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  1. F4iguy

    Random Track Talk

    Is that you riding Dan’s 675? Nice pic!
  2. F4iguy

    Anyone got Mid O Certs

    I would love to, but I will be at PittRace over the weekend. I'll probably be worn out.
  3. F4iguy

    Anyone got Mid O Certs

    Forgot to mention they are good for next season. Bought them Cyber Monday 2018. Good for two years from that date.
  4. F4iguy

    Anyone got Mid O Certs

    Got two twilight certs up for grabs if anyone on here wants them - $120 each - regular price $160 each
  5. F4iguy

    I'm Back Bitches

    FIFY - because grammar.
  6. F4iguy

    Random Track Talk

    I’ll be rolling in Saturday morning.
  7. F4iguy

    Northern Ohio Ducati Triumph

    Did I miss something? Stopped there for a latte and some Triumph love and saw this.
  8. F4iguy

    Posting rides these days?

    I didn't think Dan's was an "R". You can ride mine this weekend if you want. Forks re-freshed. New Q4's.
  9. F4iguy

    Posting rides these days?

    You need a 675R
  10. F4iguy

    Braking while leaned over.

    By standing up, you mean decreased lean angle with no other changes to inputs?
  11. F4iguy

    Motoamerica Pittsburgh

    Planning to come out with my bro’s RV. 40’ diesel pusher. Where can we park that thing?
  12. F4iguy

    What do YOU need?

    How about a PitBull TRS? I already have the pins. Thanks.
  13. F4iguy

    Random Track Talk

    I’m a pussy in the morning sessions.
  14. F4iguy

    Random Track Talk

    I just put on a set of Q4's. Never tried any Pirelli's yet. Will see how these are next track day (August?).
  15. F4iguy

    Random Track Talk

    No track this weekend- family in town. Looking at Monday or Tuesday at Mid-O weather depending.