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  1. Most of my type ratings are Gulfstream.
  2. Stopped in Asheville for the night. Have to get up soon to blast home, repack an overnight bag and drive to Detroilet to jump on an airline. Gotta bring one of our birds home from the service center Thursday, then fly it all day Friday. Id rather be on this thing with you guys. Have fun and be safe!
  3. Don't hate me just because I'm from Michigan

    Welcome. Sure are a lot of FJR folks hanging out here lately...
  4. I'll be in Maggie, no question about it. At least the ride is a manageable size...
  5. What did you do to your bike today?

    All back together, packed and ready for a 5am departure.
  6. What did you do to your bike today?

    Changed my oil last night and discovered my Ohlins shock is leaking. That sucks since I'm leaving tonight for pretty much the whole month on the road. I guess I'll put my old stock shock back on this afternoon before I go. That's going to suck for the gap trip.
  7. Make The Most of Every Ride

    That man was considered by the best riders in the FJR community to be a highly skilled and disciplined rider, one of the best. Knowing what I know about him, I'm inclined to believed the medical problem theory. He was also an extraordinarily nice guy.
  8. Random Thoughts thread

    See you down there!
  9. On rides like this, that's what it's for, spare gas in case somebody miscalculated. I even carry a specially made transfer hose that hooks into a quick connect behind the side panel to pump gas from that tank to another container. No worries. A few years ago when I did the Sorebuttapolooza ride, I thought it'd be aggravating to stop every 100 miles, as the route was planned. The truth is, it was refreshing and a relaxing change. I'm completely good with any kind of trip, so long as I'm on two (or three ) wheels and out of NW Ohio.
  10. Howdy

  11. Don't worry about holding me up, I'm feeling older and slower every year.
  12. Starting my Blog soon. How honest to be?

    Hang in there Dan, we're all here for you. I know the frustration of not being able to remember the details of a traumatic event. I lost a few hours back in 2001. My philosophy is that some things you're better off not remembering.
  13. Kneeling for the anthem and flag.

    I just want to know how we've turned into a country full of whiny crybabies.