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  1. Cherohala Challenge 2017

    Congrats all, sounds like a great time of feeling miserable on bikes! Interested in next year!
  2. Diverge

    Think I found the winner!
  3. I've posted this up before, but will put it up again at lower price. The misses just rides her Long Haul Trucker now. Bike is in great shape, was tuned up lat year and wasn't even used. Fits a 5'-0" tall lady or man. Size is 44, looking to get $600 for it. Full carbon and 105, not bad! Details Carbon frame and fork are carefully shaped to absorb vertical impacts, such as road vibrations, and remain laterally stiff for smooth cornering and acceleration FSA Gossamer Pro crankset is made of cold-forged aluminum to provide efficient power transfer to the transmission Shimano 105 components offer smooth shifting throughout all 20 speeds Wheelset offers a low spoke count for quick acceleration; wear indicators lets you know when rims need to be replaced Large diameter BB30 bottom bracket increases lateral stiffness at a critical frame interface Tektro dual pivot brakes offer precise feel at the lever, leading to excellent control under braking Schwalbe Durano folding tires offer low rolling resistance and solid grip Carbon seatpost is designed with the same technology as the frame and fork, to further reduce vibrations felt by the rider
  4. Diverge

    Even better looking!
  5. Diverge

    Can't see an S-Works version in my future, but could see the Comp version working out! Still not to bad looking and a little less flashy.
  6. Diverge

    BOING!!!!! After riding the gravel roads in the mohican area the other week I get the appeal of gravel grinding. May have to add this to the stable...
  7. Rev'It! Bullit One piece suit - 54

    Bumping this up with the repaving of Nelson Ledges, make an offer!
  8. Vulture's Knob "grassroots" race TWO 6/10/17

    Nice report and race! I work Sats at the shop thru summer so probably wont make it to race, but do plan to ride down there some Sunday!
  9. 2017 Tour Divide race

    Watch the dots! http://trackleaders.com/tourdivide17
  10. Mohican 100 - June 3

    I didn't really train a lot for this. I do ride the road during the week and get to trails around the CLE area when open. Spent some time on the trainer over the winter, but not as much as I wanted. Will be more dedicated to trainerroad over this winter, just enjoying the outdoors now. I've only been to Mohican twice before the race, once was last season. It isn't needed to go there every weekend, wouldn't hurt though! I just started MTB riding last summer and am by no means super skilled on the trails. I plan on doing it again next year and bringing out a few other friends. If thinking about it, do it! It was an amazing experience. Just try to get as much climbing or simulated climbing done before next year and you will be fine.
  11. Mohican 100 - June 3

    Correct, 100k. Hardest thing I've ever done on two wheels! Quad crushing climbs, jarring descents, and I lost my keys early on in the race! Phone locked in the car, don't know wife's cell # to bring me a spare, so I spent most the race trying to figure out how to get a hold of her. All aid stations had no cell service, so no help there. Got to the last aid station and told them my situation to which they replied "O you mean these keys?!" and held up my set of keys as a light shined directly on them from the sky above! I've never felt so relieved in my life! Was able to really enjoy the last few miles, cept the day took it's toll as did all the sugary gels and heed drink. Felt like throwing up the last few miles, but made it in. Hit a max speed of 45 on some gravel roads, fastest I've been all season on either road bike or MTB! I was able to pass people on the gravel, but they would pass me on the trail. Need more single track work... Had a great time and will be back next year! https://www.strava.com/activities/1019617885 https://www.relive.cc/view/1019617885
  12. Mohican 100 - June 3

    Race tomorrow, gonna be nice out! Any others from here join in on the fun?
  13. disc brake adapter bolt set screws

    Whatever floats yer bolt!
  14. Mohican 100 - June 3

    Ride was fun! Started out with back to back crashes on the initial climb. Just got em out the way right off the bat! I tend to bounce up and go after wards and left my phone behind, luckily it was spotted by motocat12 and retrieved. Thanks! Mohican can be brutal, but wasn't to bad. Getting your ass kicked on the trails beats a day in the office!
  15. Mohican 100 - June 3

    hopefully on trail 9am or sooner. Hoping to do one loop, eat lunch and do another. So probably head out at 9am then again at 1pm.