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  1. Pauly, so sorry to hear about this, happy to hear you two are recovering. Keep your chin up and look forward to riding with you again!
  2. Next you will tell me I was scammed out of the $10,000 I sent to ToniC's kidnapers https://abc7news.com/virtual-kidnapping-for-ransom-scam-fbi/5770376/
  3. Brian, update your bike on your avatar, already!
  4. That sounds like a great commute to work!
  5. Now, eating 2.5 Chipotle burritos in one sitting is Mount Rushmore status, you should be the fifth sculpture... hand down. An impressive feat! 🏆
  6. Lat Saturday (2/13/21) I test rode a Zero SR/F motorcycle and this is my review. I rode by myself to Buckingham, Florida. The ergonomics are very similar to my 2017 Yamaha FZ10, the seat height is lower. Turn the key on, flip the power switch as we do our ICE bikes. Here is the difference, turn the twist grip and go. Even in an automatic transmission car you have to shift into drive. Immediate torque and acceleration, it really has power and speed. This is very fast bike! The bike is like EV cars, extremely smooth. Kept reaching for a clutch lever and up shifting with my left foot. Just a dif
  7. OK... MOVIES Saving Private Ryan Shawshank Field of Dreams Terminator 1
  8. My friends and I debate our Mt. Rushmore of bands, this gets a lot of discussion. Mine are: Led Zeppelin Eagles Bruce Springsteen Rolling Stones ACDC could displace the Stones sometimes
  9. Welcome and nice vintage bike you have. Live in the Ville (Strongs), I ride to SEO most of the time. Hopefully we can get together sometime.
  10. Man, I thought you were Big Tech the way you were able to get all his private information and post it one here. Can you tell where he had lunch today? LOL😃
  11. Your Christmas has been blessed with amazing gift. CONGRATS!
  12. I liked the Time Tunnel series, I feel like I'm in it with this thread.
  13. ricer1


    REAL men don't wear helmets but do wear flip flops while riding!
  14. In 2013 for our thirtieth wedding anniversary we took our kids and their significant others to Pearl Harbor, eight of us. It was a quite an experience, the Missouri, the Arizona and the history. The sacrifices these men and women made them the Greatest Generation.
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