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  1. That is a great stretch of road to work on your road-craft in my opinion. It has blind hills & corners with plenty of road surface hazards from the farmers working hard each day sharing the road. It will work all of your senses to include the sphincter when you have a moment or too. I try to start my season with a few trips on it but with that being said there are many great roads around this area.
  2. Ohio 555 08.07.2020 Section: Ringold to Chesterhill. Mark (MSerfozo) and myself did a 280 mile lunch ride SE Ohio from Hocking Hills and I was finally able to get on the new asphalt section of 555.
  3. We were thinking of you and felt that if we dined at the Arby's in Caldwell the route would have more meaning. Nothing like a French Dip GUT Bomb for the ride home.😁
  4. Mark, Thank you for riding along. I had a great time. That was my first 2020 epic lap of the year and it was great scratching around on the Zzzz. You are a great rider and I hope we can ride again soon. I got a video in editing of the new section of 555, (Ringold-Chesterhill). Route: 78E-555S-676E-26E-260E-7N-800N-26W-537N-565-564-78W-669-555-bla bla bla back to 33N. Lunch at ARBY's
  5. I am a go for launch, Haven't herd from Hover (ShredTheTag) So I guess we will skip the Corning stop.
  6. Yes, 😀 08/06/2020 Thursday 0930, 9:30AM..... I will be on a green Kaw Z1000. Most likely eating a crispy cream donuts or two, three...
  7. Mark, How about the Speedway gas station 175 S Mulberry St, Logan, OH 43138, 0930 and we can head to John's place, (105 11th St, Corning, OH 43730) to meet Mark at 10 am. or if we don't get a ride conformation from Mark we can just head out from Logan.
  8. I normal go from Logan area 93N to New Straitsville-- Jump on 216 at Begley's campground to Murray city then 78 to Glouster and turn south on 555 at Ringold. If you are coming down from Newark on 13 then at New Straitsville I can go thru the ghost town of Shawnee, hit 155 to Corning and meet at (Johns Place, gas station ) SR13&Main. I am 30min from Corning and Newark is just under a hour. Is 10am at John's place, (105 11th St, Corning, OH 43730) OK for a meet?? I am flexible, Let me know what will work for you all.
  9. Wife just informed me of a prior conflicting engagment. I am out till fall season. 😞
  10. You don't have a set of sticky street tires and rim's ready to slap on and go asphalt touring? Pauly, come on, You ride a BMW now$$$$$$$$😀
  11. I am free and willing to tag along If you would like a wing man. I am low maintenance and know the area well. PM me. It's your call. if not than stay safe and do a ride report and have fun. Just off ohio 33S Logan.
  12. That would be nice, I could meet you at the Marathon Gas Station: 383 W Riverside Dr, McConnelsville, OH 43756 and Jump back west and do the new section of 555 to Chesterhill then 676-26-260-7. or north to 255. return,Woodfield-Caldwell-McConnelsville-bla-bla. Will we have to eat at Arby's 😁
  13. Just planning ahead. I am not able to edit post after one minute. August 7th 2020 is my schedualed ride if anyone in the route area wants to ride.
  14. The forecast looks great for a weekday blast from Hocking Hills over to Marv's Place 37143 Muskingum Street, Sardis, Ohio 43946. for lunch and return . Run 78 east to Ringgold and hit the new asphalt on 555 to Chesterhill then 676-26-260-7. or north to 255. return,Woodfield-Caldwell-McConnelsville-bla-bla-Hock-Home. Is 536&800 open and repaired? A Lively Pace is necessary and needed.😜
  15. I enjoy the night trail on the V-Strom but I don't do a lot of night street like I use too back in the 70's-90's. I used to have driving lights on all of my street rides and had them aimed left to right and right to left at about 25ft out front crossover for the cornering at night. Crap Video, Last half is faster stuff.
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