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  1. Ive been doing trackdays near me at Gingerman & Grattan this season. Always next year for Mid ohio for me, no biggie!
  2. aye, guess with the RONAPOCALYPSE , I might just wait to go to ACC Autobahn) the weekend after mid ohio. I'd hate to prepay, only to have it cancelled like you said, then have "Credit" on my midohio account that might not even get used up the next year! lol Hopefully next season shit is normal, but I doubt it with how shits going down in Merkua' !
  3. Few more weeks to go. Hopefully weather is nice! If so I'm planning on doing 9-19/20th! Hows Mid-Ohio been this season? Track any worse in spots? Have they laid down fresh pavement in any areas? Just curious . . .
  4. cool, yea aside from the normal STT days at Gingerman & Grattan near me, Mid-Ohio. I'm also looking at doing a N2 trackday at PittRace at least once. Fun track from videos ive seen! From my house Grattan is 172 miles, Gingerman 202, Mid-Ohio 210, PittRace 282. Nelson Ridges is like 234 but that track layout looks boring and from the videos ive seen.
  5. Hello, this weekend I plan on attending 1 or 2 days. Its months away, but I cant do the normal Ohio PTRs on Monday-Tuesday! Will anyone here be there?
  6. I'll be at Grattan here in Michigan Sept. 21+22. Anyone from Ohio coming down? I'll get there early Saturday morning like 630am, just in time to set up then register & tech in! Hope to see 1 of you there, I'll be Red 650R, Black Escape w/ Uhaul trailer, lower paddock, pit lane (you turn LEFT once you exit OFF track)
  7. that is why I tend to hang back and try to study the slower rider in front of me. Most of the time they are on a more powerful bike than my 64HP Ninja 650R, when rolling on throttle during corner Exit. Anyhow, I never asked for a bump to "I" while at mid-ohio. I was just trying to learn more about the track, turn some laps and build upon that. Remember this was my very first time here for this track! I shall be @ Grattan upcoming Sept. 21-22nd weekend soon! I hope to see some of you there?
  8. yea I'm sure I could do lap times of 1.55's if I was just alone. I tend to hang back and keep a bigger distance for varies reasons. One of my other videos from mid-ohio a FZ09 rider almost wipes in from of me. No body postion at all. It was funny as shit. He and I, had a chat after that session. He was pitted near me for that weekend!
  9. So my first time at Mid Ohio on Saturday. Sunday was cancelled due to Rain. Full Refund! I love this track, I will make sure I come down Annually for 1 weekend (or 1day if shit forecast) from now on! Its like 210 miles from my house. (Same distance as Gingerman, here in Michigan for me!) This is the 4th Session. I did NOT get to record the 5th (Final) one of 7pm ish). I think my battery died or was low prior to the 5th and I forgot to change it out! Oh well
  10. Last time I was at Grattan 1 month ago. Sounds fucked up for some reason, no sound. Fucking Gopro! https://youtu.be/P8xzgW1y1Aw
  11. correct! im only doing MO this sat+sun because its the only sat+sun they run it. And doing a normal MO mon+tues during the work week DONT fit my schedule. This is my first time doing MO too, im excited to be on a new to me track. Gingerman + Grattan after 5 years can get boring!
  12. PAID! Called and talked with MO yesterday. Novice on Saturday (hopefully get bumped after 1-2 sessions I get the race line down pat) Intermediate on Sunday! If you see me, stop by and chat. Black Escape w/ Uhaul trailer. Blue canopy, Red Ninja 650R, White Scorpion Hurricane suit!!!
  13. I'm sure someone there would set up a beacon, just was wondering if anyone from OR* would be and Left or Right. Thanks!
  14. Oh another question, would any of you guys bring and set up a Beacon of your own? I have a XT racing mini lap timer I would be using, what side would I have to set the I/R receiver on?
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