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  1. Wayne. It will be to muddy & slippery at Perry for the girls
  2. Black Friday preparations are complete! We'll finish loading 1st thing in the morning. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  3. Not on my bike. The backrest would interfere with the trunk.
  4. I've got the Givi E55 w/ passenger pad and the older version of this backrest for my Connie: https://www.advancedsporttouring.com/Concours_Removable_Passenger_Backrest_p/c14-22.htm My kids prefer the backrest to the Givi with the passenger pad. The back rest is rounded, more comfortable, and more rigid. They say that they can feel the Givi flexing when leaning back under hard acceleration.
  5. Nice Bike Rick! It is a good day to ride to work:
  6. I know. I wish my kids would have liked the seats on the new one better. If I got one now, the kids would never let me get rid of our current one. I'll get one in a year or two, and I'll have 2 of them. I'll end up replacing the Connie with the new Wing. Thanks for starting the thread on the GL1800 forum. That really got me thinking about it.
  7. Congrats on the baby! That is a great looking bike! LBTS GLWS!
  8. I used to have PF really bad. It made me quit athletic sports. I had a physical therapist diagnose the issue and give me some daily stretches. They were similar to the ones listed on this webpage: https://www.uofmhealth.org/health-library/tr5853 These excercises coupled with shoe inserts eliminated my PF. I picked up running half marathons shortly after recovering. I haven"t had issues in years, but I still use the inserts in all of my shoes & boots.
  9. Get fitted inserts. With daily stretches, they will mitigate the plantar fasciitis pretty quickly.
  10. There is some good riding in SEOhio & WV.
  11. I used to have an EZ pass mounted to the top of my front brake reservoir using 3M dual lock fastener. It worked pretty well.
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