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  1. Ohio Riders Unofficial Mid-Ohio Track Day 2018

    Definitely in for this.
  2. Track days for 2017 @ mid ohio

    Which one did you get?
  3. Track days for 2017 @ mid ohio

    Two of my four are twilights. They’re a pretty good deal when the sun sets after 9pm. Are you going to buy one of the N2 packages? I am debating that.
  4. What did you do to your bike today?

    Tucked in for the winter.
  5. Track days for 2017 @ mid ohio

    Ditto. Still a good deal.
  6. bike 2012 Triumph Street Triple R - $6000

    Come here and I will taunt you a second time!
  7. bike 2012 Triumph Street Triple R - $6000

    I've got some nice Q3 tires for you if you need them. Only used on the edges, so they should be fine for you.
  8. bike 2012 Triumph Street Triple R - $6000

    Seriously, you are now with bike again?
  9. Mid-O October 9th

    I am thinking about loading up and being ready to roll if it changes. Work a half a day and roll in about lunchtime and ride the afternoon sessions if the weather permits.
  10. Mid-O October 9th

    I'm doing Mid Ohio or nothing. I'll just have to wait until the last minute to take a vacation day.
  11. Mid-O October 9th

    Another one following @jacobhawkins for your viewing pleasure. Nice double pass by both of us near the beginning. When I saw it coming up, I was thinking "Jacob - go for it, I'm right behind you" and then as we are going around the keyhole and nearing the end of the turn, I was thinking "Jacob - hurry it up!!". lol. There are times when the wind noise isn't too bad, you can hear the two 675's winding up in unison. Pretty cool.
  12. Mid-O October 9th

    @jacobhawkins has aftermarket rearsets. In most cases, though, making sure you are on the balls of your feet helps. I have stock rearsets and the only time I touched a toe slider was in the carousel at PittRace.
  13. Mid-O October 9th

    Some video following @jacobhawkins and @J_Copeland on the 2cd. (Turn down the volume. Apologies for the wind noise.)
  14. Mid-O October 9th

    Garage 14.
  15. Videos from Summit

    Is that your R6? I thought you traded/sold it.