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  1. Me and Mr anderson are riding tomorrow around 3 if u want to join us where are u located

  2. Um, I live in a cleveland suburb. By north Olmsted. If that helps.
  3. Welcome aboard. What area of CLE are you in?

  4. I am from the west side. And I've always been into racing, mostly cars since I was a little girl. And my dad has been riding motorcycles for as long as I can remember so I grew up around it. I've always wanted to ride. So now I am.
  5. Actually, I only had one message. Kinda sad actually. I thought more people would want to be friends. Lol. High hopes I guess.
  6. Well first of all, I put a winky face cause they are cute. I mean ride as in a motorcycle. And yes I do drink. I like to drink. Doesn't mean I'm going to go and get pregnant. And even if I did mean ride as in having sex what does it matter?? Sex is fun. Riding is fun. Drinking is fun. I see no problems with those statements.
  7. Lol Thanks. But no, I don't have an ex that was a member on here. Lol
  8. Yea. That makes sense. But I'm pretty confident in my riding. But, i'm actually looking for like more 1 on 1 riding, or maybe with a couple people. Would be nice to know people around me who actually ride. thanks for your concern. <3
  9. Hahahaha. Hmm..planning on harming me? Well...if I do own a gun I wouldn't say so. Better to take you by surprise. ;)
  10. Lol. Well thanks for that information! Pretty smart numbers.
  11. Right. I hear you. But I'm happy to just be out riding!!
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