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  1. Whoops.. Forgot to put the size in here. It's sold though lol.
  2. New Shoei RF 1200 helmet. Hasn't seen a bike. Only tried on and quickly realized it gave me a hot spot on the forehead. Comes with original box, helmet bag, literature, etc. $400 obo.
  3. Howdy! Not really new here, but it's been awhile. I sold my bike a few years ago, and just finally got back on two wheels. I bought me another low cc bike with the R3 and I love it. I go to OSU, so I'm usually in CBUS, but I'm from Dayton, so I'm usually around one of those two places. So hello again!
  4. A friend took me from Lane Ave. and up Rverside drive to Powell and back. Wasn't gone for too long. Nice curvy route and right by campus!
  5. Looking for right side fairing (blue preferably), both turn signals, and rear tire..
  6. Damn... $200 to ship a motorcycle?! Gonna have to use Fedex more often!
  7. I couldn't find any threads with him selling..
  8. Title says it all.. Looking for a 08-11 Ninja 250. Would prefer it to be around the Dayton area, but I can travel.
  9. As of right not, nothing . Unless I can find a job, I'm just being a bum at my parents house till August when school starts back.
  10. Definitely! Lucky you for finding a job around here! I go to OSU during the school year, an I'm here for the summer. I've been trying to find a summer job since early May with no luck! Trying to keep it as safe as possible! The class isn't bad at all.. If anything it boost confidence! I learned you can stop those things a lot quicker than I thought.. But then again, we were only going 15 mph :-p
  11. Howdy all! I'm Darryl from Dayton. I'm completely new to riding and currently going through MSF. I don't have a bike yet, but hopefully I'll have one soon! Tigerpaw told me to check out this forum, so I figured I'd join up!
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