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  1. ricer1

    New* Columbus Oh

    Welcome aboard!!
  2. That's a great link, I'm in Saltillo, Mexico now, got here yesterday.
  3. Dan, thanks for the post, mind giving us the map location along your journey. Hope you have a great trip.
  4. ricer1

    No More Excuses

    DO IT, my son and his then girlfriend, now his wife rode their bicycles from Akron to San Fran in 2011. What an experience.
  5. ricer1

    7/13/18 NEO anyone feel like riding today? tonight?

    I didn't see your post, just got back from riding,.
  6. ricer1

    PIRC MotoAmerica - Aug 24-26

    My idea of "roughing it", is staying at the Hampton.... Hampton Inn & Suites New Castle2608 W. State StreetNew Castle, Pennsylvania 16101USAPhone: +1-724-656-0000
  7. ricer1

    PIRC MotoAmerica - Aug 24-26

    Have tickets, will see you Saturday and Sunday.
  8. ricer1

    2013 Ninja 1000

    That is a crazy low price, I have a 2014 Ninja 1000 (with ABS) and really like the bike. All around great bike, some buyer will be very happy!
  9. ricer1


    Welcome ED, of you own volition you have come to the OR. Please take everything posted on the OR with a grain of salt, the size of Mount Everest. Nice CT 70!
  10. ricer1

    Looking at a 1996 FZR 1000 - opinions

    What a neat looking bike, that is timeless!
  11. ricer1

    Ear Plugs, What are you using?

    I'm the same way, never wore ear plugs on the bike, I listen to music (Sena) on the bike. When I go to Motogp or MotoAmerica races I use ear plugs and when I go to plants for work they require ear plugs. I will probably pay the price with hearing loss when I am older.... wait I'm already old!
  12. ricer1

    New job - new toy budget.

    I'm with you, I had a '86 convertible Vette for years, put in storage during the winter for 15 years. I only drove it with the top down, that meant the weather was nice, with the limited time I had when the kids were growing up, since the weather was nice I always opted for the motorcycle. One year I took it out of storage in the spring and put it back on the fall and never drove it once! Cars have become transportation to me. Bikes are exhilarating, fun and a blast to ride anytime I am on them. I have driven 911's etc. just don't do it for me like bikes. If you are looking at cars from a financial point of view for "transportation", a domestic (GM, Ford or Chrysler) depreciate more that the Asian vehicles (Sorry, Tim, don't mean to be racist) in the first couple of years. Find a low mileage domestic couple year old vehicle ($10K) and buy a $3000 bike, at that price point there are are great bikes out there. JMHO? Good Luck!
  13. ricer1

    New to OR

    Welcome, a word of warning don't take anyone seriously on the OR, including me!
  14. ricer1

    New to OR. Hey everyone!

    Welcome to the OR, where people want to ride.
  15. ricer1

    NEO riders...

    Riding in the county away from traffic