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  1. I used to have PF really bad. It made me quit athletic sports. I had a physical therapist diagnose the issue and give me some daily stretches. They were similar to the ones listed on this webpage: https://www.uofmhealth.org/health-library/tr5853 These excercises coupled with shoe inserts eliminated my PF. I picked up running half marathons shortly after recovering. I haven"t had issues in years, but I still use the inserts in all of my shoes & boots.
  2. Get fitted inserts. With daily stretches, they will mitigate the plantar fasciitis pretty quickly.
  3. There is some good riding in SEOhio & WV.
  4. I used to have an EZ pass mounted to the top of my front brake reservoir using 3M dual lock fastener. It worked pretty well.
  5. A good friend of mine has a KTM excf500. It is very capable off road. He has bags that he can strap onto it for multiday trips. It's just a matter of getting the correct tires for street use. He runs DOT knobbies, which limits the stability at high speeds (above 60mph or so). I went from a DRZ 400 to a KTM excf350. It's street legal, but it is very light and nimble. The 50/50 ties that came on out were fine for dual sport riding or roads, but I am running DOT knobbies for riding in mud & hill climbs. When your done with the DRZ, you may want to check out the KTMs. There are a lot of good bikes out there.
  6. There may be some places in southern Ohio that are closer to your location , but I take my daughters to Perry APV and Wayne National Forest. There are campgrounds nearby that you can ride on dirt bikes or 4 wheelers to the trails
  7. Honda with a bowl of spaghetti?
  8. Connie14

    Let them die.

    They should probably put an import tariff on bikes larger than 700CCs.
  9. https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/a32596183/how-harley-davidson-is-killing-itself/
  10. They are planning to rehab the Knowlton Covered Bridge beginning this fall.
  11. What happened to N +1? It's possible to have a Wing and a Connie.
  12. Forget Jurassic park, open Wayne National Forest and Perry APV to riders. If you can't socially distance on dirt bikes and quads, then you're not doing it right.
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