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  1. FS: CM9 + PJ Holster IWB + mags

    SOLD 🙂
  2. FS: CM9 + PJ Holster IWB + mags

    Bump - still for saleo.
  3. Kahr CM9, PJ Holster black reinforced right handed 15% cant kydex IWB holster and extra mags. Pistol runs 100% reliable and has about 300 rounds through it. One of the 6rd mags has a broken follower tab, so consider it a parts mag. There's a rub mark on the back frame near the slide (pictured) but gun is otherwise flawless. Very accurate in spite of being one of, if not the lightest 9mm CC pistols available. 6+1 or 7+1 capacity matches the Glock 43 and Shield with less bulk. This isn't my only and will not be my last Kahr - they're solid, accurate, have smooth triggers, made in America and feel right in the hand. I'm selling after picking up a couple before the election. $275 to a CC licensee in the Columbus area.
  4. Life plus 40. Holy crap that's quite a sentence. Not sure I want to know the evidence now.
  5. 2017 Spring Adventure Ride, Wayne National Forrest

    Swingset, flyfishjeff and I are still planning to go Friday with little bikes. I'll upload some pictures and maybe video of the conditions. Won't be anything dramatic - just practice seat time to keep building familiarity with bikes that are new to us.
  6. April 15; NEO garage gangbang and circle jerk

    Maybe for a quick wake'n'shake LOL
  7. April 15; NEO garage gangbang and circle jerk

    They got quiet. Golden Girls must be on.
  8. April 15; NEO garage gangbang and circle jerk

    Some random pics...
  9. April 15; NEO garage gangbang and circle jerk

    Home back in Westerville/Columbus. Great time seeing old friends and meeting new faces! Super delicious food and beer. I got rained on periodically headed up but nothing coming back. Warmer temps than I expected in the afternoon, so it felt great to shed the gear after putting the bike away. Geez the V-Strom felt heavy after playing with a Beta 350RR last weekend.
  10. April 15; NEO garage gangbang and circle jerk

    Late date, just got home an hour ago. I'm up, showered and let the dog out. Looks like I'll get a little rain on the way up so will don some ADV gear. I'm betting I'll be there about noon thirty, maybe a little before.
  11. April 15; NEO garage gangbang and circle jerk

    Maybe I'll bring a sag stick if anyone wants to set their preload with buds holding their bikes up. Just come knowing your rear shock travel measurement or desired sag distance to save time looking it up.
  12. Romney Cycles Camp and Ride


    About 100 riders, give or take. The Stromtroopers and Advriders board threads are where to get the latest: Spring 2017 - Romney, West Virginia - May 5 - May 7, 2017 https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?share_fid=91418&share_tid=354049&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.stromtrooper.com%2Fshowthread.php%3Ft%3D354049&share_type=t
  13. April 15; NEO garage gangbang and circle jerk

    I can do. CSC, got an idea of type and count desired?
  14. April 15; NEO garage gangbang and circle jerk

    I'm still in. CSC, keep it easy on yourself - I doubt any of us are going to tweet mean things about your garage tidiness and event coordination skills. Have some basic food and beer available and ask for assistance. What do you need?
  15. bike ISO: Cheap enduro

    Great dealing with you too man! Glad she'll be enjoyed by a known OR inmate and there's a great chance we'll run into each other at Wayne this year.