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  1. You will need to wire the resistor directly in line with the lights. Probably will need one inline with each bulb you replaced (turn, brake, etc.) I think about 6 ohm/50 watt resistor per bulb if they are 1157 type bulbs.
  2. Here is a pic of the disassembled bcg. Looking online it looks a lot like a AIM surplus LW bcg and weighed 8.9 ounces which seems to match. The buffer weighed 3 oz. Everything I see online says I'm asking for trouble by running a LW bcg with a non-adjustable gas block. Or at least not getting the benefit from it that I should. I'm leaning towards getting an adjustable gas block (probably SLR or else Odin works), rather than buying a standard weight bcg. SLR seems to have pretty high reviews, but the Odin works 'adjustable' is a little cheaper or they also offer a 'set and forget' style 'tunable' block that is quite a bit cheaper. I will probably fire off 20 or so rounds in the rifle as is to make sure how it acts now so that once I put on the new gas block and run it wide open it should act like it does now to make sure I put everything together correctly. Then I'll work to dial down the gas to the right amount.
  3. I picked up a used 'home built' barely shot AR and wanted a little advice. This is my first, so the only things I know about ARs are what you can find on the internet, but have no hands on experience. Everything looks pretty good (reputable name parts, setup the way I was looking for (barrel length, twist rate, handguard length, etc.) The one thing I have come across is that it has a lightweight BCG, but does not have an adjustable gas block. I'm thinking I have a couple options here and wanted to see what some of you might recommend. I could buy a 'standard' BCG to go with the standard gas block. This is pretty straight forward and requires the least amount of effort on my part. Or I could buy an adjustable gas block since I already have the lightweight BCG. This would require a bit more work and a few more dollars, but doesn't seem that difficult. The current gas block is not a 'clamp on' style as I was a little concerned with getting the gas ports lined up properly, but with the set screw type gas block, this seems more straight forward. This would give me the benefit of less recoil once I get it dialed in right, etc. and I think it would be within my capabilities and I don't mind tinkering around with it to get it right. Lastly I could shoot it a bit like it is to see how it cycles currently before making any changes. On this one, I'm not sure I would know if it is 'slightly off' if it cycles properly. Like I said, it's my first AR, so I really don't have any other to compare it to. Slightly too fast of a BCG beating up the rifle and having stronger than typical recoil would be something I don't think I would know was happening if it isn't jamming, or having other types of failures. Any advice?
  4. I think the ODNR (Deer Creek) ranges only have benches/tables to shoot from. You would have to bring target, target holder, sled, anything else you would want to have with you. Blackwing might have sleds, target holders etc. I would call them first to see if that is on your side of town.
  5. ODNR website says that Delaware range is closed for upgrades, but that you can go to Cardinal Shooting Center as they have an agreement with them. Or Blackwing shooting center is up that way as well. If south of Columbus is easier for where you live, Deer Creek has a shooting range.
  6. I misspoke about the Remington 700 (that is a bolt action rifle). If you did want a semi-auto type old school hunting rifle you would be more looking for a Ruger mini-14 (.223), or a Remington 7400 or 750 (mulitiple calibers available but not .223 that I could find).
  7. You could look for an older 'hunting' rifle before Remington embraced the black gun. Quite a few bolt action rifles are still being made by Savage and available, but semi-auto is pretty slim. If you do want something semi-auto something like a Remington 700 in .223 or .243 or 7mm-08 might fit the bill.
  8. Thanks. I'll give him a call. Butch
  9. I'm looking for someplace near Columbus to get my bike dyno'd. Hopefully moderately cheaply. Planning on taking the engine apart over the winter to replace the head gaskets, base gaskets, and maybe some other stuff while I'm in there and would like a baseline to make sure I get it back to running at least where it is now. Any suggestions? Thanks Butch
  10. I wouldn't drag your feet and take too long. Good deals on Craigslist go fast.
  11. I agree too. The $1,800 bike is probably better, but I didn't realize at first that it's in Columbus and with you in Cincinnati, that makes it a problem. The 97 Ninja 500 is by far the best deal put up on this thread and it actually has a phone number in the ad, which makes it probably legit. Call about this ASAP and don't let it get sold before you can get it. I would ask to come test it out with it not having been already warmed up, if possible. Once a bike is running, it is sometimes easier to shut it off and then start it back up, but has issues starting up when it is cold. As long as it starts and runs alright, you can address any other minor issues once you have it. Go get it!
  12. If the $1,800 Ninja is still available I'd buy that thing ASAP. Anything you find on Craigslist is suspect to start with, and if the ad doesn't have a phone number you might as well not waste your time. I scanned the Cincinnati craigslist just to see what you had available and only saw like 1 or 2 ads that were close to what you are looking for, and neither of them were any better than the Ninja. Plus you have someone from this site recommending the seller. I would trust anyone on this site without knowing them much more than anyone you are dealing with on Craigslist. Good Luck
  13. I know I've seen a few people on here post that they teach concealed carry classes. I know they just changed the law and training hours have been reduced from 12 to 8, but that the law doesnt go into effect for 90 days. I'm curious if the following scenario is feasible and if anyone is doing this. Can I take a 8 hour class now (I have more free time in winter months, compared to spring) After the law changes, apply for my permit, and use the 8 hour training I completed in say January. Obviously this only works if this would be legal, and if there are trainers offering the new 8 hour class I think I've seen on the internet, that this would be a valid way to go, but then I don't believe everything I read on the internet. Informed responses would be great. Butch
  14. I was able to order a box of .22 LR CCI blazer ammo from the Cabela's website. Get an order in if you're quick. It was $30/500 if you include sales tax, and ship it to the store. http://www.cabelas.com/catalog/browse.cmd?N=1100192&WTz_l=SBC%3BBRprd1804618 Well, when I followed the link back myself after posting it was showing sold-out. Sometimes it comes and goes as their computers update, so give it a shot, I suppose.
  15. Not sure if anyone else picked up some of the 22LR ammo from cabelas, but I got this in my e-mail yesterday. I had ordered it online, so they had my e-mail on file. I didn't actually check the lot number of my box to see if this affects me or not.
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