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  1. Connie14

    Hatfield McCoy trip?

    Hatfield McCoy has trails of different skill levels. I have ridden at Buffalo Mountain that has a lot of kick ass single track, and it was great. I have also ridden at Pocahontas to Pinnacle with a bunch of 4 wheelers. It was not as difficult as Buffalo Mountain. It had very little single track, and it had some great views. I was riding with a broken wrist in a splint, so this was just what the doctor ordered (lol). Both were very enjoyable, but in different ways. There is some beautiful riding for all levels of riding.
  2. The suspect deserves a good star for being a shitty person. I am sure his parents are proud.
  3. Connie14

    What do YOU need?

    Can I get a price on a Klim XL Bandlands Jacket (preferably in Gray) and either 34 Badland or Latitude Pant (also preferably in Gray)?
  4. Connie14

    Motorcycle Survey from Ohio State

    One word: SLOW
  5. Connie14

    What did you do to your bike today?

    I'm healing. Most of the swelling is gone, but I am still a little sore and weak. I have a splint/brace that has a steel shank that is rounded at the palm, so I can do some easy riding. Putting some miles on the Z?
  6. Connie14

    What did you do to your bike today?

    I started commuting on the Connie again.
  7. Connie14

    Random Thoughts thread

    Worst motorcycle weekend ever: My oldest daughter's dirt bike seized up while riding at Perry. My youngest daughter's bike quit running a few minutes later. It is still not running. While riding in a dual sport ride on Sunday, I wrecked into a creek bed at the bottom of a downhill pretty hard. I have a displaced fracture in one of my carpel bones. My riding season is done. This sucks!
  8. Connie14

    ABS vs Non-ABS

    +1. The ABS on the Connie has saved my butt a few times over the years. I wish the FZ1 had it. It can get squirrelly when it is cold or in heavy rain. All of my future street bikes will have ABS.
  9. Connie14

    Off all week, who wants to ride

    I'm in Pataskala.
  10. Connie14

    Off all week, who wants to ride

    Your more than welcome to try my Connie. I've ridden both the FZ1 and Connie for extended periods, and the comfort level is not even close. You can ride the Connie at 100 mph all day long (or until LEOs catch you). It's not just searing position. The wind protection matters also.
  11. Gene also admitted that he was the one that told Urban. How do you reprimand an employee, if their superior tells them about the incident? Drake should be gone within a year or two.
  12. I am all for due process, but the wait today is getting ridiculous. Let's get on with it already!
  13. Connie14

    Lawyer recommendations Cleveland area

    It sounds like everyone here did not steer you in the right direction on your suggest a new bike thread. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and resolution to your potential legal settlement issue!
  14. Connie14

    2010 Concours 14

    Too bad this wasn't a few years ago. I threw my stock exhaust in the trash. I have no use for a boat anchor.
  15. Connie14

    2010 Concours 14

    There are some quiet aftermarket pipes that look better, and they ate significantly lighter. Put an aftermarket exhaust with an ECU rehash, and it really wakes up the bike. If you're ever on Columbus, you can also try my bike. I have the old Guhl ECU reflash with a slip on pipe. With the silencer insert, it is not loud. Good luck on getting it sorted out.