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  1. bikes2nv.com in Canal Winchester. The advertise a ton of options.
  2. I expanded this to include 664 out of Nelsonville heading west and then picking up 374 and dumping out to about 10 miles south of Lancaster. For anyone on the southeast side of C-bus, this is a really nice, not too technical ride in the Hocking Hills area.
  3. Lol highlighter yellow. ?
  4. New grips and chain clean and lube. Also returned all the suspension settings to factory because the PO didn't say anything about them. Turns out compression on the right fork was significantly different from the left.
  5. And now a new muffler and servobuddy. I swear that's it ;-)
  6. It started with an oil change and then escalated to coolant and brake fluid ?
  7. 13 degrees this afternoon, snow and ice on the driveway and the street. Nothing to do except clean and lube the chain! Ok I started it up and idled for a bit too, then drove it the 10 feet back into the corner of the garage. Sigh, just a few more weeks right?
  8. Iron Pony has s20s on sale, 109 for the rear but the date code is 2012 if fresh rubber matters to you.
  9. Hit the Pony yesterday and picked up a new old stock bridgestone s20 for the rear, front is good for at least two more seasons more or less. Re-installed the wheel today with my son manning the rubber mallet. Set the chain tension, clean and lube, then parked my ass on the couch for the afternoon. Found my practice cones, going to take the new tire to a parking lot nearby and scrub it in.
  10. Same here, got back from riding 374 in Hocking Hills and while I was pumping gas at the end of the ride, I saw the telltale ridges of the cords. Scooted back home and hooked up the battery tender while I figure out when to buy some new rubber.
  11. OH-374 Found this via Google because I was looking for something to practice on and what a great beginner road! Taking 33 east from pickerington, 374 is about 10 miles south of lancaster. It goes right up into Hocking hills in a shortish loop that you can either end at 33 on the southeast end via 188 or turn around and do it in reverse. For those not comfortable doing the epic ride, this is a good road to learn on I think. Out and back is about two hours.
  12. Yep, cheap foamies here too but I bought a bulk box at Fastenal. I tried the filtering style and they are pretty good too but not substantially better than foamies.
  13. Inline 4 do require a different technique for operation than injection but I had outstanding performance on my thundercat after a clean and balance. I never worried about clogs as I rode regularly and ran techron a couple times a year. Last fall I resurrected a 90s virago with carbs and once clean and balanced it was straight too. Carbs aren't bad once you know their limits and how they behave.
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