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  1. In the 80s it might have been simply a case of blue jeans. 😂
  2. Trials Riding?

    Just as things were starting to dry out too. This time of year around here is frustrating.
  3. Trials Riding?

    Will do Alan! Don’t I recall you have one too?
  4. Trials Riding?

    Check out this sexy little beast, all dressed up and ready for spring. Thanks again UP!
  5. LCP ll

    That’s pretty unusual in my experience. Thoroughly clean the gun, ask a knowledgeable ammo seller what’s clean and run the slide at home a few hundred times before your next range date.
  6. Weld86 makes some great stuff. I have his engine guard on my V-Strom and love it.
  7. 4th annual NEO driveway shitshow

    Yep, it fits nicely on a hitch mount on my RAV4.
  8. 4th annual NEO driveway shitshow

    I had a great time last year Sam, and most of the chafing, rashes and infections went away by week three, so I'm in again for this year. I can make most Saturdays work, so no need to plan around me. Maybe I'll do something different this year and haul that new trials bike up for some driveway giggles. We can measure your balance after each dortmunder as a scientific study.
  9. Similar work done here this weekend - I tore into my new-to-me trials bike, cleaned the carb, air box, filter, replaced all fluids and gathered a list of parts to order: front and rear sprockets, chain, air filter, spark plugs and brake pads. Felt good to not fight single digit temperatures.
  10. LCP ll

    Ah, very good point. I don't know why I keep forgetting the G42 - maybe because I passed it over for a CM9, then the LCP then the G43. The G42 certainly is thin and has a nice grip, but dang, it's big by pocket 380 standards.
  11. LCP ll

    A quick nitpick: "Baby Glock" used to refer to the G26 but now is regularly used to describe the G43. It may help to be model-specific to avoid confusion...? I have a G26, G43 and LCP II and find all three to meet different purposes. The G43 goes with me the most - it tucks in tight with a proper gun belt and IWB kydex holster, carries 7+1 with an extended baseplate that is no longer than the stock finger guard mag, and 9mm is superior in every way over the .380 once you're adjusted to the recoil difference. The LCP II comes with me for deep concealment in a pocket or when I'm wearing only a t-shirt in the summer. The trigger and overall build quality of the II is excellent and IMHO better than the 2nd gen LCP I owned and carried for two years, though I'd trust either with my life. Note that there's been a lot of discussion on message boards about Hornady Critical Defense rounds not opening up like they should, so I've switched to Federal HST based on ballistics studies. I know some guys like less expansion and more penetration with .380 rounds, but I lean towards the expansion side for cavitation damage. Maybe just a religious debate at this point - who knows - perhaps akin to the .45 vs. 9mm and heavy vs. velocity wars. Anyway, the LCP is an excellent pistol, has a really low profile, very good ballistics with modern HP rounds and easy to control as long as you practice with it. I found my two to be pretty accurate too - certainly enough within a 21' radius. I probably wouldn't take any headshots with it though... Finally FWIW, my G26 rarely leaves the house now that I have the G43. I keep it stacked with a G19 15+1 round mag as a home defense pistol, though I do prefer it for the rare times I can carry OWB for its extra capacity and recoil absorption. What's also cool is that the G17 and 33-round magazines my Sub-2K take also fit in the G26...
  12. Except when they sit, unsold, taking up space, insurance and floor plan financing.
  13. Will be at the IMS show looking at KTMs as well :-)
  14. Trials Riding?

    I love how you guys think!
  15. Trials Riding?

    I can't! Not street legal, but if Steve will look the other way, I'll be happy to ride around the garage and dip into the woods area :-D