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  1. Two local data points for consideration re: mixture. My 2006 DR was bone stock and lean as hell. It was gutless from 15-35% throttle. My super cheap fix was simply to lift the needle one notch and/or add a washer or shim to slightly richen the mixture at low throttle positions. This was all I needed to be happy, though it did cost me 2-5 MPG Data point two: FlyFishJeff's was lean as hell stock too, but he installed a Dynojet kit and opened up the airbox intake. He got even more power from his mod (I rode both) for about $65 and a couple hours of cutting, etc. Oddly, he reported better mileage than me, which I still can't explain.
  2. Suit yourself. Don't come crying to us all sore, exhausted and ashamed of what she made you do to her on her yacht.
  3. Careful, it's probably some super hot central american chick catfishing you into lifelong bondage as a kept man and sex slave.
  4. Thou shalt apply thy holy NSU wire forthwith and verily...
  5. That rally frame s going to look wicked cool. Glad you’re going to be riding in the domestic US with the rig before diving into Mexico to shake down the loadout.
  6. I’m a 44/10 in most of the Italian boots and 9.5 with US sizes. I’m stoked to use the Forma Predator Enduro boots I just treated myself with!
  7. Nice! FWIW, an endorsement of the Sidi Adventures - best all-around riding boot I've owned. The offer way more protection than Bates and such, yet are still super comfortable walking around once you get where you're going.
  8. Electric Motorcycles

    A high school friend took his family in a Tesla across the country this summer. It took a lot of planning but he worked it out and even visited some kind of remote scenic destinations. They had a great time. Flying airplanes is similar - lots of weather and fuel planning. Electric motorcycles would be the same. I can’t remember if I’ve said it but I’ll own one someday. My key use case would be to own wooded property not far from town, and use an electric dirt bike to keep the noise down while tearing up my trails.
  9. Electric Motorcycles

    How quickly can you “recharge” the bikes you own, and how many places can you do it at?
  10. The FFRC valves look pretty awesome too - "Cross Training" Barry demoed them in one or two YouTube videos.
  11. Agreed. 250 = great for trails but not as much for true dual sport riding with many miles between the tough stuff. The DR has an almost soviet quality to its overengineering. I’d rather have it than an Austrian or Italian 500cc Enduro for what you want to do.
  12. 100% agree with this analysis, and the DR is super hard to beat in the $2750-3250 used price range. At $4k-5k, the (used) choices open up even more (wr250r) and above $6k the choices become a little overwhelming, where a new DR competes against used V-Stroms, Versys, CB500X and so on.
  13. Lets fix this ear plug BS

    That’s good news. A speed bump only, I hope.