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  1. That castle looks awesome congrats.... Im jealous.... Also i know nothing about grout
  2. UGH I kinda want these in black... Nate i spend to much money because of you lol Can you PM me price
  3. I dont know you... But hope you have an awesome BDAY!
  4. Ouch lol caught red handed Karl....
  5. Haha that's probably the best way someone could put that lol. Which is closer Putnam or Nelson ?
  6. Thanks for the advice rubber side down, ill have to look into nl ... I heard Putnam isn't kept up very well but it is a good starting course.
  7. LOL nice madcat, Friday works for me got the appointment saturday. Let me know what you decide.
  8. Looks like an awesome dog.... RIP that scumbag deserves the worst... Im with Crazy on this one
  9. Cool, Ill post up once I see about that appointment.
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