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  1. Me and Mr anderson are riding tomorrow around 3 if u want to join us where are u located

  2. Um, I live in a cleveland suburb. By north Olmsted. If that helps.
  3. Welcome aboard. What area of CLE are you in?

  4. I am from the west side. And I've always been into racing, mostly cars since I was a little girl. And my dad has been riding motorcycles for as long as I can remember so I grew up around it. I've always wanted to ride. So now I am.
  5. Lol Thanks. But no, I don't have an ex that was a member on here. Lol
  6. Yea. That makes sense. But I'm pretty confident in my riding. But, i'm actually looking for like more 1 on 1 riding, or maybe with a couple people. Would be nice to know people around me who actually ride. thanks for your concern. <3
  7. Right. I hear you. But I'm happy to just be out riding!!
  8. Just bored, hoping to find friends to ride with on here. Gets kinda lonely riding alone all the time.

  9. Thank you! Thats awesome! I'll get a new bike probably in a year or two. But for now I am enjoying my Bandit.
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