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  1. What did you do to your bike today?

    56 in a 55 is illegal.
  2. Tim is down, but not out.

    Alcohol also works on ACLs. I recommend that you don't try it.
  3. Tim is down, but not out.

    That and the rum
  4. Tim and Justin's New England Trip

    Where's the nearest liquor store? You two have hit almost all of the states east of the Mississippi in the last month and a half.
  5. Lol @ Ducati owners!

    The following image was in the comments section of the article:
  6. Random Thoughts thread

    I get bored at the beach, but smoking a cigar and drinking a couple IPAs at the beach is pretty enjoyable.
  7. Nice write up. Glad to see that the trip turned out well for you.
  8. What did you do to your bike today?

    F'n racebike!
  9. Not sure if satire, or serious......

    What about the 600cc or 1000cc starter bike thread?
  10. What did you do to your bike today?

    Start with the cheap to mid level stuff. You can upgrade as you go along. I bought basic Coleman stuff, and it has been good enough. I have a friend that has top of the line camping stuff, but he rarely uses it.
  11. It's not hard to get a starter bike. Find something reliable and start riding.
  12. I'm drunk and bored. Ask me shit...

    Can't go wrong with the captain. Where's the nearest liquor store?
  13. My youngest daughter will have sold a four wheeler and bought a motorcycle in less time than it has taken for this guy to buy a bike. She is 7 years old. Just saying.
  14. I just caught up on this thread and my head hurts. I want my time back. We should start a contest to see how much many pages this thread will become before he buys a bike.