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  1. ricer1

    Check Ya Nuts

    Already booked in Austin for motogp in April, let's go to Juan Pelota cafe.
  2. ricer1

    Check Ya Nuts

    Great, that makes two of us cancer free!
  3. ricer1

    What did you do to your bike today?

    I bought Sargent seats for my Kaw Ninja H2 SX SE.
  4. ricer1

    Anyone else order one?

    You probably like the looks of the Aztec ☺️
  5. ricer1

    Anyone else order one?

    I agree with your statement that EV's will be mainstream viable in 7-10 years. I can't use a Tesla as a business vehicle due to the range. I drive to an account in Canada and it's a 320 miles away. I leave at 6:30AM and arrive before 11:30AM for lunch. During the winter the Tesla range will be reduced due to the cold, we can argue the amount, but let's say 10% (I have read 20%). I can't make it to my destination and I am not getting up earlier in the morning to save the planet and find a charging station, hoping nobody else is in line. EV's will take hold when the range gets to 500 miles (Less in the cold) because the number of components in an EV are way less than an ICE vehicle, reducing the cost of assembly. Also, EV's have to be produced by auto companies even if they don't make money because of government CAFE standards. Tesla has been in business for 16 years and hasn't come close to making a profit on an annual basis, they are no longer a start up. Tesla made money last quarter and sold less vehicles I will will be curious if they can continue making a profit in future quarters.
  6. ricer1

    Let's help a brotha out.(EDIT: FUND RAISER ENDED)

    Was gone all weekend at my father-in-laws funeral events and I just saw this thread. I missed the donation window, but wanted to say the OR really stepped up for Danimal. GREAT JOB!
  7. ricer1

    Happy birthday to me.

    Now get down to Motogp in Austin April 5th and stop by Mellow Johnny's, Juan Pelota cafe. Maybe you will see Lance Armstrong and compare notes on your surgeries. LOL!
  8. ricer1

    Indian is getting with the program.

    Man Pauly, I thought when you bought the couch it was a case of temporary insanity. When the Duc aficionado bought a Jap cruiser, I thought, hell must have froze over. Then I read your post that you were actually looking at a Harley Ultra Classic Road Slide Guide Fat Boy Dyna Softail CVO bike. WOW, still wrapping my head around the Duc guy riding the couch.
  9. ricer1

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Last weekend my friend installed Spiegler handlebars on my 2018 Kaw Ninja H2 SX SE. The clip ons were torturous after 45 minutes of riding, the new bars are very comfortable. It was a (13) hours job, had to locate and drill holes in the bars for the controls along with rerouting wiring and brake/clutch lines. The direction were extremely vague and missing steps, like most aftermarket accessories. Really like the new bars!
  10. ricer1

    winter bike ritual

    Put the bike on the center stand, leave the battery in the bike and plug the tender in, cover the bike. In November begin trips to Florida, unplug the battery tenders and ride the FZ10 or FZ1 in nice weather during the winter.
  11. Din't know I was hangin with so many old guys... I'm 62 on the 10th. Glad I don't feel old!
  12. ricer1


    Welcome to the OR! Nice looking bikes.
  13. ricer1

    Communicating While Riding in Groups

    That is a true story! After 37 minutes without a pulse most people would consider a person dead, it's going take more than 37 minutes and 8 days in a coma to kill me. Many of OR people supported my family while I was in the hospital and my wife and kids appreciated the effort to visit the hospital! I'm with NinjaDoc, I listen to tunes on the Sena the majority of time, but it is nice to communicate getting out of parking lots, through traffic lights and stop signs, passing cars and trucks. Riding over 45 years on the street and the last 10 years using the Sena has made it easier talking instead of communicating like monkeys when you need a bathroom break, gas or food. JMHO.
  14. ricer1

    Yet another newbie

    Welcome, hope you have a thick skin! People can be brutal on the forum. 😉
  15. ricer1

    Motoamerica Pittsburgh

    I'll be there with my friend who will be riding one of his Ducs. Sam can have an orgasm over the Duc.