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  1. Starting my Blog soon. How honest to be?

    That’s awesome progress!
  2. Trigger cranks

    In my defense, the possible modalities used to murder others is quite large, and the perverted creativity of murderers extensive.
  3. Trigger cranks

    Even still, to be fair and set expectations appropriately, nothing short of banning all access to guns, fertilizer, Rider trucks, planes, poisons, precursor materials and machetes is going to stop a determined murderer from taking a lot of people out before they’re killed. Imagine if this pilot had loaded explosives into a Cessna and initiated a (diverted) approach into the concert area? No guns are going to prevent that, short of a AAA battery perhaps.
  4. Trigger cranks

    The crowded theater example keeps coming up but it’s thoroughly unfitting. By analogy, one would ban words in the off chance someone will use them maliciously or even carelessly in public, and yes, that would indeed violate the first amendment as it is explicitly written to prevent it. For example, I abhor the historical horrors of socialism but I’ll defend to the end Bernie and Bro’s espousal of it, as the unintended consequences of removing his right to exercise that constitutional liberty is a more present authoritarian threat than the ultimate authoritarian outcome his ideas could bring. Similarly, the liberty implications and unintended consequences of most gun control proposals cannot simply be waved aside By the way, abortion isn’t explicitly canonized in the Constitution or the BoR, so that analogy doesn’t work either.
  5. Trigger cranks

    Maybe we ought to have more background checks. That’ll stop the crazies... https://apnews.com/64f685a189ed49a998efe3396ac176b9
  6. Trigger cranks

    Not lame if you want to be attributive with remedies.
  7. Odd noise from 08 DL650

    Check the header seals?
  8. Trigger cranks

  9. Trigger cranks

    There is some logic to that, like establishing a pre-burn line against a forest fire. My only worry is the same as what the NRA's typically is - that any appeasement is read as weakness, as chum in the water, and worthy of more regulation while the waters are boiling.
  10. Starting my Blog soon. How honest to be?

    I’m tipsy drinking bourbon in WV overlooking woods and a stream, so I have no rational answer to the question at the moment. Inexplicably I’m craving a KTM 1090 and a gal I met last week. For different reasons. Well, mostly different reasons.
  11. Starting my Blog soon. How honest to be?

    Holy crap!!!!
  12. Starting my Blog soon. How honest to be?

    Looking good!
  13. AIM Expo 9-22 & 9-23 who's going.

    Wojo and I should be at the show by 9:30 Saturday morning. I plan to stalk the dirty bikes, enduros, dual sports and ADV lineups first, then crawl whatever else my legs and feet can handle.
  14. Starting my Blog soon. How honest to be?

    I loved my 2006 DR, and what you say about the 3rd gear issue is correct. A magnetic oil plug is a Very Good Thing. Definitely safety-wire up those NSU screws - if they back out, they can chew up the oil pump gears and starve the engine. I'm a fan of the countersprocket shaft seal retainer that Suzuki now ships on their bikes. It's a cheap part and good insurance against a vomiting countershaft, were the seal to try to slip out. The DR comes horribly lean from the factory. I didn't rejet mine, but I got rid of a 1/4 throttle lean spot by lifting the needle with a washer and slightly enriching the idle mixture screw (after extracting its cap). My friend Jeff got even better results by applying the Dynojet kit and cutting open the top of the airbox. There are good online articles on how to do both mods, but if your bike has already been modified, it's possibly worth going back to stock jetting and moving from that baseline. Also for sure check the valve clearances - they will make other things like jetting appear wrong if they're out of spec. It's amazing how much better a thumper runs with correct valve clearances. My DR was a bit cold blooded and the starter has a lot of work to do. I found that a new battery regularly topped of with a tender helped morning starts quite a bit. There's nothing like a strong spin to get that jug pumping choked air/fuel mixtures. I had a bad steering bearing when I got it - it manifested in headshake at 60+ mph - totally fixed with new headstock bearings I changed out one rainy day. That is, until I added big handguards and a commuter windscreen, then the shake came back. Lesson here is to protect your hands but don't pick monster guards if you don't have to, and skip the screen if able. I loved Wolfman panniers and a 20L dry sack on the top for camping loadouts, but there are so many great choices now for Dual Sports. Since you plan to do a lot of off-road while loaded up, think about stiffening the stock suspension as much you can tolerate. I think I had my rear preload pretty stiff, and the front forks lowered (bike raised) as much as they'd go to make up for its famously soft springs. There are stiffer springs out there too, and revalve kits (FFRC gets great reviews) but that might be overkill.
  15. Starting my Blog soon. How honest to be?

    Not to make light of it, but it's normal to feel this way. You've been making plans, investments and decisions that for the moment anyway aren't working out the way you want. Several setbacks are converging upon you - not just one or two, but several and unfortunately it's going to take even more hustle to dig out, just when you thought you were getting to a plateau. I'd guess (hope, even) you're emotionally invested in a pathway to adventure and shedding old skin, but that skin is holding on, jeopardizing the timing of some plans. It sucks; so of course you're confused, sad, uncertain and at some point will probably get pissy about it too. I know I do when shit like this happens. Mourn the plan as it was, then clear your head, write things down and formulate a new one. You've got this, that's all.