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  1. Mid-O October 9th

    I am thinking about loading up and being ready to roll if it changes. Work a half a day and roll in about lunchtime and ride the afternoon sessions if the weather permits.
  2. Mid-O October 9th

    I'm doing Mid Ohio or nothing. I'll just have to wait until the last minute to take a vacation day.
  3. Mid-O October 9th

    Another one following @jacobhawkins for your viewing pleasure. Nice double pass by both of us near the beginning. When I saw it coming up, I was thinking "Jacob - go for it, I'm right behind you" and then as we are going around the keyhole and nearing the end of the turn, I was thinking "Jacob - hurry it up!!". lol. There are times when the wind noise isn't too bad, you can hear the two 675's winding up in unison. Pretty cool.
  4. Mid-O October 9th

    @jacobhawkins has aftermarket rearsets. In most cases, though, making sure you are on the balls of your feet helps. I have stock rearsets and the only time I touched a toe slider was in the carousel at PittRace.
  5. Mid-O October 9th

    Some video following @jacobhawkins and @J_Copeland on the 2cd. (Turn down the volume. Apologies for the wind noise.)
  6. Mid-O October 9th

    Garage 14.
  7. Videos from Summit

    Is that your R6? I thought you traded/sold it.
  8. Mid-O October 9th

    Ok. I'll go ahead and book it.
  9. Mid-O October 9th

    @jacobhawkins, @J_Copeland and I are going on the 2cd. You want to split a garage?
  10. Mid-O October 9th

    Signed up for the 9th. Probably going to do the 2cd as well, pending weather. I have one more cert I won't be using this year that I will sell if someone is interested in saving a few bones or clams or whatever you call them. $146.25 - same as I paid for it.
  11. Lap Timers, What do you use and why?

    I was studying up on Harry's Laptimer. They have a forum that will answer a lot of the questions on using a phone, an app, a BT GPS receiver and even a BT OBD II unit. I really want to overlay my RPMs so that I can work on corner entry and exit, optimizing the power band.
  12. My track bike conundrum.

    675rrrrrrrr foreverrrrr.
  13. Mid-O September 4th

    I am planning to be there for the Twilight on Sunday. Anyone else? Pit bitch?
  14. Mid-O October 9th

    Planning to be there.
  15. Clutch cover reinstall