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  1. DerekClouser

    Investing 2020 Election Year???

    The market in the short term is very unpredictable. The market in the long term is very predictable. Ride it out and if you have money to invest, buying when it's low is always a great strategy.
  2. DerekClouser

    OMRL and what on Revzilla

    Dustin May is a 230lb guy who finished 2nd in stockmoto expert championship last year! Weight is a disadvantage, but it certainly won't hold you back from competing, especially in novice.
  3. DerekClouser

    Waaaaay too long

    Always flicking off the photographer... Camera takes good photos though.
  4. DerekClouser


  5. DerekClouser

    Mid-Ohio September 18-20th weekend

    My schedule is currently open for those dates, so I'm a likely if the weather is good.
  6. DerekClouser

    Any lawyers present?

    I am not an attorney, but I've had many a conversations about business vs personal assets. With the sounds of this scummy contractor, I'm sure any capable attorney would easily be able to destroy this guys corporate veil argument as I'm sure he's broken it numerous times. I'd also assume that just by transferring the deed to his wife, specifically because they are still married, more than makes it still in item that could be part of the lawsuit, if needed (provided you can prove he's broken the corporate veil). I'd speak with your attorney about this if you plan to go that route.
  7. DerekClouser

    woolich racing

    My ECU was flashed on the GSXR and it's been working great! Sorry you've had poor luck on your end of things but I have nothing but positives.
  8. Didn't know if anyone was still with them, but as of 11/1/19, they no longer were renewing policies in Ohio. If you are with them, you'll probably be receiving a letter in the mail notifying you of this. Just wanted to give a heads up for those who may need to start looking.
  9. DerekClouser

    OR NEO Dinner Monday 2/3/20 @ 7:00PM at Oak Barrel

    You can't say them chicken and waffles I had weren't delicious.. cause it was!
  10. DerekClouser

    2020 Cleveland IMS

    Custom earplugs... nice how do they feel?
  11. DerekClouser

    MSF Range Bikes

    Suzuki TU250's -- Yamaha TW200 --- Honda Rebel - Suzuki GZ50 - I know some of the private MO classes have even the Honda Grom
  12. DerekClouser

    Happy birthday to me.

    Happy birthday dude. Here is your gift
  13. DerekClouser

    Random Track Talk