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  1. Random Track Talk

    It was nice meeting you and riding with ya. Thanks for posting that! It was nice to get some footage of my body positioning. Looks like i still need to get my head out a bit more. I watched the pass about 10 times! Made it look like i know what i'm doing. haha!
  2. Random Track Talk

    I saw someone talking photos yesterday at Mid-O too. Anyone know who it was?
  3. Random Track Talk

    Yesterday ended up being a perfect day at Mid-O. Rain held off until the last session was over (except for novice). They were lined up in the pits as it was sprinkling but i think the coaches made the right move and cancelled the last session. I set another PR for the year with a 1:44.2. I was consistently running in the 44-48's without traffic. It's hard to explain but i think the more experienced riders will understand. But as i was riding faster, everything seemed to slow down. I was carrying a lot more speed through the corners but it felt slow; maybe slow isn't the correct term. I'm assuming this is just from experience and learning the track more. Either way, I greatly improved my turn 8, 9 and 13 corner speeds. The next corners to work on is 1 and 11b? (the right hander over the hill going into thunder valley). Those are both fast turns i know i slow down too much for.
  4. Random Track Talk

    What class do you run? I'm in intermediate and usually file in around the #2 in the pits before the session. I don't have a number on my bike though. I got the 675 years ago cause no one had them; that and how awesome they are. Now they are everywhere!
  5. Random Track Talk

    Monday is down to 20% rain. Just signed up for Mid-O. Have fun at PIRC! I'll be there at some point this summer.
  6. Random Track Talk

    Haven't ridden there in 2-3 years so I would still be in the N group. I'll probably check the weather tomorrow morning and make the call. 92 is just so hot.
  7. Random Track Talk

    So do i go with the 92F at PIRC on sat or gamble with the 77F 30% rain at Mid-O on Monday.
  8. Nelson Ledges

    Don't see what's any different than when we rode there couple years ago from a safety standpoint. And any new pavement has to be better than what it was before. I'm in!!!! I can't wait to get back out there.
  9. Nelson Ledges

    That is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! When do track days start???
  10. 5 Mid Ohio certs

    I'll take the last 2 if still available.
  11. Mid-O - June 5

    As far as i understand if you are a frequent rider (4+ days/year) you get 1 free cancellation a year. I'm not sure if that is a rolling year, based off last year or what. There hasn't been four days yet this year. Mid-O is an ice rink with any kind of moisture on the track. But they run rain or shine so you are SOL if you are not a frequent rider.
  12. Mid-O - June 5

  13. Powerline Park

    First time down to Powerline Park in Saint Clairesville, OH. What a blast. 1,000 acres of muddy trail riding and drunken festivities. I didn't take my phone with me while riding so the only pictures i have are of camp. On a good weekend, i'm told they get 5-7,000 people. It was packed this time and was told it wasn't actually that bad; all the rain must of kept people away. There was dirtbikes, 4-wheelers, side by sides, jeeps, trucks with 4ft tires, deuce and halfs, really any and everything. We went down Friday morning and rode all day before a lot of the crowd got there. Saturday was a little bit more busy but we stayed off the main trails and didn't really get stuck behind too many people. We had a few people get stuck throughout. One guy had to leave his side by side overnight; it was 2AM and raining like a mofo. Could stand on the hill it was so slick. The main pond/drag was packed from 7PM till 4AM. I found it to get boring pretty quick though, i'd rather be out riding than standing around a bunch of drunken douchebags. I lost count how many vehicles were broken down and left on the trails or being towed out. Overall it was one of the most fun things i've ever done. I really want to get a side by side now but i have no where to store it or the trailer needed for it. I can't make it to this years labor day weekend but plan on going back next year.
  14. Nicky Hayden Bicycle Accident

    That's awesome of them. Truth is one of my fav's. I'll definitely keep a look out.
  15. Mid-O - June 5

    I'll be there either the 5th or 6th; whichever one has the better forecast.