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  1. Silly riding.

    Most of us 'millennials' hate those assholes just as much. They really need to break us up into smaller subsets. I really hate being identified with that group. I use to be in the car scene as well but most of our events were canceled due to Honda's revving and burnouts or trucks rolling coal. I gave up about 4 years ago. The only car meets that seem to be safe is classic car cruises. Until i get my next house with a bigger garage so i can get my camaro here, i'm out of the scene.
  2. What did you do to your bike today?

    Went to Iron Pony for the first time. That place is insanely huge!!!! I sat on a bunch of bikes, atvs, side x sides, pretty much everything. I hate to say it but there was a nice Indian cruiser i could actually see myself riding if i ever got a street bike again.
  3. Considering Android

    One thing i enjoy more about android is home screen/s customization. I have a weather widget that shows the time, date, current weather with high/low, battery percentage and next alarm. You can add a bunch of other info as well if you want. I can also put the apps where i please and have a monthly calendar as well. My wife just got an iphone for work and we found out you can't do any of that. It's all apps sorted from the top. But they were showing us some cool stuff you can do at the apple store that android doesn't do too. So it all comes down to what you want. I prefer android but that's more about my hatred of itunes when it first came out and the overpriced PCs with irreplaceable components.
  4. Considering Android

    I have a Galaxy S6 and it still works just as good as the day i got it. No issues with battery or performance. Before that i had an S4 with same results. I might upgrade next year as i see no reason to yet. Our phones are still great for what we do with them.
  5. Random Track Talk

    My lap timer was not working last time i was there. I had someone using a stop watch and if i remember right it was in the 1:17's. But i could be wrong. I run in the mid 40's at Mid-O. My goal next year is to consistently get even more off the bike.
  6. Insurance & Track Days

    I bought a dedicated track bike (and then sold my street bike two years later). Kinda wish i would have just used that as the track bike from the beginning as it probably would have saved me some cash. Either way I don't carry any insurance on the track bike. Not sure how medical works for everyone but when i went off the track, medical covered everything except my deductible. Ambulance ride, ct scan, xray, doctor and room cost. Looking back i'm not sure most of that was necessary but i had a concussion at the time and at some point mentioned a sore hip. I'm assuming it all depends on your plan and carrier. I guess your bike could just happen to fall off the trailer on the way home too.
  7. You don't have to pick 3. It says top 3. I only picked 1 and it let me continue.
  8. Mid-O October 9th

    Weather for Monday isn't looking too good. I'm thinking about going to Nelsons on Saturday instead.
  9. Mid-O October 9th

    Just signed up for the 9th. Not going to be able to make the 2nd. I'm keeping an eye on the weather for Oct 7/8 at Nelsons.
  10. Starting my Blog soon. How honest to be?

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
  11. What did you do to your bicycle today?

    Wrecked it! At royal view on the yellow trail. Downhill right hander. Don't think i was going too fast. Just got too far to the outside and the front lost grip. It was really loose dirt/sand/whatever and leaves didn't help. No time to catch my self, went down hard on my right side. Rashed knee and shoulder. Both are kind of tender but will be fine in a few days.
  12. Equifux

    To initiate your credit freeze via an online application please refer to the following links: Trans Union - https://freeze.transunion.com/sf/securityFreeze/landingPage.jsp Experian - https://www.experian.com/freeze/center.html Equifax - https://www.freeze.equifax.com/Freeze/jsp/SFF_PersonalIDInfo.jsp Trans and Experian are $5 to freeze in Ohio. I think Equifax is free for the time being (I can't remember). You can't get a new loan, credit card, etc. while it is frozen. You can 'thaw' it for another $5 which will allow creditors look at your report during a short window and then it refreezes. Depending on the lender, you may only need to thaw one of the reports, not all three. Not sure about monitoring. It doesn't help if your identity has been stolen. Just tells you that it has so you can stop the hemorrhaging. I froze all three. I'll need to thaw them next month due to buying a new car but the piece of mind is worth the $15 I'll spend.
  13. Lap Timers, What do you use and why?

    I have an XT but transponders are not always out. Mid-O usually has one but there has been times where there wasn't one. Both times at Nelson's this year didn't have one. Half the time it doesn't ping correctly and get multiple laps combined. I am going to get a gps timer over the winter so i don't have to worry about transponders and multi-lap times. I do have an old S4 laying around i might look into now.
  14. Random Thoughts thread

    My 7 day eastern caribbean cruise turned into an 11 day western caribbean cruise. Thanks for the extended vacation Irma!!!