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    2005 Yamaha FZ1 (Totaled 7/26/14)
    2004 Yamaha FZ1
  2. I wonder if you get a power windows option on that thing?
  3. Weather is looking fantastic for Sat! Hope to see a lot of OR peeps at the meet spot.
  4. New Rider

    Welcome to the OR Community!
  5. Don't forget to wear your Epic Ride balls shirt!
  6. Looking To Ride

    Welcome to the OR Community! Lots of OR peeps in the Columbus area.
  7. New To Riding and this!

    Welcome to the OR Community!
  8. Newb

    Welcome to the OR Community!
  9. New here

    Welcome to the OR community!
  10. CCW .380 Bodyguard vs. Shield 9mm

    +1 for the XD. I carry an XDS9 and love it. I have no problem with concealment and its very accurate.
  11. New to the forums

    I owned an 83 Honda Shadow 750 back in the day, lots of good memories as it was my first bike. Welcome to the OR community!
  12. New future rider!

    Congrats on the new addition to the family! We had a similar situation with my wife and our first, she was in labor for hours and pushed for quite a while as my son got stuck and every time she pushed his heart rate would sound like it was going to stop. In her case they had to get the spoons out and give him a pull when she pushed and then he came through. It was a scary situation for a few minutes as he was blue and wasn't breathing, they started on him right away and then you heard his first cry and I just about passed out. I am glad to hear mama and son are doing good!
  13. Im new

    Welcome to the OR community!
  14. fjr 1300 vs daytona 675

    Thanks for the video Doc, love the sound of that FJR! Looking forward to catching up with you and Jacob at the Epic Ride.
  15. Purchased, thanks for the reminder D!