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  1. Polish

    Ok, since we're on the subject...what's all the clay bar crap that seems to get hyped every now and then. My understanding was that it did a really good job of cleaning all the accumulated crap off your paint. Is that true? Are there better ways? Not that I'd ever use any of this stuff on my bike, I barely wash it...
  2. what type of snake that just ate in my garage

    Not a clear enough picture. Queensnake?
  3. Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2018

    Booked a cottage. Hopefully the Mrs. will come with me.
  4. I was about to type a long-winded dissertation of the merits of a properly set up FJR, but then I realized that I also purchased a wtf do I know about anything.
  5. New Pirelli supercorsa set $175

    I'd mount them for you if you were closer.
  6. 600cc or 1000cc for starter bikes?

    Hey, my bike/s are my primary means of transportation all year long here in northern Ohio. However, I'm no rookie. Also, I have so much invested in bikes, maintenance/upkeep, gear, etc, that it would have been much better financially to just buy a civic.
  7. New Pirelli supercorsa set $175

  8. Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2018

    Putting this on my calendar, really going to try to make it.
  9. Where to monitor oil temp from?

    I would definitely want to read the oil temp at its maximum. Coming out of the cooler will give you trend information, maybe, but won't be as useful.
  10. Electrical problem

    PM sent.
  11. Electrical problem

    Yep. The FJR guys started calling them spiders because that's what they look like. It's a metal plate with 6 legs that connect all the terminals together. Edit...I know, spiders have 8 legs, but that's what hey started calling them.
  12. Electrical problem

    I have some time this weekend to help you troubleshoot and I'm only a couple hours north. I could swing on by and we can figure it out. I'm pretty good at disassembling and reassembling a Gen II FJR.
  13. Electrical problem

    Those big connectors in your pics are not the ground connectors. The "spiders", as referred to on the FJR forums are the blocks with a bunch of wires going into them and a black cap. You can see one next to the chrome fork in your bottom picture. Take the black cap off, use needle nose pliers to pull off the "spider" (metal plate that connects all the terminals together) and clean up any corrosion. Dielectric grease and reassemble. i haven't researched this in a long time, so I couldn't tell you which of the numerous grounding "spiders" is your problem, but I'd bet a paycheck it's one of them. Very well documented on the
  14. What did you do to your bike today?

    Moved three of them around the garage so I could work on my honey do list today.
  15. What did you do to your bike today?

    Rode the FJR to work and took the long way home, along the river. After dinner, took the wife to the local ice cream place on the Ural. Good day.