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  1. Connie14

    Fuck winter.

    WTF is that? I thought you had heated gear. 🤣
  2. They've been winning for a long time. Now it's time for the useless federal government to fix the issue for everyone.
  3. Check the can chain tensioner. Some of them had issues. I had a DRZ400 that the previous owner changed the cam chain tensioner to an aftermarket for a similar reason.
  4. Great idea! The big girl is deceptively fun, but the Wing 2 up is tough to beat.
  5. I picked up two ttr125s with the larger wheels (19" front). All 3 girls are now set for a while. We are now testing the limits of the n+1 theory.
  6. We work on a little bit of all kinds of heavy civil construction. We mostly work in Central and Southern Ohio.
  7. I took the Wing to Washington County to look at some slip repairs this morning. It's an adventure bike, not a dirtbike. I did ride through some wet clay. I still can't believe it didn't go down.
  8. This is a great time to ride bikes. It's cooler and the scenery is nice as the leaves change color. It is an even better time to buy a bike. I try to buy all of my bikes in the fall and winter. Good luck with the search. The riding in Noble County is far superior to the riding in Licking County.
  9. Everybody likes different bikes. I really used to like riding cruisers. I still have a cruiser, but I tend to ride my touring bikes much more often. Ride your ride and enjoy it. Honda can make some really reliable bikes.
  10. My daughters are quickly outgrowing their TTR110s. Unfortunately, it is difficult to go to MC shops to have them sit on different bikes to see what they like. The stock in MC shops is not good right now. I came across a project KLX140, and all the girls really like riding it. I have seen a couple of TTR125s on FB Marketplace, but they have all had issues or sold quickly. Are their any other electric start bikes that I should consider for my daughters (other than the TTR125 or KLX140)? Does anyone have a TTR125 or KLX that they are willing to part with?
  11. Those are great photos Rick! Nothing beats creating memories with your kids!
  12. Thanks for the suggestion. We were initially thinking of staying at Franklin or Fontana Dam. If we stay in Franklin, thinking about taking Wayah Rd toward Cherohala. Then doing Cherohala each way, then Dragon and Foothills Parkway to Townsend to US441. I know that we can ride a long time in the mountains. If we stay at Fontana Dam, start with the Dragon toward Foothills Parkway, Townsend, and US441. We would end the day with a trip each way on Cherohala. I really like Dragon and Cherohala really early or really late for less traffic. My daughter is so excited!
  13. Ok. We don't have reservations yet. I wasn't sure where to stay and when. We are rolling out of Nags Head, NC early on Friday morning. We're planning on riding US64 at Hendersonville to Franklin, NC. We are going to have dinner at Cafe Rel. Then, we haven't decided where to stay that night. We thought about Fontana Dam or Townsend, but that is a lot of riding for my daughter. On Saturday: Cherohala, US441 through Smoky Mountain National Park (hopefully with Kingman Dome), and US129. We haven't decided where to stay on Saturday night either.
  14. Put them both in the driveway! Even with the upcoming 3 car garage, I won't be parking in the garage until my daughters quit riding.
  15. Sounds good to me Jaime. I'll have my 11 yo daughter with me. Are you guys staying at Fontana Dam?
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