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  1. NEOCX race 4, Hiram College 10/1/17

    4/5 race is such a huge gap in skill set. From people like myself that just have a few races to people that are almost CAT 3 racers. It makes it hard to judge where you are in the race. I try to get to holeshot mid pack and go from there to pick people off and not get passed. Not always possible and I've been held up by others before too, all just part of it.
  2. NEOCX race 4, Hiram College 10/1/17

    At least you got to race. I didn't get to start due to torching my pawls on the rear hub during course preview, to much power! lol... I just got to run around and get footage of my friend racing. That course was fast and after pre-ride I was looking forward to racing it!
  3. Vulture's Knob race 9/16/17 @ 2:00

    Good report! Will be heading to Royalview Thurs around 4:30 and be at CX race Sunday, see ya at either one!
  4. 2017 Trek Superfly 6 Womens

    So the misses hasn't really taken to riding the trails as much as she thought and is debating selling her MTB. Has only been on trails less than 10 times. Thought I would put it out here to see if any are interested, specs can be found here: https://www.trekbikes.com/international/en_IN_TL/bikes/mountain-bikes/cross-country-mountain-bikes/superfly/superfly-6-womens/p/2058603-2017/ Size is 13.5 with 27.5 wheels and should fit male or female rider 4'10"-5'-1 Bike is super RAD!
  5. NEO Cycle 9/8 - 9/10

    Im pretty sure we climbed the hill together on the last few laps! Heard a guy on a fatbike state how he regretted riding the sand before climbing, was that you?
  6. Vulture's Knob - 8/27/17

    What a trail! Second lap was way better than the first one. Got a ways to go to be fast there! https://www.strava.com/activities/1155037366/shareable_images/map_based?hl=en-US&v=1503848537
  7. Vulture's Knob - 8/27/17

    Heading down there now, should be there by 845 if any care to meet up
  8. Vulture's Knob - 8/27/17

    Gonna be heading down there tomorrow am. First time there, looking forward to it! Should be arriving around 8:30 and staying till 10ish if anyone wants to come ride.
  9. Vulture's Knob race - 8/19/17

    I work all this weekend, last all weekend shift then back to having Sundays off. Just in time for cross season!
  10. Cross is coming!

    I think they often have fatbike groups at the CX races. I know some of them did last year. So you wont be racing against others on CX bikes. Yes, you will be faster on CX bike, 29er, or a road bike than a fatbike. It depends on if that is important to you to have a different bike for whatever setting you are riding in to go faster. All bikes will do 5, 10, 20 or 100 miles just depends on terrain and how fast you want to get there as to what bike is "best" for the job. I ride all types of terrain with all sorts of people and enjoy doing it all as quick as possible. So having a bike that fits the riding I am doing is important to me. I think the CX bike could replace my road ride if I wasn't into doing crit races and chasing cars on the road! <---Stands up - Hi my name's Jesse and I'm addicted to bikes!
  11. Cross is coming!

    Like I tell my wife, at least I'm not buying several motorcycles or into cars! I really like the 1X set up on my MTB and this is very similar. The only time I wished I had 2X was when I did the Mohican 100. Of course all the issues I have with a 1X set up can be resolved with more fitness, but for rides with lots of climbing or long toury rides I can see the pro's to 2X. I really like less crap on the bike, so am going with the develop more fitness to handle it!
  12. Ride tales - Share your rides!

    Went out for our normal Tuesday evening ride and ended up adding a random rider on while going through the metro park. Guy was a good rider, had a nice bike and was plenty fast! While out front on a downhill section i hear a super loud PSSSHT! Noticing it wasn't me who flatted I look back to see if it was my friend or the added on rider. Just as I looked back, the added on rider went down hard! We were doing about 30 on the road and he hit some glass that I hadn't seen or gone through. Went sliding thru the next lane and is super lucky there wasn't an oncoming car. His helmet picked up some road rash and saved his brain for sure! Kit was a bit messed up and there was some scraps along his side. A nice person with a truck was able to take him and his bike back home. We have gone down that road 100's of times, without any issues. Since most here on this site already ride motorcycles and are pretty much pro helemt and gear I'm sure it need not be said, but even on your bike please gear up properly and be safe out there!
  13. Cross is coming!

    This is what happens when coworkers get to your bike first. Got the bike assembled last night. Scratched up the carbon seat post by not reaming the seat post tube first. I'm sure there will be more dings to come. I added on a rear fender that mounts to the seatpost for those wet days, will post pics later. Went out for a quick ride with the misses and gotta say this bike is sweet! It's like my road and MTB were locked away in the garage to long and 9 months later this popped out! It brings out an urge to ride over anything and go anywhere. It has also helped to level the playing field with the misses when we ride on the road. I initially got this for CX racing, but am looking forward to putting all sorts of miles on it! Lil strava action: https://www.strava.com/activities/1103364997
  14. Mountain Bike Questions

    Would go 29er or 27+ in tire size. For 27+, hard to beat Specialized Fuse. Trek Roscoe will be coming out soon too for another 27+ option. For 29er, Trek X-Caliber 7 or Specialized Rockhopper Comp are good options, If you can save up to invest a little more, close to $1000, you will get a way better bike. At Eddy's, we've got a good number of bikes in that $700-$1000 range that would be plenty of bike to last a while. Honestly as IP said, you will dump money into a used bike just to bring it up to par. It's not to say you cant get out and have fun on something used, but be prepared to fix stuff as it breaks or as you see the need to upgrade. A $500 used bike can quickly turn into the cost of buying something new! Another thing I always tell people is to hit up demo days or take out one of our rentals. We have the Fuse's available to try before ya buy. This allows you to take it to local trails and try it vs a parking lot test ride. It can also help to see if MTB is something you really enjoy vs something to try and never do again. One of the guys I ride with on the road came out one time with us to try MTB since others in the group go and really enjoy it. He found that it wasnt really for him. He was glad he found out before spending money on a bike!
  15. Cross is coming!

    Just ordered this bad boy to race this year! 2018 Trek Crockett 7. Plus can do some gravel riding and fair weather riding now too. Any others racing NEOCX this year?