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  1. The Buckland Museum at 2155 Broadview Rd. Cleveland, Ohio. Next, with the flag of a foreign country.
  2. Love it; I bought it new and am working on riding it until it falls apart. It's a great around-town commuter/errand runner, and is OK for distance runs (would be better if I acquire a windscreen). At present the odometer reads about 33,500 miles. It is still mechanically sound, but I have had a couple electrical gremlins. Fortunately those gremlins did not strand me at the side of the road, they've been sorted and it's an Italian bike so, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. There is no factory passenger backrest. Best option there would be a Hepco & Becker Rear Rack & Top Case with a Backrest accessory.
  3. Welcome to this mad corner of the internet. Fun and friends can be found here (shocking, I know!). Shouldn't be too much longer before the coffee kicks in and others around here start replying.
  4. Welcome back from your hiatus. That Hawk looks incredibly well cared-for.
  5. Can confirm that Guzzi dealer support is sparse at best in Ohio, let alone options in the exceptionally far south - still would not prevent me from picking up another one because more is more.
  6. Looks like you took the opportunity in front of you to provide a loving home for that dopamine inducement device. Bravo to you Sir!
  7. Welcome to this most excellent corner of the internet, there's plenty of good advice to be found here (Tonik's post earlier in this thread is but one example). You'll also find plenty of sarcasm, questionable humor, and friendly insults.
  8. Nailed it. Also, Tonik shoulda gotten to the strip club sooner. Next up: A county courthouse. Fairly certain there are 88 to choose from.
  9. Had a great time, also collected some sunburn in the gap between jacket and gloves.
  10. Was a perfectly pleasant ride, not at all like the persona promulgated by the person that planned this parade.
  11. A few hours of small group two-wheeled therapy this Saturday? I'm in.
  12. Welcome to this cORner of the internet. You'll certainly find good people around here for idea bouncing.
  13. ...and roads with elevation changes. Also... Welcome to Ohio, it's not that bad! TM
  14. Tried to wake it up from Hibernation; four letter words did not help. Based on the noises it did and did not make, a new battery to replace the original one ought to do the trick.
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