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  1. You may want to consider puttting a touring shield and heated grips (or gloves) on that big girl, and it will be good to ride in the cold. The fairing and electric windshield protect you from the wind. I ride mine year round. I do use heated gear below 40 degrees
  2. All Goldwings are old man's bikes. No 20 year old rider wants to buy a Wing. However, the Wings are faster and more nimble than most people think. Even the last generation gl1800s. Pauly's post on the gl1800 site about the prices for the leftover 2018 gl1800s had me thinking really hard about picking one up. I'll get one in a few years. Right now my daughters love the old man's version of the old man's bike. Here is a photo of an old man with a preteen daughter on the Tail of the Dragon that chased down some sport bike riders. What you don't see in the photo is the other 2 sport bike riders that were passed to get to this group.
  3. Then tease him for being too young to buy an old man's bike.
  4. ^ What he said + 1. I'm upgrading my helmet in the spring, and I have been considering going to the Cardo. My daughters and brother use Sena, so I'll probably stick with the Sena 30k for a while longer. I have no complaints with the 30k, I was just thinking about upgrading it at the same time as my helmet. You probably can't go wrong with either. It depends on what your buddies are using.
  5. Godfather 1 & 2 The Dark Knight Inception
  6. I ended up gaining weight when we had kids. It's natural. Welcome to the Dad Bod!
  7. Unfortunately, OP is probably the same person that keeps spam calling your phone about your vehicle's extended warranty. They still only have 1 post.
  8. I thought that the fast guys ride on leader bikes!
  9. Wayne. It will be to muddy & slippery at Perry for the girls
  10. Black Friday preparations are complete! We'll finish loading 1st thing in the morning. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  11. Not on my bike. The backrest would interfere with the trunk.
  12. I've got the Givi E55 w/ passenger pad and the older version of this backrest for my Connie: https://www.advancedsporttouring.com/Concours_Removable_Passenger_Backrest_p/c14-22.htm My kids prefer the backrest to the Givi with the passenger pad. The back rest is rounded, more comfortable, and more rigid. They say that they can feel the Givi flexing when leaning back under hard acceleration.
  13. Nice Bike Rick! It is a good day to ride to work:
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