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  1. Those are great photos Rick! Nothing beats creating memories with your kids!
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. We were initially thinking of staying at Franklin or Fontana Dam. If we stay in Franklin, thinking about taking Wayah Rd toward Cherohala. Then doing Cherohala each way, then Dragon and Foothills Parkway to Townsend to US441. I know that we can ride a long time in the mountains. If we stay at Fontana Dam, start with the Dragon toward Foothills Parkway, Townsend, and US441. We would end the day with a trip each way on Cherohala. I really like Dragon and Cherohala really early or really late for less traffic. My daughter is so excited!
  3. Ok. We don't have reservations yet. I wasn't sure where to stay and when. We are rolling out of Nags Head, NC early on Friday morning. We're planning on riding US64 at Hendersonville to Franklin, NC. We are going to have dinner at Cafe Rel. Then, we haven't decided where to stay that night. We thought about Fontana Dam or Townsend, but that is a lot of riding for my daughter. On Saturday: Cherohala, US441 through Smoky Mountain National Park (hopefully with Kingman Dome), and US129. We haven't decided where to stay on Saturday night either.
  4. Put them both in the driveway! Even with the upcoming 3 car garage, I won't be parking in the garage until my daughters quit riding.
  5. Sounds good to me Jaime. I'll have my 11 yo daughter with me. Are you guys staying at Fontana Dam?
  6. Clearly, you'll have no excuse for not having a motorcycle. Congrats!
  7. The housing market is crazy. Hopefully, I'll have a new garage(and house) in a couple more months.
  8. I have been thinking about it for a while. I tried to pair an extra SMH10 to my 30k, but I was unsuccessful. After 15 minutes of listening to the 2 headsets chiming, I ordered the Cardos. How long until you get another bike?
  9. I've had enough with some of the frustrations with Sena. I have a pair of Cardo Pack Talk Bolds on order. I hope that we like them.
  10. I'll be in the area from 7/9 to 7/11. I'm taking my daughter around the area for a couple of days on the Wing.
  11. Thanks! I've got my daughters' season ending softball tournament this weekend.
  12. If the offer still stands, I would like to take your bike for a spin some time. I took two of my daughters up to Iron Pony today to purchase some next size riding gear for an upcoming trip to the OBX. They are now down for the new Wing. I may be able to get one sooner than I was thinking.
  13. Tonik is making a good point about considering a Wing. They are not much larger than the Connie. If I didn't love my Connie so much, I would have one. It will be the one bike that I get to 100,000 miles, I think I am close to having my daughters talked into the new Wing. They are nice! It will be my next touring bike.
  14. Where are you located? You can take my Connie for a spin. I was also trying to decide between the FJR and Connie. I found a good deal on the Connie, so they is what I bought. I couldn't be happier. My brother has the FJR, and he really like it. You can't go wrong with either bike.
  15. You guys are going to have a great time! Enjoy the trip!
  16. There are quite a few people on here that ride sporty touring bikes that track up the miles. The ST1300s are great bikes.
  17. The battery replacement on the old TPMS isn't too bad. I'm on my 2nd battery on each wheel. I like the peace of mind of having TPMS. It has alerted me that my tire had picked up nails in on 2 separate occasions over the years.
  18. A switch to a slip on exhaust and an ECU reflash will gain you 4 to 5mpg. It will also awaken the motor in the lower rpms. I average low 40s during commuting and riding on the superslab. I refuel around 200 miles, but wouldn't feel uncomfortable going to 225 to 230 miles. Playing in the twisties will obviously drop the mileage.
  19. It will also change your perception of distance. Riding all day to go to far off places is no big deal.
  20. Like @2talltimstated, I'm running the RDL. I'm using the Cal Sci Tall windshield. https://www.calsci.com/motorcycleinfo/Concoursprod.html I'm not sure what size rear tire you have, but switching to a 55 series rear tire (from the 50 series stock tire) will give you a little more cornering clearance. The 55 series tire also make initial turn into a curve a little more responsive. My other suggested farkles: motorcycle specific GPS, Ram-ball mounts for phone, throttle lock(or after market cruise control like Tim), after market trunk, and I like to use a tank bag when I'm touring.
  21. I had the cupping issue with Michelins, but I haven't had that issue to the same degree with the Dunlop RS3s. For the record, the front tire can't cup if it's not on the ground.
  22. @Pauly best wishes for a speedy recovery! Thanks for sharing and reminding everybody about the importance of good quality safety gear.
  23. More west than southwest: EagleRider Motorcycle Rentals and Tours Dayton 7220 N Dixie Dr, Dayton, OH 45414 (937) 797-3059
  24. Are you buying new or used? I thought most Harley dealers would let you take bikes out for a test ride. I've been in 2 Harley dealers looking at bikes over the years, and they both offered to let me take their bikes out for a test ride. If not, go to a Harley dealer and sit on a bunch of bikes to see which one you like. Find that bike on the used market (Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, dealer, etc.). Go to the owner's house with the full asking price in cash & ask for a test ride (assuming that you are truly interested). With cash in hand, most people will not have any issues allowing the ride. I've never been denied a request for a test ride, but I am not much of a tire kicker.
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