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  1. This would’ve been funny if it wasn’t for the atrocious spelling. Somebody needs to create a spellcheck for meme generators. in·ces·sant·ly /inˈsesəntlē/ Learn to pronounce adverb without interruption; constantly. "she talked about him incessantly"
  2. @jacobhawkins congrats! Puts a whole new spin on “mini-racing”.
  3. People with kids or grandkids know this is Zootopia.
  4. Shoot me some prices for a set for a 2012 Triumph Daytona 675R.
  5. If you know Rusty, he can get some of those through Motoforza if you want economical new pieces. https://www.motoforzafairings.com/front-bracket-with-airduct-set-triumph-675-daytona-2006-2012
  6. Actually @jbot is only an ex-track slut, so he is disqualified.
  7. Back on topic, finished this track year on two wheels, although there was a nasty 15 minutes of standing behind the Armco barrier and watching everyone ride by. Bike was rideable, so I rode back to the paddock. Those Daytona's crash well.
  8. Anyone going to Barber in November?
  9. I see the problem - he never gets into 6th gear.😁
  10. Anyone know a good mechanic that can do a tuneup on an 86 Shadow? Prefer Western Lake County area but not that picky. Asking for a friend.
  11. Tried to follow Nathan @Limitedslip7 for about 1/2 a lap - that didn't work out. Then @DerekClouser comes flying by me at 2:59. Still a fun day hanging out and riding.
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