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  1. I'd reach out, yes. I had the same issue when they were re-doing parts of 90 awhile back. It's obnoxious, and it usually means I have to make a hard jump from far-end to far-end of the lanes to cross the barrier quickly.
  2. This. My jacket has armor all over, but as soon as I'm 30ft from home I don't even think of it anymore.
  3. I'd put it toward a BMW S1000RR. I love my 2013 ZX6R (great size and weight), but BMW makes a phenomenal bike.
  4. This. I generally don't wave to can-am and scooters because most of them are barely staying on the bike as-is. Adding waving to their list of things to do means there's a good chance they're going to cross the line and run into me.
  5. I don't think I've done anything really embarrassing on my bike, but the only time I almost dropped a bike was in a parking lot. I was getting to the end of an aisle and a guy decided to jet out of another aisle *far* too quickly for the parking lot. I slammed on my brakes as I was making the turn and almost high-sided. Threw down my left leg in front of the bike to keep it from hitting the pavement, and immediately regretted it. A 400lbs bike and a 160lbs man being stopped by my one leg...it wasn't comfortable. Luckily, I kept it at a high enough angle to keep it off the ground, but it hurt.
  6. This. It's obvious he was kind of "created" to be the way he is. Two things: 1) People coming *off* anti-anxiety or anti-depression medication are generally far more unstable than people that have never taken them. My ex, who was a fairly put-together woman, took anti-anxiety medication in college because she'd have panic attacks before almost every test. She stopped taking them after we graduated and for the next 3 months she was *all* over the charts. She'd break down in Macy's when she'd see a child crying, she'd laugh like a maniac over dumb jokes, and sometimes she'd just get depresse
  7. Because all it does is propagate the idea that it's acceptable.
  8. This. I mean no offense, but you won't get sympathy from me on this, OP. You were driving without insurance and hit somebody. If things happened the way you said, then the "issues" she found probably weren't even from the accident (she's probably hit other things), but you not having insurance and then attempting insurance fraud to pay for any damages means I hope you don't get off easily. 1) You can't blame your wife, you're right. It's your fault for not checking up on it and making sure you have insurance on a vehicle before you drive it around. Literally, the insurance card should te
  9. BTW I'm not condoning truck drivers crossing lanes and driving all over the place...I'm not condoning *anyone* from driving/riding unsafely. But trying to keep trucks off the road is ludicrous. It's just as bad as truck drivers saying "Motorcycles shouldn't be allowed here". I'd say there are more accidents or problems caused by new riders going down there and trying to run it at speeds they shouldn't.
  10. I have been there. And yes, I rode it at speeds I shouldn't have, but it was awhile ago. Importantly, I've learned a lot since then. I didn't know the post was from 2011, but the topic was at the top of the list as new posts and I hadn't seen it before, so I think it's unfair to blame me for not reading the entire thread and responding to the point of it.
  11. LOL I absolutely will not sign this. This is coming from someone that has ridden sportbikes almost exclusively since I turned 16 (over 13 years ago). It's a public road...and the petition is basically saying "Sportbike riders want to ride the dragon's fail beyond legal speeds, and trucks are bad for that". The problem isn't that trucks are driving on the road...the problem is that most squids don't have enough self-control to keep from going way too fast.
  12. I was also thinking KTM when I saw it. It was the first thing that came to mind. As for the hp and weight...I don't know. I thought about a Ducati, but who knows.
  13. This lol I live in Cleveland and it's been fun.
  14. Err...what? My post said "If you get in an accident and land on your head without a helmet...", to further explain the first sentence. Did you seriously stop at the first sentence, and then form a reply? I actually never said my insurance rates were high...I said insurance rates and taxes (as a whole, not mine) are higher than they should be because of things like this. Seriously, I'm trying not to be offensive, but it's like you're reading a few words or a sentence out of each of my posts and replying with a smartass response. 1) I'm 30, so "young" no-longer pertains to my age 2) I'm m
  15. You should *probably* re-read the post you quoted. I, specifically, pointed to accidents where the rider's head had an impact.
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