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  1. B-Mac

    Posting rides these days?

    That is a long way for you to travel. We can also jump over into WV/PA at New Martinsville and do a loop and back into Ohio. I road east out of Proctor,WV on hwy. 89 Protctor Creek road last Sat. with the Wife and I can assure you that this would be fun at speed. Them 250 down to 7 west back to New Martinsville bridge is a thought.
  2. B-Mac

    Posting rides these days?

    Let's keep an eye on weather for next Friday and revisit this plan of attack first of the week. I will look at the road conditions.
  3. B-Mac

    Posting rides these days?

    No, next week Mon & Fri.
  4. B-Mac

    Posting rides these days?

    We still got time for another Ride!
  5. B-Mac

    Posting rides these days?

    My French Dip was nostalgic in nature and brought back memories of the 80's for me. Like this Video, Yes it's real.
  6. B-Mac

    Posting rides these days?

    Big Thanks to DerekClouser for allowing me in his group recon ride, sight unseen back in 12April14 and on a few other of his posted rides. Jim Jschaf for vouching me in the fast group on my first epic ride and 5 or 6 other posted rides. Rick Durk for posting rides now that Jim has taken a pause from riding has become my go-to member to jump in with although his Lunch choices need work. Also all the rest of you OR folks I have met and enjoyed the riding and small talk during breaks. Please keep posting up rides. even thou most of my current riding is ADV stuff, I love the posted OR. Street rides.
  7. B-Mac

    2019 Rides and Pictures

    Got back Sunday evening from our two day romp in PA. 621 miles for two days. Great roads and a few sites. Crossed over at Moundsville, WV. Took Fork Ridge 17 down into PA. 891 and jumped on some of the Posted GPX routes. Overnight-ed at Sevens Springs Resort: www.7springs.com. Sunday road more of the published routes and returned thru Ohiopyle area on 381. Hit Fuel Coffee Works at 381/40 (Great Place) -40 west- Crossed at Marietta and 550 home. We were Max-ed out both day's but no regrets. Great Weather-Food-Roads. Route: https://www.laurelhighlands.org/plan/motorcycle-routes/ Somerset Scenic 6
  8. FYI If anyone is heading south thru the Hocking area down to the river Gallipolis town I found a nice flowing route. We turned south off OH56 at New Plymouth 328 down to 93 McArthur then 324-160-Wilkesville (Rt. 160 Restaurant****) 160 south-Bidwell-850S-588S into Gallipolis (Courtside Grill*****) then home 7 north past Middleport-143N-Baker short cut by-pass Albany to 681N-56 and 278 into Nelsonville. Great asphalt roads for Sport or Barge type motorbike. https://www.courtsidegallia.com/
  9. B-Mac

    OMRL 2019 Season

    You all are having way to much FUN! King Kenny, started training with the mini's back in the day According to Superbikeplanet, the three-time world champion had owned the ranch for about 35 years. What began as a practice track for Kenny and his friends and family eventually grew to become the Kenny Roberts Training Ranch. It served as a hands-on classroom for eventual championship riders like Eddie Lawson, Wayne Rainey, Kenny Roberts Jr., Rich Oliver, and Jorge Lorenzo. Roberts was still active in training professional Gran Prix riders last year, and the track saw regular use by local riders. Roberts’ dirt track training methods would also take root in Europe, where he won the first of his three consecutive titles in 1978. The Spanish site of the KR Training Ranch was adjacent to the Circuit de Catalunya, just outside Barcelona. World class competitors like Sete Gibernau and Valentino Rossi would hone their skills as teenagers on the dirt track. Eventually the advent of electronic controls such as traction control in MotoGP racing would render Roberts’ training style obsolete, but he will always stand as a pioneer in the field. In a 1999 interview, 500cc World Champion Alex Criville credited The Ranch with improving his performance on the road racing circuits. “Riding the Rotax singles at the Roberts school helped me stay calm and comfortable when the bike was sliding and helped me get the Honda NSR500 turned earlier and the power down earlier,” he said. “I was racing Mick Doohan on the same bikes, and riding dirt track helped me get on his level in spite of coming from a 125cc and 250 background.”
  10. Had a great 160mile Sunday morning ride down here around Hocking. Got some shots of Vinny a new ADV-er on his KTM 1190 and I was on my V-Strom. 100_0256 by Vin Ride 2019_0009-0 by 100_0254 by Vin Ride 2019_0009-00-11-59-417 by Vin Ride 2019_0009-00-00-25-775 by
  11. B-Mac

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Sounds like someone needs a Adventure bike!
  12. B-Mac

    Tusday 07--23-19 Ride?

    A Great no traffic 210 mile ride today. From the Hock, down to Amesville on 329 (road repair ongoing) up to Muskie on back roads. and then to Chapmen's Coffee shop in New Concord Via Chandlersville 313/83. Return thru Blue rock Forrest to Gaysport, old river rd, to 669 to 555 and back roads home. 669 is packed down and ride worthy. 100_0248 by 100_0249 by
  13. B-Mac

    Tusday 07--23-19 Ride?

    We like Variable Surfaces, Fresh Chipseal is fun. 7..15..2019 ADV Stuff by Also skinny back road stuff:
  14. B-Mac

    Tusday 07--23-19 Ride?

    Doc, I am happy to meet you in New Concord around 12:30 to explore some roads down south.let me know the meet spot. I will gladly follow you wherever you wish. I will send you my numbers in a PM.(you may have them) I will not leave home till about 9-10 so you can up date me here. Or when it's close to 12:30 call/or tex. Brian
  15. B-Mac

    Tusday 07--23-19 Ride?

    Cool beans. I will keep a eye on weather.