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  1. I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn last night and have ZERO medical background, I did review the Covid 19 statistics. Below are the tests being done on a daily basis, the US is performing over a half million tests a day. On June 1st we had performed 17 million Covid 19 tests countrywide and by July 3rd we were up to 34 million....... more than double in ONE MONTH. Does anyone think there may be more cases identified with increased testing? Link: https://www.factcheck.org/2020/05/testing-by-the-numbers/ This is the Covid 19 cases chart over recent months. Link: https://www.google.com/search?sxsrf=ALeKk03gRfl7sguheMisYttHUwIZVQEd0g%3A1594041654496&source=hp&ei=NiUDX6rWG4XatQXcsZS4BA&q=covid+19+stats&oq=co&gs_lcp=CgZwc3ktYWIQARgCMgQIIxAnMgQIIxAnMgQIIxAnMgUIABCxAzIFCAAQsQMyBQgAELEDMgUIABCxAzIICAAQsQMQgwEyAggAMgIIAFCoD1iYEWC-NGgAcAB4AIABbIgByAGSAQMxLjGYAQCgAQGqAQdnd3Mtd2l6&sclient=psy-ab This is the death rate over the last few months. Link: https://www.google.com/search?sxsrf=ALeKk03gRfl7sguheMisYttHUwIZVQEd0g%3A1594041654496&source=hp&ei=NiUDX6rWG4XatQXcsZS4BA&q=covid+19+stats&oq=co&gs_lcp=CgZwc3ktYWIQARgCMgQIIxAnMgQIIxAnMgQIIxAnMgUIABCxAzIFCAAQsQMyBQgAELEDMgUIABCxAzIICAAQsQMQgwEyAggAMgIIAFCoD1iYEWC-NGgAcAB4AIABbIgByAGSAQMxLjGYAQCgAQGqAQdnd3Mtd2l6&sclient=psy-ab I understand all correlation is not causation, lets just consider it a coincidence between testing and cases. Let's also ponder there were just huge protests with hundreds of thousands with people in the streets with many people not wearing masks, shouting, yelling and exchanging respiratory droplets while not socially distancing. On top of that states reopening could increase cases as government officials warned while weighing the risks of opening our economy. The death rate continues to decline and the media has been warning us there will be a huge increase in the death rate as time goes on, it's a time bomb that will go off in 3 or 4 weeks.... guaranteed the media has warned. One important piece of testing information I have learned is the average age of the person testing positive is 35 years old. Younger people's chances of getting sick from Covid 19 is minimal and the death rate among the young is extremely low without underlying conditions. With new medical therapies the death rate is also going down. I'm not saying there may not be a spike in deaths in relation to increasing cases, we shall see. But there may be correlation between testing and cases that may not correspond to causation of increased death rates. Death rates is where the "rubber meets the road" for finding out how the virus is affecting our country.
  2. It seems like we have a number of epidemiologist on the OR.... LOL! I am curios if you can answer a couple of questions, could the cases be going up due to the increased testing and opening up? I understand the positive tests have been in younger people, average age 35 years old, with a far less likelihood of getting sick or dying. There is a chance that the number of deaths could increase with more cases, but with better recent medical treatments and younger people contracting the virus could the death rate continue to decrease as has been occurring? Or is inevitable the increased number of cases will result in more deaths and can you predict when this correlation begins? Let me say I have ZERO medical background and I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn last night!
  3. I have had cars with less trunk space than the Shad, definitely my Vette!
  4. I like the sport bike engines in sport tour ergonomics. I had a 2013 Kaw Ninja 1000 and was considering waiting for the Ducati V4 Streetfighter for a new bike purchase, then I found out Kaw came out with H2R in an sport tour bike, I bought the Kaw H2 SX SE sight unseen. The Duc Streetfighter was even more expensive than the Kaw H2 SX SE, so I saved money... LOL! I currently also have a 2006 FZ1 and 2017 FZ10, these are great bikes for aging bikers.
  5. I have never liked the look of side bags on bikes and have always been able to use rolls bags secured on the back seat during warm weather, summer here or Florida in winter. I can go five days with storage of summer light clothes. I went on a May trip to the BRP and the dragon and had to take cold weather clothes, just in case. I couldn't stuff all the gear in my roll bag and had to ask others in the ride group to put things in their bags. I just had the side bags installed yesterday, they don't look bad, more importantly I can remove them in minutes. I will only need these bags for 20% of my riding, but I can imagine getting used to the storage capacity and keeping them on the bike.
  6. I am so offended, outraged and horrified by your micro aggression's towards me and everyone on the OR. I know ToniC enjoys banning people, I will ask him to eliminate every comment you have every posted on the OR!
  7. Thanks ToniC, the suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  8. I have wanted to do an Iron Butt ride for years and plan to go on Tuesday July 14 or Wednesday July 15th riding 1040 miles to Chamberlain, South Dakota (16.5 hours on Google maps). This is about 250 miles from Mt. Rushmore. I plan to take my time riding back. Nothing is set in stone, except I have to be back Monday July 20th. I will be staying in hotels along the ride, no camping for me. If anyone is interested in joining me I am looking for some to ride with me. I intend to register my ride with Iron Butt Association. Link: http://www.ironbutt.com/themerides/ssseries/index.html
  9. Trust ToniC, it's good!
  10. Seems like Free Capital Hill would be a great place to visit, since I will no longer be in the USA will I need to bring my passport, what about currency exchange? Like a utopian society.
  11. ToniC, thanks for setting up the Covid cruise, it was a great route and you did a good job leading us. It was nice to meet Wahoo and Grokked. Look forward to more rides like this one.
  12. One life lost because of police brutality is awful, because the police are trained and employed by our government to protect the people. This type of excessive force and killing is not representative of the majority of police and these officers will be dealt with by the courts and probably be imprisoned. If black lives matter we should focus on all the killings. I monitor the Hey Jackass website (Link below) and do not see any outrage on a daily basis in Chicago where the killings are majority black people. Link: https://heyjackass.com/ BTW, this is my last post on this topic because I am not getting in a keyboard war on such a nice day, washing the bike and riding. JMHO.
  13. Last week I rode with five friends that have been to Blue Ridge Parkway many times and had created a route with what they deemed the top roads they had ridden. Due to Covid 19 the roads were empty along with the hotels. There were approximately 10 people at each hotel. We rode 60+ miles on the BRP and only passed four vehicles. The trip was outstanding, we had a light drizzle Thursday morning, by noon the roads were dry. Temperatures were in the 70's every afternoon. The road I really enjoyed was the Back Of The Dragon, great twisties, very little traffic and the road was in great shape. Four of us bought the new Sena 50's hoping to improve our communication systems. I have owned Sena 10 and 20' models, they were OK, but there were many pairing issues, reconnecting problems when people were out of range and rejoined, sound quality with static and wind noise. If you had more than two people connected the communication sound quality dropped off with each unit connected. The music sound quality was pretty good when not using the Sena's for communication, when listening to music when someone would talk the sound was either to loud to hear voices or the volume was almost off. It was either communicate of listen to music. Sena did a great job on the 50 series, the Mesh 2.0 is a game changer! To connect you simple push the mesh button, it opens the mesh system and everyone is connected. Once we had the setting levels correct, we could listen to music at the volume we wanted and if someone spoke the music continued to play at the same level and voice was clearly in the background. There was no static or wind noise. When I finally left the group I could barely tell the difference in the music clarity once the communication connection was off. The range in Mesh mode was around one mile with great clarity. We didn't check, but the Mesh technology is supposed to work like a daisy chain and if each unit is a mile apart there can be five miles with units in between. Listening to music at the same volume the entire ride while communicating was a huge advantage of the Sena 50.
  14. I'm with you, I would go to our rec center five days a week to lift ...... I know it does not look like it 😃. I am very reluctant to go back for the reasons you stated. This is especially hard because the weather has been crappy, like today I won't ride the bicycle. I don't know when I will go back to the gym. On a positive note, I have ridden over 2K miles on the motorcycle in the last six weeks.
  15. I agree with Tonic (I know it's a K), seems like your new neighbor can't take a hint. I would say it nicely to him you don't want him driving over the grass or parking in YOUR driveway. If he is as dense as he seems and he continues then use documents and monitoring for legal actions.
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