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  1. F4iguy

    Random Track Talk

    I’m a pussy in the morning sessions.
  2. F4iguy

    Random Track Talk

    I just put on a set of Q4's. Never tried any Pirelli's yet. Will see how these are next track day (August?).
  3. F4iguy

    Random Track Talk

    No track this weekend- family in town. Looking at Monday or Tuesday at Mid-O weather depending.
  4. F4iguy

    What do YOU need?

    How about a 120/180 set of Q4's
  5. F4iguy

    RainX for plastics

    Been using this for years - visor and windscreen http://www.all-kleer.com/applications.html
  6. F4iguy

    NEO Dinner Monday April 22 @ 6:30PM @ Rick Roush

    Thanks John @ricer1 for putting together. Great to see everyone!
  7. F4iguy

    Random Track Talk

    Yessir. I would definitely be up for some rideshare. Let me know.
  8. F4iguy

    Random Track Talk

    No Mid O for me yet. Planning on going to NCBike first weekend in May. Anyone else?
  9. F4iguy

    Random Track Talk

    That was Nelson Ledges, right? I think I was in that one, too.
  10. F4iguy

    Outdoor cover suggestions

    Harbor Freight. I think it was about $179. I keep my trailer and a bunch of other stuff in there. I think they have a smaller one for a little less that might work well for a bike.
  11. F4iguy

    OR NEO Dinner Thursday March 28 @ 7:00PM

    I’m in. Maybe a +1 if she’s not going to be the only spouse/significant other there.😁
  12. F4iguy

    Random Track Talk

    I'll check back when it gets closer. I can't make the May Pitt weekend, so I this will get my track pipe fix.
  13. F4iguy

    Random Track Talk

    @TimTheAzn NC Bike May 4-5?
  14. F4iguy

    IMS Show Saturday, Jan 28 2019

    Did the VR thing at BDR. Very cool. Makes me want to do an ADV trip. RideBDR.com
  15. F4iguy

    IMS Show Saturday, Jan 28 2019

    Planning to be there sometime Saturday. Anyone have a coupon code?
  16. F4iguy

    OR NEO Dinner Thursday December 27 @ 7:00PM

    Would like to attend, but depends on family obligations. Following.
  17. F4iguy

    Random Track Talk

    Question for the N2 experts. I had two track days left on my 6 day package. Are they use it or lose it?
  18. F4iguy

    Random Track Talk

    I heard it's worth it!
  19. F4iguy

    Random Track Talk

    Barber in November.
  20. F4iguy

    FS: 2007 Suzuki SV650 - Track only

    Want this