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  1. I'm going to watch the race at Buffalo Wild Wings in Marysville. I'll be there at 130 if anyone cares to join. Motorcycle ride to follow, weather dependent.
  2. Holy cow, I want that FZ6. They look great naked!
  3. I think I would have purchased at least 3 of the bikes that have been mentioned already.
  4. I love the Ninja 250's. I've owned two pregen (1993 and 2003) 250's and plan on buying another in the future. For the record, I'm 6'1" and was 260 lbs when I owned them. Of the 12 bikes I've had in the last two years, they were the most fun. I've had mine up to 94 miles/hour, ridden at 70 MPH for 250 miles in one go (on a bike that wouldn't idle that I picked up for $800 the day before). I just love being able to rail on the little engines, screaming away at 14,500 rpm. My vote goes for the older generation though. The newer version is much less comfortable for taller folk in my opinion, and the engines don't rev as high!
  5. Take him up on the offer! I love them, but I'm young and naturally squishy.
  6. Yeah, my tent is only $50, I got a decent thermarest pad and a military sleeping bag. Totalled under 130. Perfect packable sizes. Man, first time in the Hocking Hills... 555 will bite you if you aren't careful!
  7. Hey all, I'm going to be getting to Burr Oak Cove campground this afternoon. It's right off of 555. Going to be spending the next two nights there, with this evening and tomorrow dedicated to riding the roads of Hocking. If anyone wants to meet up, that'd be awesome. Just comment on here and we can figure something out. I'll be on my SV1000ST, and ready for some sport riding in the area. Justin
  8. For me it was the heated grips plus the phone that sealed wanting to use the relay. The heated grips can use something like 3 amps, plus the phone's 1-2, so for a 5 amp application I felt it was enough. I am going to add another for my horn. I have a car horn installed on my bike, and through the stock wiring it gets a pitiful amount of juice.
  9. I'm going to toss out the reccomendation of wiring this all up to a relay. I used my running lights as the signal for the relay, which provides power directly from the battery for my outlet and heated grips. I wouldn't power anything though existing circuits and fuses, as that's outside the original design criteria. I get all the benefit of direct to battery wiring, with a power source that switches with the key. $5 relay.
  10. 2.slow


    Good to hear you're taking the right steps in learning... and I know you'll meet plenty of people who are as motorcycle crazy as you here (myself included). I'm just up the road in Marysville, let me know if you want to ride sometime.
  11. We shall see. There are some decent wear marks on my hub that hint what direction they go in.
  12. I've seen some good lacing videos online, so I hope that's enough to be dangerous.
  13. They should be here next Monday, so I won't get to practice again this weekend.
  14. I ordered a full set of OEM spokes for the rest wheel, so I'll be starting from ground zero.
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