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  1. How to become a progressive Democrat

    Can someone answer this Civil War question: Why did non-slave owning southerners fight in the Civil War (Yes, a large majority of southerners in 1860 did *not* own slaves)? What were they fighting for? Also, those in favor of removing the monuments...you do realize that those confederate soldiers are to be, by law treated as US Veterans? Just looking for a rational, no BS answer. What was the average southerner's "call to battle" for? Surely they weren't willing to die for the right of others to own slaves? Men of color also fought. I'm having a real hard time believing that the entirety of the Civil War was fought so some plantation douches could keep their help. Learn me please.
  2. Ear Plugs, What are you using?

    These are my favorite as well. Use on the bike, when mowing or weedeating, shooting, etc. Cheap and disposable. I tried molded (do it yourself) and was not impressed. Also, the reusable/molded types need to be cleaned often. I bought a set of the Plugfones mentioned above. I find them a little uncomfortable and they don't stay put. Great concept though. Maybe if they used the foam like Moldex uses they would be better?
  3. I'm drunk and bored. Ask me shit...

    I was looking for "42". Indeed. I don't live like every day is my last...too many bodies to hide, but I'm here for the ride. It's all bullshit if there is no levity. New topic: When will Earth reach critical mass via overpopulation?
  4. I'm drunk and bored. Ask me shit...

    Fair enough. What is the meaning of life??
  5. I'm drunk and bored. Ask me shit...

    Why are we here?
  6. M&P .22 Compact Suppressor Ready

    IDK how many thousands of rounds mine has been through. It usually gets it's ass kicked at the range due to the fun factor. It will eat anything with suppressor on. Some stuff will make it hiccup without the added back pressure. Mine has ran like a champ for the most part. It was still going in below pic after plowing a channel up the feed ramp through the gunk. This was after 400 or so rounds of lovely Winchester bulk. I think I had some troubles with Federal blue box bulk not extracting without suppressor once, but again...suppressed it will eat anything. Fun little pistols. Edit: I did have a little trouble with the mag catch getting gummed up and not grabbing the magazine. Some cleaning remedied it. Suppressors on .22lr is a dirty affair!
  7. no mirrors?

    What - You will like the bar ends on your Street. For me at least, they work better for vision than the stockers did. They look nice also. Those mirror less riders must be Italians?
  8. Epic Ride - Your Thoughts - New Route Idea

    Jukebox Pizza. Just across the river in Waterford. First left off the bridge. Small pizza joint. Rock n Roll Sub just their take on a footlong submarine. I enjoy them. Their Super Nachos are also pretty good. It's just become one of those spots I love to stop and eat at when out riding. http://www.menupix.com/menudirectory/menu.php?id=350010168
  9. Perry State Forest

    Well, to explain my antics... This was in the fall of 2002. I had just recently purchased a new 660 Grizzly. The thing would actually do whoolies. This is nothing nowadays, but back then you didn't see a big 4x4 CVT quad doing wheel stands. There was a pack of Honda Foremans 'mirin as as was approaching so I decided to show my ass a bit to them and stand that beast up for about 20 yards. It was a low speed affair. I had been there several times before and many after without any inclination of squidding in the parking lot. For some reason that day though...I guess I thought I'd be Mr cool. Ended up being Mr fool instead.
  10. Washing the bike

    I only use the hose if bike is trashed. Original Biker Spirits Polish and or S100 Spray Wax. I use S100 Cleaner with the hose. Biker's polish will cut most bugs/grime off, the S100 wax helps it to come off easier next time. Lots of Honda Polish fans out there.
  11. Perry State Forest

    There are occasionally plain clothes officers working Perry. I got a surprise years ago from one. Took and did a whoolie in the parking area. Guy in a camo shirt and jeans walks up and pulls his neck chain out of his shirt revealing a badge...well fuck, said me. Saw a Banshee being loaded into another officers pickup that day as well. The uniformed officer was actually foot stalking on the trails for a bit. Always enjoyed riding there. Have they been able to fight off the coal mine or is that still an issue?
  12. Harvest season for the farmers, so watch for mud and junk on the road. Have fun, be safe!