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  1. I'm sorry, I still has your boots that you lent dude the other weekend... Need to get those back to you sometime.
  2. https://www.cleveland19.com/2020/09/16/i-x-center-close-after-years Wonder how that will affect the Cleveland IMS Show.
  3. Please RTV your oil drain, filter and fill cap. I believe it's required, but regardless, it's cheap insurance knowing you hopefully won't dump oil all over the track and ruin not only your day, but everyone elses as well.
  4. Photo I just took of @jacobhawkins at MidOhio. Next, In front of a stadium
  5. Yes, we run G&J quite frequently. As snot just mentioned, we just had a night race and day sprint race there this past weekend.
  6. Never heard of this? What track is it? We are always entertaining the idea of new tracks -
  7. Sept 5 @ Circleville - 4 hour endurance race Sept 6 @ Circleville - Spring Races Sept 19/20 - Circleville - Practice Saturday Sprint Races Sunday Oct 4/5 - Circleville - Practice Saturday Sprint Races Sunday
  8. Welcome to Ohio! Very few of us ride Harley's, but we always welcome any bike to come and ride! Southeastern Ohio has so many phenomenal roads to ride! You'll love it!
  9. Are you running hypersmooth stabilization? Not sure which GoPro you have, but it's possible you are recording at too high resolution/FPS and they are shutting down hypersmooth stabilization. Run 1080/60 and the camera stabilization is phenomenal. This could be your issue.
  10. Yea, I saw the article yesterday on Facebook. Always a terrible thing to read, especially to hear it happened on his birthday. Rest in Peace @LINK and my thoughts are with all his friends and family.
  11. derekclouser@gmail.com --- thanks man
  12. Thank you! Do you think my boot is repairable? (Pic above)
  13. I bought Supertech R's this offseason because I was tired of replacing my boots every year (between Mini crashing and sole replacement). I wanted a set that could be sent back to A* and have them repaired. Well after 3 months of mini racing and big bike track days, because the outer zipper is on the outside of the boot, I've rubbed the zipper against the asphalt and it needs replaced. I've also crashed a few too many times and there's some other damage I'd like to have them fix. Has anyone does this before? Do I just contact their support on their website for more info? How much am I looking at spending (ballpark)? How long should I expect to be without boots. I've already purchased another set of boots to keep me going in the meantime. Just curious what others experiences were. TIA.
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