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  1. Tire mounting NEO

    ^THIS! PM him.
  2. Tire Changers (in the market)

    Helped to change many tires on the Nomar, if @whaler didn't have one in his garage 10 minutes from my house, I would have bought one myself. You never have to worry about scuffing up a rim with the Nomar.
  3. Great Weekend at PIRC for MotoAmerica

    This was a great time as I had never been to PIRC. I like the track and the elevated viewpoints. I hope they expand the viewing areas to the other areas around the track. I also agree with others regarding safety, adding sand traps and more air fence would be a plus. The boys had fun especially when they got to meet some of the racers for autographs and pictures. Got to hang with some OR peeps @DerekClouser @whaler @ricer1 and @jacobhawkins.
  4. Moto America August 25-27, 2017 at Pitt Race

    Bringing the boys to to track Sunday, hope to see some of you OR peeps!
  5. Lets get the knees in the breeze

    Welcome to the OR community! I am from the Medina area. Soughern Ohio is where it's at if you like longer rides, try rolling down 83 to 78, great roads and scenery.
  6. hey folks

    Welcome to the OR community!
  7. K&N filter failures

    Always used the OEM filter and never had any issues. Sure I pay a little more, but you get what you pay for and sometimes the end result is much more costly.
  8. Jerry/ Al-z-heimer Needs some positive vibes from OR

    Sorry to hear about this Jerry, thoughts and prayers to you and your family!
  9. bike WANTED: Looking for my first street bike

    Congrats on the new bike! Jeans won't hold up to slide, I would still plan on getting some riding pants for extra protection and you will be good to go. Now it's time to put some miles on that bike.
  10. New Rider

    Welcome to the OR show!
  11. I don't want to be the one who makes us think about fall, but my weekends in Sept. are filling up fast and I am wondering if we are doing a fall Epic Ride?? As of now, I am down for Sat. Sept. 9th or the following Sat. the 16th, everything else is booked. Shit, I think I just opened the door for a poll!
  12. 16 Year Old from NE Ohio!

    Welcome to the OR community!
  13. New guy!

    Welcome to the OR show!
  14. Hi!

    Welcome to the OR community!
  15. New Guy from NW OH

    Welcome to the OR Community!