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  1. GuardRail-Mike

    Any Tile/grout Experts?

    how longs it been?
  2. GuardRail-Mike

    Any Tile/grout Experts?

    That castle looks awesome congrats.... Im jealous.... Also i know nothing about grout
  3. GuardRail-Mike

    Wednesday 31st.

    Myself and mfs81 road around abit this evening and then stopped by at me.andersons house and had to ride home in pouring rain, was miserable lol oh well
  4. GuardRail-Mike

    Alpinestars Smx-1 Boots

    UGH I kinda want these in black... Nate i spend to much money because of you lol Can you PM me price
  5. GuardRail-Mike

    Wednesday 31st.

    Ill be there
  6. GuardRail-Mike

    Rollin Hot Is A Year Wiser!

  7. GuardRail-Mike

    Happy Birthday Snot

    I dont know you... But hope you have an awesome BDAY!
  8. GuardRail-Mike

    Motorcycle Picture Game 2013 Edition

    Are they riding around together? lol
  9. GuardRail-Mike

    Central- Weds Or Thursday

    Think I've been Thread jacked. That looks awesome though lol.
  10. GuardRail-Mike

    Building A Gaming Rig.

  11. GuardRail-Mike

    Central- Weds Or Thursday

    Agree with Todd completely on this one... Downtown is not a ride, it's a sit in front of Taco Bell and stare at people walking by...
  12. GuardRail-Mike

    Mid -week Detour Ride _ Central

    Thanks for the ride, we ended up taking 586 back to 79 lol but was a great day for it.
  13. GuardRail-Mike

    Mid -week Detour Ride _ Central

    Me and Matt heading out should be there by 2 if not wait for us won't be long
  14. GuardRail-Mike

    Building A Gaming Rig.

    Ouch lol caught red handed Karl....