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  1. running from the man

    I can’t believe these guys took sport bikes down some of those backroads, unbelievable. Was waiting for someone to wipe out.
  2. Who knows air rifles?

    I have a Gamo break barrel .177 I picked up at the fin. Fantastic air gun and came with a scope. It is very accurate and I use it as my varmit gun.
  3. hey everyone, I'm here; finally.

    Welcome to the OR community!
  4. Back after 4 year hiatus....

    Always liked the older VFRs, welcome back to the OR!
  5. Time To Set Up The Trail Cam!

    I had a large fox run by my stand last week. Lots of nature out your way, pretty cool. You buried in snow yet?
  6. Time To Set Up The Trail Cam!

    Love the pics, these guys can get huge. Would love to get a chance to take one home and hang it on the wall.
  7. Time To Set Up The Trail Cam!

    Second that! Beautiful country over there.
  8. Time To Set Up The Trail Cam!

    How is it going fellas? No luck here, seen plenty of does though. Grunted in a small six point and that's about it. I added another pic of a buck that's been hanging around.
  9. Inline three

    So how do you adjust the front suspension? No shocks on the front or a fork, just a torsion bar of some kind. This thing doesn't really accomplish anything, looks way harder to control not to mention added tire costs. The bike of the future will still be two wheeled, but will be fueled with stale beer and banana peels and produce 1000 gigawatts of power!
  10. Time To Set Up The Trail Cam!

    Went out today and saw a few does. Checked the trail cam and not too much going on.
  11. Time To Set Up The Trail Cam!

    LOL, yup its that magical time where the brain gets turned off! Now is the time to be in the woods for sure, going to be out this weekend. Good luck to you gents!
  12. Time To Set Up The Trail Cam!

    Yeah, he looked like that last year. I have a picture of him last year looking the same way. Initially I thought he broke it sparring, but I think he must have a problem with growth on that side.
  13. Time To Set Up The Trail Cam!

    Few more buck coming around this week.
  14. The new guy.

    Welcome to the OR community!
  15. Time To Set Up The Trail Cam!

    First Buck pictures. Typical coming around late in the AM.