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  1. Welcome to the asylum Bob. Would like to see some photo's of the GS. I am down south and ride mainly below I-70 so post up if you are down this way.
  2. It's Gost Rider from 2014 Fall Epic that tried to bait us in the fast group on route 56 in the Hocking region. He was quickly intercepted by our ride comander.
  3. This will ALL be taken care of by Susan Rice, heading up the Domestic Policy Council with DNI, DHS, FBI support. The NEW threat "Domestic Extremism" To identify all the domestic terrorism threats, quantify the risks, develop a plan to disrupt and follow through on that plan with multiple agencies working in concert. America, "It's over Johnny" RIDE SAFE! Com. Goals.pdf
  4. F... Yeah, Sounds like a spring Epic ride in the making. I knew you would come back Derek. I'll sweep with video.
  5. Do I have to listen to that music at fuel stop?
  6. Still hanging in the overhead closet. FOR SALE!! New Price Lightly used! one season. purchased 7/8/2015 ($$ GORE-TEX $$) Listen to what Anthony say's about this top of the line pairing. REV'IT! Poseidon GTX Jacket, Gore-Tex Size: 2XL Color: Light Grey/Black new $899.99 -35% used price $250.00 +ship Rev-It Size: 2XL Jacket Chest 44.5-46.5 Waist 40.6-43.3 REV'IT! Poseidon GTX Pants, Gore-Tex Size: 2XL (Short) Color: Black New $629.99 30% off used price $200.00+ship Rev-It Size: 2XL short Pants Waist 40.6-43.3 Hip 45.3-47.2 Inseam 33.1-34.3 note:Inseam for Short sizes are 2" shorter than the regular sizes. Get your tape measure out and start counting coinage from your Stimulus Check Moto-Mac https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsBAaDfZkbxULiV3c5MohnA/videos?view=0&sort=da&flow=grid
  7. Raven 23 team members pardoned. Long time comming. Thank You. President Trump.
  8. O, and I go with steel Sprockets. Sunstar Steel OE Replacement Motorcycle Sprocket RK 525 GXW XW-Ring Chain
  9. Winter Teardown? WTF. 😕 thats not till late Jan/Feb. Getting ready to truck down and ride the Taladadga National Forest region for two days. Gravel, Skinny asphalt with great overlooks of the region on the V-Strom. Next week end is primary unless more testicial tightening restriction are implmented.
  10. Yes, It's a "must have" for the wife. You can buy one and install it on other brands.
  11. I had a Givi V46 with pad on my 04 and it was great. The E55 is a huge "Dead Hooker Box" and it may have a crosswind component on the open road.
  12. Close call with Hunter in truck around a blind corner on a Forest Service road. He and the Dog look at me like I should NOT be on the road. https://youtu.be/jJiQ2NJKQeU
  13. B-Mac

    New to me bike

    Well done. Very nice. Congrats. Trade in your tail pack for a duffel bag now so I will recognize you.
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