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  1. Newest idea that I'm leaning towards is gun metal grey on back half, bright to darkening red up front fading to the grey with some splatter involved?
  2. Wife wants same basic theme i have now but purple instead of the red. I was thinking grey and a bright red but want to change up the scheme on it also. I have the only sport bike in my town and there may be 3 in local area so I'm never going to blend in
  3. Havent been on here in while, work takes up too much time. Looking to paint my bike this winter but haven't decided on color(s) yet. Need some ideas
  4. Changed tires, chain, and sprockets. Waiting to see what weather is gonna do before I change oil and go ride
  5. Exactly, driver is leaving the beginning of the situation out. Although he may have been on phone or something and not realized he fkd up, he had to have done something. 4 to 5 shots fired and not one of them even hit vehicle??? Either this part is BS or the guy supposedly shooting needs to put the pistol away until he learns how to use the damned thing.
  6. No harder to clean and not noticeably warmer. Just looks better. Bugs will take come of the design off if you don't go with a single color.
  7. Gotta agree with stock. Aside from all the other issues already mentioned, it will help with resale value as well. If you get that one, don't mod it. Nothing is pretty after it hits the ground. Use the money for better gear.
  8. Buy used, will be cheaper and won't cry as much if you lay it down. Stay below 70% of your ability. Next years 70% will be this years 200%.
  9. Took 147 - 149 - 9 - 22 - 800 - 147 today. Just a quick little trip around. That was the only rough patch.
  10. Between 22 and I-70. Road had a rough winter, pot holes, ruts, and bumps everywhere. Decent for a relaxing moderate ride, but even without traffic there are much better roads for riding aggressive.
  11. Been quiet for last few years, work been getting in the way of everything. Back to the boards now though. Seems quieter around here now than I remember. Anyone near Barnesville, I'm just about always willing to ride unless working or roads are soaked.
  12. Talk to the oil company that has lease rights to the location. They are responsible for some road maintenance and very PR conscious.
  13. 147 was good. One highway patrol and couple people cutting grass were worst parts. Should have taken out to 566 but oh well
  14. Started off on 147 in bellaire. Road was actually pretty good. Clean surfaces and minimal construction work around Central City but overall was good. Then took off on 313. They sealed the cracks in the road with tar recently. Shit was slippery. Traction was minimal and turning required a bit more effort and less speed than desired. 285 between 313 and I-70 was same way. Tires hit the tar lines just right and bike was wanting to continue straight instead of where I wanted to go. Couple weeks once that stuff sets in should be good but for right now would suggest slow and easy if on those 2 roads in that area
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