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  1. PhilD'oh!

    Tonik got a new one BAN contest!

  2. PhilD'oh!

    "side hustle."

    When I got my first welder I started making portable disc golf goals. The biggest expense in those is the chains and disc golfers are very particular when it comes to that. The first couple went to my cousins (for free) and I still heard nothing but complaints that the chains were too heavy or too light. Ok, buy some chain yourself and I’ll put them on. Sheesh. However, all their friends wanted one and I couldn’t make them fast enough. Got to be too much work. Last year I welded up a front rack for my sidecar and posted it on the Ural forum. Even though I specifically stated I wasn’t interested in making or selling them, several guys still PMed me and asked. Point is, every time I post something I’ve fabricated, I’ve always gotten requests to sell more. My problem is I don’t like dealing with people, so I usually decline.
  3. PhilD'oh!

    We could totally do this.

    No (more) dead people in my side car.
  4. PhilD'oh!

    We could totally do this.

    We could probably get that many on the Ural without modification.
  5. PhilD'oh!

    Smoker's Get In Here

    Wow, that's a nice unit, but I will never be able to justify that.
  6. PhilD'oh!

    Major software upgrade

    Only forum I subscribe to that I couldn't get on.
  7. PhilD'oh!

    Major software upgrade

    I can't log in from a foreign country. WTF?
  8. PhilD'oh!

    Anybody use the new "cheap" TIG welders?

    Last weekend my son was welding thin wall titanium tube sections with my little Everlast and a Furick cup with great results. He first built a box that the tube sat on to fill the inside with argon. Pretty neat watching him, he's way more patient than I am.
  9. PhilD'oh!

    Anybody use the new "cheap" TIG welders?

    Haven't used a Vulcan, but I've had an Everlast PowerTig 185 for a year now and have been really happy with it. My understanding is that these cheap inverter machines either last the first month of use and are fine or they fry themselves in that short time. Either way, the warranty should cover it, but make sure to use it a bunch during the warranty period. The other con is that some of the components are pretty cheesy, but the reviews are pretty positive on the Vulcan. The lack of a real flow meter is one of the big downfalls, as well as the really cheap stick clamp. Otherwise, the components seem very adequate.
  10. PhilD'oh!

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Rode to Findlay and back this morning.
  11. PhilD'oh!

    Smoker's Get In Here

    Mine is a 30" Masterbuilt electric 800 watt and I've had no problem smoking anything in it. All 4 sides are insulated, so that helps. I haven't used it in the dead of winter, but I suspect it'll be fine. The key to any smoker is to minimize opening the door. I use a wireless dual probe thermometer, so at least I don't need to open it to check temperatures.
  12. PhilD'oh!

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Been in SE Asia for the last week. Got home yesterday morning and had to ride home in the 25* temps. Yikes
  13. PhilD'oh!

    2018 Goldwing

    With a few exceptions, I've gotten to the point in my life where if the wife or kids want to travel with me, we're taking a 4 wheel vehicle. I have learned that I only like to travel on 2 wheels alone (certain group rides, notwithstanding).
  14. PhilD'oh!

    22 LR ammo

    PM sent