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  1. Last time i towed a trailer through PA, i hugged the booth and the guy didn't charge me for it (i don't have ezpass). His face looked shocked as i started to pull away but i didn't stop. Not sure if something tells him about a trailer or whatnot in the booth but he didn't pay enough attention.
  2. "side hustle."

    I want to get a wood lathe and mess around with it. If i could sell some stuff then that would be a plus. Couple years ago i made lamps out of wine bottles and they were a big hit. I bet i could sell them for $20.
  3. Random Thoughts thread

    Would love to check it out but i wouldn't be able to get there until like 7:00PM at the earliest. Maybe we'll get out early on Friday. Looking at their calendar, they will be doing ChumpCar F/Sa/Su.
  4. Random Thoughts thread

    Going to San Jose all next week for training. Anyone been there before and have any places to check out. Going to see the San Fran bridge but that's all i got so far.
  5. Ohio Riders Unofficial Mid-Ohio Track Day 2018

    Hopefully i can make the date on this one. Couldn't make it last year.
  6. Track days for 2017 @ mid ohio

    I'm hoping that's repave money as well but i'm not holding my breath. They did cost reduction last year too by no t-shirts and less for lunch. Also ran out of water before lunch every time I was there.
  7. Track days for 2017 @ mid ohio

    http://midohio.com/more-news-a-announcements/452-cyber-monday-sale-tmos $157.50 - Full Track Day (was $146.25 last year) $120.00 - Twilight I'm in for 4.
  8. All inclusive beach vacations

    That's what our one tour guide said. /shrug
  9. All inclusive beach vacations

    We've done all-inclusive to Riveria Maya, Cancun (2X) and Costa Rica. Also been on 3 cruises. I would and will do them all again. Riveria Maya was at El Dorado Royal for our honeymoon 2007. It was like 2 miles off the rain road on a private drive. It was secluded and nothing to do but relax and hang out. We did an excursion to the Aztec ruins which was a blast but like 3 hours away. Cancun #1 was at Golden Parnassus 2010. It was cheap and you could tell as it was an older resort. But the staff and food was great. The room was clean, just outdated. Cancun #2 was at ME 2011. It was a newer hotel and more expensive than #1 but it wasn't as fun. The entertainment wasn't as good, less to do during the day and food not as good. I also ended up being allergic to the pool chemicals. I would get a hive/rash if i went in the water. Costa Rica was at Riu Palace 2014. A bit more than you want to spend but this place was amazing. The fresh fruit every morning was the best i have ever had. We did zip lining in the rain forest and got rained on which was cool. There were 4 liquor bottles in each room mounted on the wall. The native language is english and everyone we dealt with was so nice. We got massages on the beach for like $20. The wife galloped horses on the beach for like $20; she's experienced on horses so they said do whatever. We will be back here at some point. All three cruises was with Carnival in the Caribbean 2012, 2015 and 2017. Food always great and different every day. They always have weird stuff to try; ox tongue is delicious. Lots of stuff to do on the ships. Different ports everyday. Downside is drinks not included and the casino doesn't pay out very well. You can either be lazy and do nothing or be busy from morning till night.
  10. Dem ad has truck chasing down kids

    I don't care what side you are on. This is over the line.
  11. Considering Android

    +1 on Spigen. I have had them on my last two phones and they are great. I've dropped them a few times and no problems at all. I use tempered glass screen protectors with no issues with smudging. My wife dropped her phone and cracked the glass protector but the phone screen is fine. Not sure if the glass protector prevented a screen break or not but i like to think it did just to justify the cost.
  12. What did you do to your bike today?

    Water wetter out, antifreeze in. Stabil in the tank. Battery tender on.
  13. Silly riding.

    Most of us 'millennials' hate those assholes just as much. They really need to break us up into smaller subsets. I really hate being identified with that group. I use to be in the car scene as well but most of our events were canceled due to Honda's revving and burnouts or trucks rolling coal. I gave up about 4 years ago. The only car meets that seem to be safe is classic car cruises. Until i get my next house with a bigger garage so i can get my camaro here, i'm out of the scene.
  14. What did you do to your bike today?

    Went to Iron Pony for the first time. That place is insanely huge!!!! I sat on a bunch of bikes, atvs, side x sides, pretty much everything. I hate to say it but there was a nice Indian cruiser i could actually see myself riding if i ever got a street bike again.
  15. Considering Android

    One thing i enjoy more about android is home screen/s customization. I have a weather widget that shows the time, date, current weather with high/low, battery percentage and next alarm. You can add a bunch of other info as well if you want. I can also put the apps where i please and have a monthly calendar as well. My wife just got an iphone for work and we found out you can't do any of that. It's all apps sorted from the top. But they were showing us some cool stuff you can do at the apple store that android doesn't do too. So it all comes down to what you want. I prefer android but that's more about my hatred of itunes when it first came out and the overpriced PCs with irreplaceable components.