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  1. ludwb675

    Motorcycle Survey from Ohio State

    My cousin just sent out a survey about swimwear. The format is identical. It's a marketing research class.
  2. https://www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2018/10/two_killed_in_independence_mot.html RIP. Wonder if the passenger was ok with the speed they were traveling. Gear didn't help this time.
  3. ludwb675

    When will the hypocrites in Columbus...

    Time to start tearing down the statues!!!!
  4. ludwb675

    Random Track Talk

    Pretty sure noon the day before is the cutoff for early registration. So that would be Friday at noon for a Monday track day.
  5. ludwb675

    Random Track Talk

    Mid-O appreciation day is Oct 8. Since i busted my shoulder and couldn't ride this year, i asked if i could roll over my appreciation day to next year when i'll actually be using all my certs. I got denied.
  6. ludwb675

    Handicap Stand your Ground incident

    https://abcnews.go.com/US/shooter-florida-stand-ground-case-charged-manslaughter/story?id=57151343 Florida has done something right for once.
  7. ludwb675

    Class 1 hitch ok to tow bike and trailer?

    Exact ramp i use with my HF trailer. It's great build quality and i ride the bike right up it since it's wide enough to put your feet down. Once in the trailer i put the TRS down and slide right into place.
  8. ludwb675

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Started the bike for the first time in a while. Let it idle while i mowed the grass. Stupid shoulder. I get my bone stimulater tomorrow though. Hopefully it works as good as the Dr says.
  9. ludwb675

    Class 1 hitch ok to tow bike and trailer?

    I towed to the track for many years in a Scion xB (the bigger second version). It was never tow rated in the US but had a 1,600lb rating in Austrailia. I figured it was good enough. No issues at all with the bike and gear. I probably only had about 80-100lb of tongue weight. I would pick it up and pull the trailer to the car in the mornings. I tried 800lbs of topsoil once and it did not like that. Glad I only had to go about 10 miles. It was constant tug/pull the whole way, could never get it settled down.
  10. ludwb675

    Ohio Riders Unofficial Mid-Ohio Track Day 2018

    DAMNIT!!!!!!!!! I will not be joining you guys on the 2nd. Just got an x-ray on the shoulder and it hasn't healed much since April. The Dr. is going to try to get me set up with a bone stimulater machine. She isn't sure if i will get approved for it though. Either way I go back in 3 months. By that point, it will be healed up as much as it's going to get and i'll get the all clear to resume all strenuous activities. So track riding and mountain biking are out for all of summer. Who wants to buy 4 gift certs!!!! I'll need to check to make sure they are still good for 2 years and i'll use them next year.
  11. ludwb675

    Upgraded software version

    My unread content loads in about 1 second.
  12. ludwb675

    Ohio Riders Unofficial Mid-Ohio Track Day 2018

    My shoulder x-ray and Dr. appt was canceled today. Scheduled for Friday afternoon now so i won't be able to register if i get the all clear. Hopefully there will be walk-up spots available. his is all dependent on my shoulder finally being healed up. I did feel some slight ache in it about two weeks ago so i'm not getting my hopes up too high.
  13. ludwb675

    Looking for a decent hardtail for Isaac...

    Too bad you don't need a medium frame. Good luck with the search.
  14. ludwb675

    2004 Honda CRF250X with R cams and more - $2900

    If this was next year, i probably would be taking it off your hands. GLWS!
  15. ludwb675

    Upgraded software version

    Unread content opened in a few seconds for me. No issue. Using chrome on work laptop.