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  1. ricer1

    Motoamerica Pittsburgh

    I'll be there with my friend who will be riding one of his Ducs. Sam can have an orgasm over the Duc.
  2. Trailer queen, bet a lot of miles on it..... oh, the truck!
  3. ricer1

    Ducs are attention whores

    We are meeting tomorrow at noon at the same Wendy's to ride in the afternoon, meet us there if you want to ride.
  4. ricer1

    Ducs are attention whores

    Sammy, I had to bust your balls, been boring on the OR forum!
  5. ricer1

    Ducs are attention whores

    Yesterday a couple friends and I were going to ride and met at Wendy's in North Canton. A guy comes up to us and see's my friend wearing a Ducati tshirt and starts telling him how great his Duc ST, and he likes this and that, asking all kinds of questions about the Duc. I realize the guy is Sam (Gixxus Christ) and introduce myself as Ricer1 (John), then he goes full Pauly with Duc syndrome, going on and on about how he likes my buddy's set up, blah... blah.... blah. In the parking lot next to the over 20 year old Duc ST is my 2018 Kawasaki Ninja SX SE, my bike is one of the only supercharged bikes on the planet pumping out 200 HP, every electronic gadget you can put on a bike. I know Sam has never seen a Ninja SX SE in the wild. Not one F'in word or question about my Kaw Ninja SX SE! He wants to talk about an antique Duc ST.
  6. ricer1

    Hi from Guernsey County

    Welcome aboard, don't take many things posted on the board seriously and start growing a THICK skin! LOL­čśü
  7. ricer1

    Live to ride...Ride to eat

    The OBW was a poorly attended, maybe the threat of rain or having it over two weekends dilutes the crowd.
  8. ricer1

    Insurance carrier

    I have Geico, no claims and no problems. I also have Progressive and had a claim on 2008, totaled bike, gave me the blue book value on my 2005 FZ1 and all accessories in full along with my medical deductible. Interestingly, they came to my house with the check only a couple days after the accident and I remember I was still high on narcotics I was taking for the pain. They really were responsive.
  9. ricer1

    Hello from Loveland, Ohio

    Welcome to the OR, hope you have THICK skin! Are you near Wright Patterson, everyone knows the Roswell aliens were taken there, maybe on a GE UFO?
  10. ricer1

    Ride 5-24

    Great ride @Tonik and @durk, 350 miles and good weather, fantastic route.
  11. Getting the family together on Sunday didn't work, son is moving from Cbus to LA California in a couple weeks and won't being seeing him for a while. Maybe, Laguna Seca World SBK trip?
  12. Maybe I'm missing something, Mother's Day is Sunday May 12, 2019 and the Epic Ride is scheduled for SATURDAY MAY 11th! It's not Mother's Day weekend. I hope to make the Epic Ride or whatever it's called.
  13. Sam, you are a gracious host! The food was great, good to see everyone.
  14. ricer1

    I'm baaaaaaakkkkk!

    So you had the GW painted white, I liked the blue color better!