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  1. ludwb675

    Looking for a decent hardtail for Isaac...

    Too bad you don't need a medium frame. Good luck with the search.
  2. ludwb675

    bike 2004 Honda CRF250X with R cams and more - $2900

    If this was next year, i probably would be taking it off your hands. GLWS!
  3. ludwb675

    Upgraded software version

    Unread content opened in a few seconds for me. No issue. Using chrome on work laptop.
  4. ludwb675

    Ohio Riders Unofficial Mid-Ohio Track Day 2018

    I get my next xray on 6/25. If i'm cleared i'll be there for sure!
  5. ludwb675

    All inclusive beach vacations

    I tried scuba in a swimming pool just to try it out and I couldn't get comfortable. I'm sure part had to do with the shitty equipment we were using. But i couldn't get over the fact you couldn't just stand up for air if something happened.
  6. ludwb675

    PIRC 5-19 5-20

    I was originally planning on it. Really want to get on the new track. Maybe i'll be good to go for the one in July.
  7. ludwb675

    Random Thoughts thread

    It happened on 2/10. It was a pretty large fracture, not just a hairline. Over the first four weeks it looked like it closed up about half way. X-ray at week 10 showed no change since week 4. They are not really sure what's going on. I go back end of June to see how it's progressing. I really don't know the next step if it's not healing. Doctor said they usually don't plate Scapula's since they are completely surrounded by muscle. But also Scapula fractures are pretty rare and not much literature about it out there. This was the first case my physical therapist has seen in her 25 year career. This is a pic of the original X-Ray on 2/11. Yes i tried to sleep it off thinking it was just a sprained muscle.
  8. ludwb675

    Random Thoughts thread

    Scapula is still fractured. Next x-ray is 6/25. No trackdays, mountain biking or anything that may involve an impact until then. Goodbye summer.
  9. ludwb675

    OMRL Round 1 this weekend

    Whats all the low sides from? Dragging foot pegs/hard parts? I need to get into this but just don't have the time. Circleville is too far for a day trip.
  10. ludwb675

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Found out that if you lose power, the Shorai battery charger does not default to 'store' mode. The battery had enough juice to prime the fuel pump and that was about it. After getting the battery charged back up, started the track bike for the first time since last year. Took a few cranks but started up, the idle seemed off from what i remember. /shrug Cleaned the chain really well, looks brand new again. Still need to do an oil change and change out the anitfreeze.
  11. ludwb675

    Random Thoughts thread

    Most likely i would just get a don't do that again. For good or bad, it's almost impossible it get fired from this place.
  12. ludwb675

    Random Thoughts thread

    Work rearranged the cube farm and now i sit directly beneath a HVAC vent. It is currently blowing cold air on me in an office that is already colder than any other part of the building. I already tried turning the damper but it's broken of course. Next idea is to take the diffuser cover off and shove a towel or something in the down tube.
  13. ludwb675

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Ordered some new sticky Pirelli's since they came back in stock.
  14. ludwb675

    Random Thoughts thread

    I asked the guy what's on the chicken pizza (pizza by the slice place) and he said chicken bacon ranch. I assumed that was all that was on it. You couldn't see the onions at all. And usually I just get cheese or pineapple (let the hate begin) pizza. Don't care for pizza with 50 different toppings.
  15. ludwb675

    Random Thoughts thread

    Got chicken bacon ranch pizza for lunch. They failed to tell me there were onions on it. Pizza now ruined.