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  1. DerekClouser

    PIRC Sept 15/16

    Herrin races mini-bikes all the time at the Herrin Compound with the exact bikes we race in OMRL.. he has quite a few of the MotoAmerica guys attend as well I believe. Granted, Herrin isn't on MotoGP level, but he's certainly on a level far superior to any of us.
  2. DerekClouser

    PIRC Sept 15/16

    I think mostly everyone who rides Minis also rides big bikes on the track as well. They both teach valuable lessons, but I can assure you that I became a much more proficient rider on my big bike as a result of the things I've learned on the OMRL bike. It's cheap, they crash well so you can learn your limits and they don't have pristine brakes or suspension... so you learn how a bike feels in different situations without much risk of doing tons of expensive damage to a bike or to yourself. Are big bike track days fun? Absolutely... but they're far more expensive and thus... less time to do those types of things. My only argument is if you HAVEN'T tried mini-bike racing, you really can't talk about it one way or the other. And you mostly don't have an excuse to not try it as there are plenty of guys on the boards here that are willing to lend their bike for ABSOLUTELY FREE to come try it out on a practice day. I dunno... I just don't see why someone wouldn't want to at least try it.... In the end, everyone has their own agenda of fun... Mine just is currently racing mini-bikes for $70 for an entire weekend for 2 days of riding and fun having.
  3. DerekClouser

    Free Trackday July 2, 2018

    @GSX-Sam We are planning Mid-Ohio on Labor Day (9-3) if it fits your schedule...
  4. DerekClouser

    Mr. and Mrs. Toniks epic 2018 trip.

    Looks like you're having an awesome time with the wife, Jim! Enjoy it!
  5. DerekClouser

    Free Trackday July 2, 2018

    Good on you Tim! I guess it'll be my turn next year to offer the free track day. Sam, from what I saw on facebook, looks like you had a blast. Hope to be out on the track with you in the near future!
  6. DerekClouser

    OMRL Adkins

    And another race
  7. DerekClouser

    OMRL - CRP - Round 7 Highlights

    Just couldn't find my way around without really stuffing it...
  8. DerekClouser

    Emergency Contact Info

    Good idea... maybe adding a relationship line to the emergency contact so if it's ever needed, at least the person making the phone call understands the relationship to the member.
  9. DerekClouser

    Motor rebuild after floated valve, what to look for?

    Damn man... unfortunate turn of events... I always get nervous about these kinds of things.
  10. DerekClouser

    OMRL - CRP - Round 7 Highlights

    Tags for Attention for those included in the photos - @Helmutt @snot (Thanks for working the corner) @ShortyMoto
  11. DerekClouser

    OMRL - CRP - Round 7 Highlights

    Incredibly lucky that the weather held off and we got all dry races in. Some photos and video: Didn't get race 1's cause I forgot to put in the SD-Card 😭😭 F-3 Heat-2: StockMoto Heat-2 : Lots of time following @Limitedslip7 Here are some photos from the weekend (thank you @jacobhawkins for grabbing these highlights) - Sorry that your crash kept you out of the races this weekend: Full Album: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmgKaZdb
  12. DerekClouser

    OMRL Adkins

    Like I said though, he's still learning the bike... there's something to be said about not having any feel, suspension is shit, brakes are shit, and no power. It takes some getting used to. But yea, he was well off the pace. With that being said, he didn't finish in last...
  13. DerekClouser

    OMRL Adkins

    When you pass the same guy every two laps.. I think it's fair to say lapped traffic hahahaha
  14. DerekClouser

    OMRL Adkins

    Kevin was getting familiar with the antiquated OMRL machine. It's a little different than his RSV4. All I can say is that at least he was out there giving it a go... unlike some people... :shrug:
  15. DerekClouser

    OMRL Adkins

    Adkins and PIRC are the two closest to CLE... the other tracks are Circleville and G&J. PIRC is great but the most expensive cause they charge an arm and a leg to rent the kart track. Unfortunately the last 4 races of the season are only G&J and CRP