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  1. Klim Apex Textile Jacket

    How much for a large in Silver?
  2. What did you do to your bike today?

    Battery tender and heated gear tails connected to the battery of FZ1. It is ready for winter. It would be nice if it got warm enough to wash and wax the bikes one more time this year.
  3. All inclusive beach vacations

    Me too. There is nothing like child care expenses to put all other costs in perspective. We did an all inclusive trip to Punta Cana about 10 years ago, and it was a great vacation. It was nice to be able to eat and drink anything you want anytime you want.
  4. 2018 Goldwing

    FZ1 is good for short duration touring. I have a tail bag that would hold enough clothes for a few days. The Connie is good for any duration touring (especially one up). I may potentially want a Honda Goldwing to tour with my wife and daughters.
  5. Random Thoughts thread

    Good luck!
  6. Michelin Road 5 Tires

    What is a tyre?
  7. 2018 Goldwing

    I'll probably get one of these in a couple of years. It appears they did a good job of trying to catch up to the K1600.
  8. WD-40...on tires!

    I have no mar tire lube and I have WD40. I use the WD40 more often, because I can spray it.
  9. 2017 Ohio Riders Fantasy Football League

    Anything would be great. I completely expect you to beat my team this weekend.
  10. WD-40...on tires!

    I sometimes use WD-40 to change my tires. It seems to work well. No way in hell that I would use it for cosmetic reasons.
  11. 2017 Ohio Riders Fantasy Football League

    How about second to last place?
  12. I blew mine with 30k+ miles. After that, I became much more careful about keeping the front end on the ground. 600+ lb. bikes aren't meant to have their front wheels off the ground. Travel safe guys! I wish I could have made the trip!
  13. Quit riding woolies on that thing!
  14. Bought a freight train

    Something else about the Connie, the wind protection allows riding all year long. I rode the Connie to work in the mid to upper 30s yesterday and it was nice. I rode the FZ1 today at 39 degrees, and it was noticeably cooler. If you so decide, you will not need to winterize your freight train.
  15. Introduction