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  1. Lets discuss oil filters...

    I totally would recommend K&N because being a sponsored rider, I'm obligated to tell you that. If, for whatever reason, you find that K&N isn't your style, I would recommend OEM.
  2. gear Gear garage sale

    Still in the market... Still considering the one from RidersDiscount just haven't pulled the trigger. Several people who were intended to come to our destination wedding have asked for help because they aren't able to afford it so we are adding a lot more cost than originally expected so I'm looking to save where I can to help where I can.
  3. gear Gear garage sale

    Okay, Since Max beat me to it, If he doesn't end up picking it up, I'm definitely interested.
  4. gear Gear garage sale

    Very interested in the suit... I'm 6'1" 225. Think it would fit?
  5. New to the track

    I believe @jacobhawkins plans on attending that day as well. He's a great guy and would love to help you for your first track day. You definitely are way further along with the things you'll need than most people starting.
  6. It kind of varies mostly SE Ohio. Couple meets have been in Hocking, a few have been in Caldwell.
  7. We've always had this debate. Any sooner and weather is definitely questionable, the following weekend is Memorial Day Weekend which is always bad and then goes into June which we've always avoided cause of Deal's Gap trip and racing season.
  8. Newbie Rider looking for Riding Partners

    Welcome to the forum. Being such a new rider, I'd recommend avoiding the larger group rides that was recommended earlier. until you've become much more familiar with riding. There's so much more that goes on in those rides that a newer rider doesn't need to be dealing with. Focus on riding solo or with one or two other experienced riders who won't force you to ride over your head. Too many times I see newer riders try and ride in larger groups and something bad happens because of the entirety of what is happening at once and the also added risk of more experienced riders pulling a newer rider to riding over their head. Look forward to riding with you some day.
  9. New Member back in OH-IO

    Welcome to the forum. Best way to meet a lot of the guys is to attend the Epic Ride in the Spring . Details are on the Rides/Events Thread under Epic Ride. Let us know if you can attend!
  10. Ohio Riders Unofficial Mid-Ohio Track Day 2018

    Also, I'll bring the Z125 for anyone to tool around the paddock area if they want.
  11. Are you ready to give up your 2nd amendment rights

    I was all for reading the book until he started talking about aliens....
  12. The year's spring ride will be in memory of a friend and fellow OhioRider member who lost his fight to cancer this past year. Jerry, aka @Al Z. Heimer. Details for route and meet location will come up soon as I can come up with something... maybe new this year? I'd like to do a little memorial send-off for Jerry at the meetup spot so maybe we can collaborate on something for that as well. Looking forward to seeing you all there! Please post below if you plan on attending so I'm aware of how much food to purchase. If you are +1 or more please include that as well. Date: SATURDAY - May 19, 2018 Rain Date: Sunday - May 20, 2018 All details are subject to change - so please follow up to this thread before the event to verify all details are the same! Meet Place: TBD Time: Meet by 10:30; Pre-Ride Speech, Photo, and Group Organization at 11:00; kick stand to ride by 11:30 Route: TBD Request: Be ATGATT if possible, and try and sport an OR t shirt if you have one. Facebook Event Page: Link TBD T-Shirts T-Shirts will be available for purchase about a month prior to the event. . After the ride is complete, weather permitting, we will be grilling hotdogs & hamburgers, providing chips, drinks, etc for everyone to enjoy together afterwards before people start heading back. Some etiquette to help us all better as suggested by many riders: Everyone is responsible for themselves, so ride within your limits. Crashing is not something we want to have happen. Ride within your limits and stay safe. Our goal is to have a fun safe day of riding with a bunch who share the same passion. Crashing only ruins that fun, not only for you, but for others as well. Food will be provided at the end of the ride. Ideal maximum group size is ten riders with a lead rider and a tail (sweep) rider. These two riders should be interchangeable in skill level so that the sweep rider can evaluate and help the riders in front of them: These two riders need to know the count of how many riders are in their group. The lead rider needs to wait at all stops for the sweep rider to give him a thumbs up. At each stop the leader or sweep rider can switch or at their discretion ask and allow a new formation of the line. Do not allow passing other riders in same group once the ride has started except at starts. Passing slow moving vehicles may be needed for the faster group; when doing this each rider makes times and judges it for themselves. Don't wait for the group to pass as a whole. At times, riders might have to cross a double yellow to pass. Group leaders and sweeps should know the route well and if possible have ridden it prior to event. Do not allow changes of groups at stops (Unless both ride leaders of both groups are aware of the change and it does not raise the group count to over ten riders. If a rider has to leave a group early, please make sure they tell someone in the group. Do not pass other riders within a group, except at stops or if the rider in front waves you passed. Try and avoid 'pushing' a rider in front of you (this means to give the people in front of you space so they don't feel pressured to go faster than they are comfortable). If you picked the wrong spot in line of your group ask to change positions at stops or if a rider signals you to pass. Start the ride with a full tank of gas. Many folks are planning to grab a bite at the end of the ride, those with time should do it as it will be fun. The unfortunate long haulers will start back to get home before dark. Video from Previous Years: The Groups Always start one group below what you feel you ride. Meaning if you think your fast, start with medium fast group and if you are comfortable move to the fast group during gas break after letting the lead and sweep know. Better to be safe than sorry. Remember we might be riding roads very new to you. Fast: Usually 70mph on the straight and 25-30 mph over the posted limit of curve. The people who belong to the group know they belong to this group, they dont think they belong here.Dont jump in here unless you been riding with such fellows for some time. eg: UP, Midgettodd, Hutch, Core rides Medium-Fast: 65-70mph on the straight and 20-25 over the posted limit of curve. This is the usual fast rides some group rides do, still rather fast• Jump in here if you been riding for a while and is comfortable at these paces on most roads Medium: 65 mph on the straight and 15-20 over the posted limit of curve. This is the everyday regular group rides pace,Jump in here if you been riding for a while and is comfortable at these paces on most roads Slow: 60 mph or around posted limit on the straight and up to 10 over the posted limit of curve. This is the a very comfortable yet fun group ride. Jump in here if you like doing friendly fun rides and also new riders must join here. If you could please announce if you plan to attend and which group so I can keep an ongoing list. If you plan on bringing someone else from outside of the forums, or those who don't post, please add a +1 for each member, so we can kind of figure out how many groups we will need to plan for. Also post if you are willing to sweep or lead so we can get a list for that as well. Disclaimer: The following words "Ohio Epic Ride" refers to this specific ride. By attending the "Ohio Epic Ride", you agree to the following; You acknowledge that you understand that motorcycle riding and touring is hazardous and may result in serious injury or death. You understand that this activity in which you are voluntarily participating has inherent risks (including death, loss of limb and permanent disability, and damage to or loss of property) that you assume. You certify that you are duly licensed and competent to operate a motorcycle in a safe manner, and the vehicle you will be operating during the ride is in safe and legal operating condition. You are solely responsible to determine the speed and operational characteristics of your motorcycle and your ability as a motorcycle operator while participating in the ride. You hereby agree to expressly and voluntarily accept and assume all risks involved in operating a motorcycle or participating as a motorcycle passenger while participating in the ride. You hereby covenant, as a motorcycle operator or motorcycle passenger, not to sue Ohio Epic Ride, their organizers, agents, employees, officers, directors, managers and representatives for any and all loss or damage including property damage or loss, personal injury, permanent disability and/or death, arising out of your participation in this activity (including but not limited to riding, touring, transportation to and from the activity, and at all lodging and stops). "Ohio Epic Ride" makes no warranty regarding conditions, safety of roadways, weather, lodging or stops, and the rider to assume all risk that the conditions, safety of roadways, weather, lodging or stops are other than what is expected. You understand and agree that "Ohio Epic Ride" is acting as my agent only to provide guidance as to routes, and I hereby release and hold harmless "Ohio Epic Ride", its organizers, agents, assigns and heirs against any and all claims, causes of action, or any other liability of any kind arising from my operation of a motorcycle, or as a motorcycle passenger during my activity of motorcycle riding.
  13. Ohio Riders Unofficial Mid-Ohio Track Day 2018

    Putting in for July 2 - I'll confirm when confirmed
  14. Question for Trump Haters

    Not sure if this exactly fits with where the thread was intended on going, BUT, nevertheless, I think I'll put my input on a few things in here... I wasn't a fan of Hillary and I wasn't a fan of Trump. Neither seemed to really fit with what I thought would make a good or great President, but in the end, it was the decision most of us were presented with. Trump won... Congratulations to him on that. We all are aboard the Trump train whether we liked it or not... and this train has been a bumpy ride to say the least. Here are my current issues with the current Presidency (and why I wasn't a fan of Trump to start with) --- If his goal was to actually achieve certain regulations, constantly blaming 'Democrats' for the failures isn't the answer. Look at his twitter feed - anything that doesn't go his way, his immediate response is 'Democrats FAULT'. Even with the Obama haters that said Obama is to fault for X, Y, or Z.... he was able to get through a REP Majority Congress. He can't build stability around him because the first sign of someone disagreeing with him, Trump blasts him/her over his twitter feed and later fires them or they quit. This isn't a good sign.when the staff you put in place closest to you, won't continue to work for you. His constant hypocrisy - Lets look at the current Gov't shutdown over the Budget concerns and DACA. Now let's take a look at his feed: Okay, so Trump wants the wall to be included in the budget... That's something he campaigned on and he's actually trying to implement a plan (although he did campaign saying Mexico would pay for it, but that's for another topic) --- So kudos to him for actually attempting to execute something he campaigned on... But then moments later: Wait... wait... wait... You blast on your twitter moments ago that if there is no wall, there is no Deal... but then blame the Democrats for the shutdown. This doesn't add up... If Trump isn't willing to negotiate, how can he claim democrats don't care about the military. I'm not saying Trump has to negotiate on the Wall part, he can stand his ground entirely and I'd support that, BUT, don't claim it's the opposite party's fault and they don't care about the military when the two sides can't come to an agreement. Let's look at another statement by Trump --- Most Democrats don't want unchecked illegal immigration either. DACA isn't a regulation that prevents the deportation of ALL illegals. It's a regulation that allows CHILDREN immigrants who came to America the opportunity to defer deportation provided they are abiding by the regulations in place: They came to America before turning 16 and have continuously lived in the USA since. Must have NO criminal record Must be attending school or have a HS diploma/GED or been honorably discharged from the military. AND even then, it still doesn't give them legal status in the USA, but rather, just defers the deportation --- Isn't that what America is about? Allowing people to come here to America and better their lives as long as they are upstanding productive citizens? Have you seen what goes on in other 'shit hole' countries? Look at Syria at the moment... I intrigue you to watch White Hats documentary. It's downright scary to live in those places right now. Complete terror every time they hear a plane fly by.. Sometimes we neglect to look at why these people are coming to America because we forget or don't understand how terrible it is in other countries. I most recently visited Punta Cana. Fantastic place, the resort was beautiful, the people were so nice! THEN, I took an excursion off resort. I was shocked. The living conditions were horrendous. Even the worst areas of the US are light years better than what I saw there. Who wouldn't want to escape to America? Sure, you could argue that they should do it the right way, but I work with plenty of Indian people who are trying to become American citizens and can't because the list is too long. What are they to do? I'm sure the list could go on and on about things that I disagree with about Trump. But I also will give credit where it's due. I'm nowhere near the most politically savvy person and I'm sure there's plenty of people who could argue what I've said above to be false and there may be a few things that are actually wrong... but my point is that as an average American who looks at this the way I do are likely to see the same things. I dislike Trump, but I honestly believe he isn't racist. He's a hypocrite, but I don't think a racist.
  15. It's Time.....

    I warn you about this offer... Last time I rode with B-Mac, I am not exaggerating when I say we went 160+ for 10 minutes straight.