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  1. smccrory

    Lets fix this ear plug BS

    Done, and forwarded to 4 riding buddies.
  2. smccrory

    Lets fix this ear plug BS

    I'll get that done this weekend and will tip off my Ohio riding buddies to do the same. Thanks again Tim - you're a gentleman and a scholar.
  3. smccrory

    Lets fix this ear plug BS

    Jim without a doubt that was one of the classiest and well delivered testimonies we could have hoped anyone to provide in our interests. You have my sincerest of respect and appreciation sir.
  4. smccrory

    Hillary Just a Thought.

    Well, they didn't bleed, so how could they lead? Even leftist outrage mobs that are "problematic" with progressive narratives are more profitably reportable than a bunch of boring celebrations that don't end up with people clawing like zombies at wooden doors, or wearing vagina outfits, or smashing windows and setting cop cars on fire. Republicans are so fucking boring.
  5. smccrory

    Hillary Just a Thought.

    For sure. Didn't that start when they thought they had a sympathetic FBI with Comey, and they did, until they didn't, and then they did, and then they didn't? The deeper irony is that Dems seem incapable of seeing that all power is corruptible, and that the more you concentrate into the hands of people you agree with today is power that can be used by people you disagree with tomorrow. The Dem's inability to see this underlying truth stems from having only one level to pull anymore - that of greater administration, of regulation, of control. Name me a *single* problem that the Dems don't want to solve with more control and I'll name you a libertarian who hasn't yet come out of the neo-liberal closet. And it makes complete sense, doesn't it? To admit that the problem isn't with who wields the sword, but how big a sword you give to Stateists, because that would negate the only thing the left has in their toolbelt... because of course, their game is to establish greater and greater concentration of power and to hold it using any means necessary, even if by smear, slur or violence.
  6. smccrory

    Hillary Just a Thought.

    Ahem - who's chaining unsubstantiated and uncorroborated accusations without facts, exactly? That's the smear the Dems went all-in over the last few weeks and you should see the former-Democratic #WalkAway testimonials as a result - they're impressive both in numbers, lucidity and diversity.
  7. smccrory

    2004 Honda CRF250X with R cams and more - $2900

    SOLD to a local long-time enduro/dual sport enthusiast!
  8. smccrory

    2004 Honda CRF250X with R cams and more - $2900

    Bump: Now posted on CL. Someone please save me from the Craigslist flakes! :-)
  9. smccrory

    2004 Honda CRF250X with R cams and more - $2900

    Video added: https://youtu.be/ifU1PSArMws
  10. smccrory

    2004 Honda CRF250X with R cams and more - $2900

    It’s in Westerville if you’d like to have a look and ride.
  11. I'm selling my 2004 Honda CRF250X dirt bike, street-legal with a clean and clear title, ready to go for the season. It's the X model with wider gearing that people get for woods riding, enduros, hare scrambles and dual sports, AND it has the popular R (racing) cams for MX-level power, especially off the bottom. The bike is no joke at 270 lbs wet. My buddy and I went thoroughly through it last spring and again this winter to make it possibly the most sorted X you'll find. He rode the Honda with me in Wayne, Perry and Flint Ridge, but moved out of state recently. That's why I'm selling it - I have another bike that fits me better.We added a road-legal lighting kit and registered it with the DMV (yay dual sport rides!), replaced every fluid except the forks, installed new tires and HD tubes (now roughly 100 miles/15 hours on them), replaced the air cleaner, cleaned and regreased every wheel bearing, replaced and greased every suspension bearing, added handlebar risers and set sag for a 180 lb 5'10" rider, installed a new lithium battery (pushbutton start AND kick!), added Cycra handguards and radiator guards, replaced the foot pegs with a set that actually grip and also installed a Trail-Tech Vapor unit for speed and engine temp. There are a few little things too, like fork "shock socks," a temp-monitoring radiator cap, seat pack and grab handle. I'll throw in a brand new (quality) set of chain and sprockets, the service manual and spare lightbulbs, plugs and other misc. parts.Friends know I take care of my bikes like I never want to get stuck far away due to mechanical neglect, and this X is absolutely ready to hit the trails again as-is. But here's where I tell you about the negatives - you need to change the fluids like it's an R model, so don't be waiting a whole season between services - it's just like a KTM, Beta or Husky. The right crankcase took at brake tooth hit during Flint Ridge. I repaired it with JB Weld and haven't had an issue since, but I'd recommend inspecting it during the next oil change and considering a case protector. The Vapor's spark sensor wire broke, so it won't tell you RPM (a $20 fix). It has a good bash plate, but stump hoppers will want to add or replace it with a full-coverage unit. It's quick, and I mean quick off the bottom, so I would NOT call this a beginner's bike unless you have good throttle discipline. The existing chain and spockets are fine but could use a swap within the next year (included). I'd recommend draining the fork oil if for no other reason than to say that EVERY fluid has been changed, and checking the valve clearances - I meant to do both over the winter but work got in the way. The bike starts, runs and suspends great, but it never hurts to be proactive, ya know?The bike is located in northeast Columbus, priced at $2900. I know I don't have to say this to OhioRider folks, but please no scammers and time wasters. I'm an honest, no-BS, no-games seller who would be happy to sell this bike to a fellow (or would-be!) woods rider from this forum.
  12. smccrory

    4th annual NEO driveway shitshow

    Did your dogs at least get some heavy petting?
  13. smccrory

    4th annual NEO driveway shitshow

    I have to be signed in at the Southington moto-trials event by 11, so I don’t think I’ll be able to swing by. Bummer too, I’d love to share this goofy bike with y’all. Poo.
  14. smccrory

    LCP ll

    Very cool. I go the “Steph” route except when I’m carrying in just a T shirt or need to pocket the gun.