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  1. In keeping with the spirit of the "cheap" aspect, I got the Arlo Pro 2 (4 camera) on sale. I think they are a few generations behind their current versions, but should have suited my needs. I'm having trouble syncing the cameras with the base station. Tried "tech support", ended up returning the first one, and still same issues with the second one. Maybe something with my router or wi-fi? I am ready to return these and spend a little more for the newest ones. Can't do a hardwire system - too difficult with my house. Any thoughts?
  2. We have a spot reserved. On the pavement in the “new” paddock area, I think. Bought the camping spot and tickets two months ago.
  3. Will be there camping all weekend with my brother and the 40 foot diesel pusher. We’re going to roll in Thursday night.
  4. Looks like running the track in reverse (CCW).
  5. This would’ve been funny if it wasn’t for the atrocious spelling. Somebody needs to create a spellcheck for meme generators. in·ces·sant·ly /inˈsesəntlē/ Learn to pronounce adverb without interruption; constantly. "she talked about him incessantly"
  6. @jacobhawkins congrats! Puts a whole new spin on “mini-racing”.
  7. People with kids or grandkids know this is Zootopia.
  8. Shoot me some prices for a set for a 2012 Triumph Daytona 675R.
  9. If you know Rusty, he can get some of those through Motoforza if you want economical new pieces. https://www.motoforzafairings.com/front-bracket-with-airduct-set-triumph-675-daytona-2006-2012
  10. Actually @jbot is only an ex-track slut, so he is disqualified.
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