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  1. Your Christmas has been blessed with amazing gift. CONGRATS!
  2. I liked the Time Tunnel series, I feel like I'm in it with this thread.
  3. ricer1


    REAL men don't wear helmets but do wear flip flops while riding!
  4. In 2013 for our thirtieth wedding anniversary we took our kids and their significant others to Pearl Harbor, eight of us. It was a quite an experience, the Missouri, the Arizona and the history. The sacrifices these men and women made them the Greatest Generation.
  5. ricer1

    New to me bike

    Great bike for trips!
  6. ricer1

    Let them die.

    Not to be a smart a$$, but I will. Harley could make another division called Buell, build sportier bikes targeted to a younger demographic. Since Buell would be a much smaller market segment than HD, the Buell bikes will have to be sold in the HD dealerships. The Buell's will be sold at half the price of Harleys. When the typical Harley customer walks through the door they aren't looking for a sport or sport/touring bike and the HD salesman wants to sell the higher priced bike with hefty commissions. The Buell's will sit in the corner and get dusty and HD will shut down the division. This seems like deja vu all over again!.
  7. I'm a firm maybe, depending on if it is going rain!😁
  8. That's a nice looking bike and in my opinion the Wing is the only bike to go across the country!
  9. WOW, WOW, WOW... the OR has become like the NFL, I really enjoy football, because for three hours I can just enjoy my shitty Browns and the NFL. Now I have to get through social/political demonstrations, blah, blah, blah around my football. I come to the OR to share motorcycle enthusiasm with others and look for rides. I know there are pages like this on the OR to exchange ideas, but then it denigrates into name calling to humiliate each other. I really enjoy the OR, just going to stay off this page, remember we came on this website because we enjoy riding bikes! BTW, my doctors tell me I am at triple risk due to health issues and have ridden over 14,000 miles this year all over the country. After the consultants projected 2.2 million people could die from covid this year and the numbers were at a pace of less than 10%, I wasn't going to change many things in my life, unless authorities forced me. I wear a mask when mandated without a problem, it's not a religion to me, kind of like loud pipes save lives I do know the facts, the average age of death in Ohio is 80 years old and the majority dying are in nursing homes. The average person dying has 2.6 comorbidities, meaning they are really sick already.
  10. The Columbus AIMEXPO motorcycle show is scheduled for January 21-23, 2021. I attended the show in the past and it was OK. Link: https://aimexpousa.com/aimexpo-general-information/
  11. Welcome to the OR, hope you have a very thick skin! I'm live in Strongsville (The Ville) and ride E & W river roads, Valley Parkway is too slow. Have to go to SEO for good twisty roads. I'm going to ride this afternoon and go to bike night tonight at Grindstone in Berea (826 Front St). I will PM you.
  12. Dr. Pauly....... could this effect also be related to ones motorcycle riding abilities?
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