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  1. Enduro upgrade!

    Very Nice Bike, Hope to see you out scratching the adventure back roads with us. I rented a dr650 down in Townsend, TN. and road the SM500 3day's had a blast.
  2. heated grips

    I have had the Symtec, Oxford and OEM heated grips and love them all, Cant do without. But the new heated seat is the bomb. As you can see with out the heat my body core temp fall to the "freezing my ass off" with a serious turtle situation. When you have a heated seat things become normal. Without Heat: With Heated Seat:
  3. bike WTB. Motorcycle pull behind trailer

    Justin, Thank you for the info. You are right. there are many nice new trailers out on the market just looking for a used one for her to try it out on our trip out west. My bad. I should have stated Looking for a USED small M/C pull behind trailer.
  4. Looking for a small M/C pull behind trailer for my wife's Can Am Spyder. Hard time finding a used one. The new Can Am trailers are high dollar. I have seen the small diamond plate ones that look nice. Please PM me if you have info, Thanks brian
  5. What did you do to your bike today?

    When I remove rotors from the wheel I take a punch and give each fastener a solid tap with the ball peen hammer to shock the lock tight or corrosion on older equipment. This helps them back out much easier. (YMMV) Great looking Dog, bye the way.
  6. Once again the start of the 2018 Adventure & Off-Road season starts down in Tennessee. Some of the best riding for ADV Bikes and Off-Road single track. The on-site field events are fun as well. Looks like there are about 6-8 Adv-Ohio folks going down for some fun. I know we have the O.R. street epic trip but this is for the up and coming ADV riders that are lurking here with one foot in the door. Training classes available at this event. Also, bike rental from https://gsmmotorent.com/ Plenty of videos on youtube. Here is the link. http://www.marchmotomadness.com/index.htm
  7. Out, truck maintenance kicked my butt. Need more yoga.
  8. What did you do to your bike today?

    2006: 220K care free miles.
  9. What did you do to your bike today?

    Moved the motorcycles over to the other side of the garage so I can replace the timing belt and assorted components for the second time on my Honda Ridgeline.
  10. What did you do to your bike today?

    Today the Wife suggested that the Driveway needed to be cleared of snow. I went outside to the garage and got sidetracked. The driveway can wait, It's getting warmer anyway. P.S. I finally found a usage for the nanny Traction Control option, Playing in the snow. Also my Epic Ride Hoodie with no writing on the front.
  11. Nice report Brian. You road over many of my old stomping grounds when I lived in El Paso, TX. and Scottsdale, AZ. As much as Craig likes Peggy sue pie's here in Ohio I can't believe you missed PieTown, AZ. on 60W out of 191 Springerville. This report brought back many memories for me. thanks.
  12. It's Time.....

    Let’s be clear. When you blew by me at M.R.T. I got caught in your wake turbulence that pulled me along at a higher speed than I normally go. It’s best to just ride out the tail wind vortices and wait for a stop sign or something to calm things down. It’s all about the Coriolis Effect, Your Honor……. P.S. I turn 60 this month so as a certified Old Fart I will be slowing down and smelling the roses.
  13. It's Time.....

    Give me a shout when the weather breaks. I'm just up the road in the Hock. I have a naked analog Kawa Zik and would be happy to ride rear guard for ya.
  14. It's Time.....

    Yamaha WR250 or Honda AT
  15. Wtf is this

    Speaking of front ends. Yamaha is forward looking. Remember this 93-94 Yamaha GTS-1000 I came close to getting one but got the FZR1000