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  1. Maybe.........District of Columbia V. Heller?? Just "spit balling" here.😯
  2. Not following any route. Just using my compass for direction and going left or right at each opportunity to make my way to a predetermined location. If the road looks good for my current bike set up, I take it, If not I go to the next turn in the direction I am heading to the next point with a final overnight spot with hotel,food,shower,drink's and a pool.
  3. Cleaning Bike from trip. 918 miles. 17hrs. of riding time in three days.
  4. Prepping Bike, Gear for 5 day's of riding the Monongahela National Forest and foothills of the Blue Ridge area.
  5. Sorry, I did not read the instructions. HMFIC, please remove my post and I will go back in my room.
  6. This is the best I can do. Honda NSR 250 will be fine for the track.
  7. Finished a great 3 day R&R at Seven Springs resort, PA. Road 78 both ways to the river, Crossed at Moundsville. Great roads around the Laurel highland area and the food/activities at the outdoor resort. 680 miles total with the wife in tow on the Spyder.
  8. Wife and I made it 250 miles to Seven Springs, PA. For two days of R&R. Great day for riding. Made it to my coffee stop at the intersection of pa40 and Farmington rd. (Fuel coffee works) more. Later
  9. B-Mac

    Dragon shortcut

    There are plenty of pull off on the Dragon for drivers to pull off momentarily to allow bikes/cars to pass. And please ask her to signal and use the pull offs and she will be thanked by all riders. Trucks for the most part stay away but you never know when some dumb shit that fails to read the truck warning signs and proceeds thru. Tell her to enjoy and talk smack about how she tamed the 129 Dragon!!😃
  10. Blue Ridge, GA. and Helen, GA. are nice food break stops.
  11. Here are some of my street gpx routes. They might get you down that way. Enjoy😀 2019 Street deals_gap_-_suches_loop (1).gpx 2019 Street Iron Horse-nc-ga-sc-loop (1).gpx
  12. Welcome to the asylum. Great choice of bike. Just in time for the fall riding season. Hope to meet you on a ride. B.
  13. B-Mac

    GROM ADV Build

    Thouse are all great bikes and I have ridden all of them. I must proceed with caution. The Mrs is 63yo and has a 29inch inseam. She road two wheels 89-2010. three wheel spyders 2010- now. I have a friend tellico plains that has two Monkey's to play with on the dirt roads when he is not jamming his Husky 701. He said the erogo's on the monkey is better suited for off road than the Grom. We are going to the Honda dealer and check out both and see what feels good to her. I can make anything work, I just need to get her head into my plan of attack, She's retired Air Force and that's a constant mind fuck for me, Army man. I will keep up-date's as we move on slowly.
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