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  1. I expanded this to include 664 out of Nelsonville heading west and then picking up 374 and dumping out to about 10 miles south of Lancaster. For anyone on the southeast side of C-bus, this is a really nice, not too technical ride in the Hocking Hills area.
  2. cptchaos

    Wife & I joined a Gang

    Lol highlighter yellow. ?
  3. cptchaos

    What did you do to your bike today?

    New grips and chain clean and lube. Also returned all the suspension settings to factory because the PO didn't say anything about them. Turns out compression on the right fork was significantly different from the left.
  4. cptchaos

    Western Ohio riders to 2018 Epic Ride

    At the Columbus meet point!
  5. cptchaos

    Western Ohio riders to 2018 Epic Ride

    I say, quite early to the party in Springfield.
  6. cptchaos

    Western Ohio riders to 2018 Epic Ride

    Unless there's a double rainout, I'll be in Springfield Sunday morning to gather the faithful!
  7. cptchaos

    Western Ohio riders to 2018 Epic Ride

    And there you have it folks, on the main thread the winner is.....McConnelsville! It's going to be a rainy week though so watch the weather and the threads for updates or info in case of a rain out.
  8. cptchaos

    What did you do to your bike today?

    And now a new muffler and servobuddy. I swear that's it ;-)
  9. cptchaos

    Made the down payment on my first new bike ever.

    Ooh you sexy bastard!
  10. cptchaos

    Western Ohio riders to 2018 Epic Ride

    Edit 1 5/7/2018: Meet point change in Springfield @DUBIE's idea to meet in the lot at Competition Accessories/Ride One Powersports is better. Rolling out of their lot is easier than the Shell station. 343 W Leffel Ln, Springfield, OH 45506 There's a Cracker Barrel, Bob Evans, and Mickey D's nearby in case you're hungry. You could also go for one of the petrified hot dogs at the gas station if you have a bit more of a devil may care streak.
  11. cptchaos

    What did you do to your bike today?

    It started with an oil change and then escalated to coolant and brake fluid ?
  12. Saturday May 19th, 2018 Greetings to all followers of the great Helmutt and Snot! It's my honor to collect you from Springfield and bring you further east on this most epic of rides day. Western Ohio meet spot will be at the Shell station on the corner of Leffel Ln and S Limestone ( Rt72). I will get there about 730am, fuel up, and be ready to roll I-70 east by 8am sharp. Shell Gas Station 2301 S. Limestone St. Springfield, OH 45505 The secondary meet point will be determined once the main thread posts info about the ride. If we're doing the McConnelsville area then it will likely be: Eastland Shell Mini Mart 2191 South Hamilton Road Columbus, OH 43232 We should be at this secondary meet point just before 9am, pending traffic. THIS WILL BE A QUICK STOP SO WE CAN MAKE THE EPIC RIDE MEET POINT ON TIME, SO PLEASE BE FUELED AND READY Plan to head back out from there no later than 9:10 to ensure we reach the Epic Ride meet point in McConnelsville by 10:30'ish am. *NEW riders & 1st time Epic Riders* This is virtually ALL slab work to wherever, so let me know if this is your first time and we'll do a quick group familiarity brief before kickstands up. The pace will be a typical 10'ish over the limit all the way there. Success tips: ATGATT for this type of ride per the main thread. That means helmet, jacket, pants, sturdy shoes, gloves. You don't have to be power ranger suited up but if you've got it you are welcome to wear it. Boy scouts are prepared and you should be too. Water, sunscreen, light/dark face shield, snacks, shield cleaner, dry cloth are all great things to stick in a pack. Hydration is important on a long day like this and will help you stay sharp! It may be cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon so thermals are nice to wear in the morning and peel off for the main event. If your significant other wants to know where you are, there are great tracking apps for your phone. I have an android and use bubbler on my phone which updates a live map at www.spotwalla.com Ride your ride, even on the ride getting there. Check this thread often for updates, see you soon!
  13. I'd be happy to escort the group from the Springfield meet point. I live in Columbus now but that's not that far away. Snot/Helmutt - would you suggest using the separate thread to advertise the Springfield particulars versus leaving it in the main thread? Derek, I'm in for the slow group and I can sweep as well.
  14. cptchaos

    What did you do to your bike today?

    13 degrees this afternoon, snow and ice on the driveway and the street. Nothing to do except clean and lube the chain! Ok I started it up and idled for a bit too, then drove it the 10 feet back into the corner of the garage. Sigh, just a few more weeks right?
  15. cptchaos

    Tire options

    Iron Pony has s20s on sale, 109 for the rear but the date code is 2012 if fresh rubber matters to you.