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  1. F4iguy

    What did you do to your bike today?

    @jacobhawkins congrats! Puts a whole new spin on “mini-racing”.
  2. F4iguy

    Funny picture thread.

    People with kids or grandkids know this is Zootopia.
  3. F4iguy

    R&G Engine Case Covers

    Shoot me some prices for a set for a 2012 Triumph Daytona 675R.
  4. F4iguy

    All I needed was some parts

    Want. Need bigger garage.
  5. F4iguy

    WTB 2007 Triumph 675 parts

    If you know Rusty, he can get some of those through Motoforza if you want economical new pieces. https://www.motoforzafairings.com/front-bracket-with-airduct-set-triumph-675-daytona-2006-2012
  6. F4iguy

    Random Track Talk

    Actually @jbot is only an ex-track slut, so he is disqualified.
  7. F4iguy

    Random Track Talk

    You have more rep
  8. F4iguy

    Random Track Talk

  9. F4iguy

    Random Track Talk

    Back on topic, finished this track year on two wheels, although there was a nasty 15 minutes of standing behind the Armco barrier and watching everyone ride by. Bike was rideable, so I rode back to the paddock. Those Daytona's crash well.
  10. F4iguy

    Random Track Talk

    Anyone going to Barber in November?
  11. F4iguy

    Random Track Talk

    I see the problem - he never gets into 6th gear.😁
  12. Anyone know a good mechanic that can do a tuneup on an 86 Shadow? Prefer Western Lake County area but not that picky. Asking for a friend.
  13. F4iguy

    Random Track Talk

    Tried to follow Nathan @Limitedslip7 for about 1/2 a lap - that didn't work out. Then @DerekClouser comes flying by me at 2:59. Still a fun day hanging out and riding.
  14. F4iguy

    Check Ya Nuts

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery and long-term health from Kim and me. And thank you for the public service announcement.
  15. F4iguy

    Random Track Talk

    Doing Mid Ohio tomorrow (Wednesday). Anyone else? Looking to split a garage.