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  1. I just put new street skins on my Strom last week. A Appalachian back road asphalt burn could be just what the doctor ordered. Great Suggestion.
  2. You do not take papal, You have no OR office, NO more Rides or Gatherings posted to pay in cash. I thought I paid you or someone $10.00 at the McConnelsville boat landing one time to join the in crowd supporter group and I got one chocolate frosted donuts, maybe two or three. They were sooo good. I bought a Hoodie and the print was faded. I saw Pauly at the bucket a few weeks ago, I should have given him a 10 spot. You have my permission to take $10.00 out of Jacobhawkins account for my support membership. He knows I'm good for it.
  3. I wanted this post Friday 310pm removed not photo's. Can someone inform me how can someone delete a post when they are trying to edit a post and then they run out of time to do ether. Do I have to pay $$ to have this option???? Life should not be this difficult.
  4. Road yesterday with the Commander. Today, Annual service on the bug out generators. The V-Strom Brake/Clutch Fluids replaced. R/Pads also. Tires in progress, Can't make up my mind(B.Stones 90/10's) (Metzlar 80/10)(Mitas 50/50) Hate it when this happens.
  5. Looks Like a older AH1F model Snake
  6. Please remove. WTF
  7. RIP: Nicky Hayden July 30 1981-May 22 2017
  8. B-Mac


    Years ago I tried them when they first came out but I felt two restrictive. Now that I haven't aged well and need frequent urination stops I free-ball/commando on my bicycle so I just stop place my member leg down and know one can tell the difference. unless of course I am in city traffic and you are in behind me.
  9. B-Mac


    I hear ya. I have a Sargent seat but still do my Bead Rider for long days or trips.
  10. Those are Tits Man. Got to get some.
  11. B-Mac


    In ten years MotGP will be contested on 300cc motorcycle with every electronic aide imaginable to include Gryo Stability and the masses will cheer and shout "It doesn't get any better than this."
  12. Great street ride today with the wife. 188 Miles, 5hrs street time and 30min of rest. Hocking--Nelsonville--Amesville-Stewert--Coolsville---Little Hocking--Belpre- Parkersburg (Lunch, FT. Boreman Overlook) --Barlow--Watertown---Stockport--McConnelsville-- 78 Home to Hocking. Great roads and weather.
  13. As we go forward remember what a great philosopher once said about Germs and your Immune system. https://youtu.be/JSbT7JVNEU4
  14. I have a super cleen 2013 z1000 that would pe perfect for you to grow with. Not much difference in the 600vs1000. I will come to a sale decision soon.
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