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  1. Thanks everyone! It's going to go one way or another so if you know anyone let me know. Hi Matt, I remember. if I get my shit together quick enough I may do another class just for fun.
  2. Powder coated satin black exhaust, high intensity high and low beam, Ducati tail bag, Ducati headlight fairing, 7500 miles, never wrecked or even tipped over, excellent condition, tires less than 1500 miles, put on Cycle Trader for $16,500. Will take less just need to make some bucks once it clears bankruptcy. Picture is on my profile.
  3. Sounds like he's already made up his mind. I have to sell my Ducati Diavel. It will be available 7/1 or a day or two later. It's the Diavel Carbon Black, 7500 miles, powder coated exhaust, high intensity high and low beams, Ducati tail bag, Ducati headlight fairing, never wreaked, never tipped over excellent shape, put it on Cycle Trader for $16,500. Will take less just want to make a few bucks before repo after bankruptcy. Don
  4. I use Leather Honey and have had good results on my seats, boots and even some gloves. www.leatherhoney.com Use sparingly and wipe excess after some soak time.
  5. You don't know until you're there and I don't wanna be there to find out.
  6. I'd be interested depending on my work.
  7. I think because kids are so on again off again they've taken some of the choice back from the child. Your attorney will let you know but I think you'll need a court order to change the visitation. I don't think the police will be involved unless there's an actual crime. You could put the ball in her court (make her get a court order) by just not making the girls available for visitation with the mother and then see what lengths she'll go thru to get the girls. I think you're biggest problem might be the guys. If they want to come after you if there really that bad a character(s) but then the police would be involved. See what your attorney says bit I'd be tempted to withhold the girls and see what happens. Good luck it's not going to be easy either way. But hey if the mom is that derelict and you hold the girls away she may just fade out of the picture.
  8. I like All Seasons in Wooster. Have known them for years and always had good luck. They're friendly, helpful and pretty knowledgeable. I have a couple warranty issues and a couple different bikes and they were always taken care of. Nice people that try to do things right and usually do.
  9. Great Gun. I had a 16 ga Ithaca Light I bought as a kid to pheasant, rabbit and squirrel hunt. Hit hard, definitely kept up with the 12 gauges around me. Sold it for the money after not using for years. Was always sorry I had done that. Same for a Model 64 Winchester .22 pump
  10. Talk to the owner but still find another dealer. I don't know where you are at by I know the District Manager East Region for Kawasaki out of New Jersey. PM me and I'll give you his name and number. Make sure Kawasaki knows about this but find another dealer. My guy can help you with that. I wouldn't ever trust them again. They are the way they are for a reason I doubt you'll fix that. Why give them another chance to screw up again. But play it how you like. Good Luck and PM me if you want my guy to help.
  11. I have found that if a speedo is off due to calibration it produces a percentage error not a MPH error. This can be due to gearing or tire size changes. Although ultimately is does make the MPH wrong. So if your gearing doesn't match what the speedo thinks it is and its off by say 10% then at 30 MPH the error is 3 MPH and at 60 MPH the error would be 6 MPH. That sounds like what your describing yours is doing. In looking at the website it doesn't look like the unit cares about the actual gearing but just the speed difference, actual to what the speedo is reading, the speedo says 60 and the GPS says 66. Now how to make the unit correct as in what buttons to push or how to enter the data then "what Hellmut said". The website did have a couple contact options so I would think they would help you with what to do with that unit. If you don't have a gps or access to one, back in the day where the public didn't have such things I would time myself between mile markers on the interstate. So at 60 MPH it should take 1 minute between each mile marker. Take a stretch where you can maintain 60 MPH and time yourself. Do more than one pair of markers. If it takes 66 sec between the markers your speedo is 10% slow if it take 54 seconds the your speedo is 10 % fast. Hope that helps!
  12. Here's a fun loop that I've done Thanks Brian this was a good thing to get started. as shown or those routes to and from different places. Watch on 313 there little directional signs but good road. http://goo.gl/maps/fAE2v
  13. I thought the one-handed reverse when leaving was a nice touch tho.
  14. Welcome! I imagine you'll be looking east to get to the twisties. I lived in Lima about 30 years ago but it all seemed straight and flat, lol. Yeah, I'm old.
  15. The Buckeye Trail is a whole system of trails all around the state. I've done parts in Cuy Valley Natl Park, CVNP . There are a couple waterfalls, Buttermilk and Blue Hen Falls near Boston Mills. Then in Wayne Natl Forest in SE Ohio there is one of the better natural arches in the state. But here's the website. It really is all over the state. Hope that helps. http://buckeyetrail.org
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