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  1. arlis77

    Fs- s&w sd9 ve

    Tom check your mail...
  2. arlis77

    Fs 2003 gsx-r 6

    That bike is 11 years old...price is too high,
  3. Casper, I have a couple devices that will work thru usb to save and transfer the data if you need to..I work on computers and familiar with some software development. ..let me know, infact I think I have 2 rebuilt computers or if you want just the disk drive...little old, but does the trick
  4. arlis77

    Joe Rocket Jacket XL

  5. arlis77

    Pocket guns

    Those are nice as well, I never shot one though,, don't they weigh like 13 or 14 onces?
  6. arlis77

    Pocket guns

    I like that ruger sp101,,, Armslist prices have down a bit I see after the bill hasn't passed.
  7. arlis77

    someone close to meet spot for epic ride

    Your going then?..I live very close to ya..
  8. arlis77


  9. arlis77

    Pocket guns

    The ruger lc9 is alittle big, I had the kel tec 9 thats very compact, but to me had some decent recoil on it, its pretty aaccurate though. Gun show this weekend at berea fairgrounds since you live close by like me..you get one there..?
  10. arlis77

    Yoshi pipe / meeting Chris!

    Sound nice and a deeper pitch to me..am gonna try this this weekend..thanks bro
  11. arlis77

    Yoshi pipe / meeting Chris!

    Thanks crusher,
  12. arlis77

    Yoshi pipe / meeting Chris!

    As stated above you could post it on youtube..thats a great idea to show others as well..id love to hear it .. Am glad it doesn't effect the loudness to much..But if I was to install a k&n airfilter and shorten the exhaust do you think I need to remap the cpu thru a power commander? From the mods? From some research I've been reading it says too, but its still just a slip on, I wouldn't think it would be letting more output through the exhaust but I could be wrong...does look alot better, am very interested in doing this mod..I hate my yoshi pipe its so long for my bike..lol....