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  1. Connie14

    Happy birthday to me.

    Happy Birthday
  2. Connie14

    Nerding out over new gear.

    Nice suit! It is waterproof and the jacket vents well. I wish I would have gotten one odd these sooner.
  3. Connie14

    Cryptic Photo

    Congrats on the new to you bike!
  4. From motorcycle ride event thread to tire thread to political thread.
  5. Connie14

    Random Thoughts thread

    It looks like a door frame pull up bar.
  6. @Shoop thanks again for organizing. It was a great ride!
  7. I'm in. Medium fast or medium group.
  8. Connie14

    Guess the bike...

    Unfortunately, the kids may cause the end of my relationship with the Connie. Bring on a Goldwing!
  9. Connie14

    Guess the bike...

    The key is to keep the bikes when the kids start coming.
  10. Connie14

    Check Ya Nuts

    You only need one nut at your age. JK. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and clean scans going forward!
  11. Connie14

    Ramblings of a free man (SV650?)

    FZ1 for $3500
  12. Connie14

    10k already.

    That is a really nice bike. I can definitely see one of the new wings in my future. Enjoy the ride!
  13. Connie14

    FS: 2010 Z1000 lots of quality farkles

    N+1. Not N -1.
  14. Connie14

    2015 FZ1 ..lots of mods...excellent condition

    These are great bikes with comfortable egos. They are also very reliable and fun to ride. GLWS!
  15. Connie14

    2018 MT10(Guess the New Owner)

    If I was you, I would have bought it too. That is a heck of a bike.