all out power and my old man midrange setting that I use.