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  1. Ohio Riders Unofficial Mid-Ohio Track Day 2018

    100% in... little later in the year would be better for me as I'll be spending 10 days in May for my wedding. So middle June or after would work for me. The earlier I know the date the better too so I can plan all this vacation time -- <3 For anyone who hasn't done this before, please do not hesitate to make this your first one! So many OR people will do anything to help make your first track day the best it can be. Also, from what I'm told, Mid-Ohio also is one of the best novice structures around for all different levels of riders.
  2. Android charging hack

    This is typically how all my random 2am searches end. I start with doing some research on something common and end up trying to learn the intricacies of how a USB charger works.
  3. No worries, Didn't really wanna ride with you anyways. Just trying to be nice and act like I did. I'll go ride with those sport bike guys.
  4. Looks like an awesome trip. I really need to attend some of these with you guys... I'd say next year, but with 9 days vacation in Punta Cana for my wedding, really limits what I'll be able to do AND she wants a Hawaii honeymoon. I thought I told her that she can't affect my motorcycle time and here it goes... as soon as we are getting married
  5. www.youtube.com/throttlelocktv Check him out - He doesn't disappoint.
  6. Some self info from a newbie rider

    Welcome. Love the bike, but wear gear ALL THE TIME! Small crashes can turn deadly if you aren't wearing your gear. Be safe and happy riding!
  7. Just curious, I see you had a camera on the front of your bike... Were you recording as well? Would be pretty cool to see both Doc and I in tandem.
  8. Silly riding.

    Also, in fairness, it ruined my session too...
  9. Silly riding.

    Needed to get that K&N Sponsorship and I only know of one way to make that happen! Representing them the best way I know how
  10. Silly riding.

    See #10
  11. Silly riding.

    So reading through this thread, I must be the most hated MOFO on this site. 1) I'm a millennial 2) I rip 100+ down the highway at times 3) I go bonkers in the twisties on SEO 4) I double yellow pass 5) I post my ride routes online for police 6) I do the occasional wheelie 7) I'm a motovlogger ( @Casper ) 8) I've taken my DSLR and drone to cars and coffee for them instagram posts 9) I've been to the drag strip where I like to go fast straight 10) I've also been to the road track where I go decently fast in corners. Either way, I'm just like fuck you all because when I ride, I ride to do whatever makes me happy at that moment. If I'm feeling frisky, I get frisky. I don't worry about what others think of me (see myself holding a dildo in my avatar), regardless of how pissy they get when I go around them.
  12. Insurance & Track Days

    Buddy just wadded his brand new R1-S at PIRC in advanced when he lost his brakes. (Overheated his fluid) -- Fully covered by his insurance company. K&N's insurance company covered my crash at Mid-Ohio. Quite a few insurance companies do cover instructional schools on closed courses. You just need to ask them. Some will even give you a discount for taking them When I met with my health insurance representative (years ago) as I was getting quoted for health insurance, they asked if I rode a motorcycle and I put yes, which increased my premium a few dollars. When I asked him why they asked about riding a motorcycle he replied that, motorcycling is dangerous so your premium goes up slightly to account for that. I'm assuming this means they would cover you if you got hurt on the bike.
  13. My Battle with K&N

    Update: Case is closed. We've settled and I received the check yesterday afternoon. Although it was a bit of a headache, in the end, K&N stepped up and covered the damages.
  14. Really wanted to attend but I'm programming a prison right now and the guy who was supposed to commission and checkout decided his wife wanted to have a baby this morning which leaves me scrambling to finish it up this weekend so unfortunately I am out. First weekend working in a long time so I really can't complain too much, I've been lucky.
  15. Finished the survey. You need more negative answers for what I think about when I think about Harley Davidson. Was only able to select 2 options. Hope OR can help you with your research!