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  1. This bike is still available. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. i'm just north, in fairfield township. hell, who am i kidding? thats just a churched up way to say hamilton.
  3. contact the number provided and speak to nate. i just rode the bike to work yesterday, and put fresh gas in it. i love the sound of sv's.
  4. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. posting for a friend: "Selling my street bike since I don't ride it any more. It has just shy of 52k on the odometer but has always been meticulously maintained. Oil changed every 3k with amsoil full synthetic. Front forks were refreshed last year with 10wt and has .85 springs and gold emulators from race tech installed. Should be good for about #180 rider or so. Has a 2005 gsxr1000 shocked installed on the rear and Dunlop q3 tires will a little over half treadlife remaining. Also has rental dirt bars installed since I liked how comfortable they are. The bike was lowsided by the fi
  6. i have an older version of TCX x-square riding shoes for when i'm commuting. they're comfortable and breath well. they're not water proof. they were inexpensive because i found them on closeout. overall... i'm happy with them. i had a low cut speed and strength street shoe before that. i was very happy with the comfort, but i found the sole wore out too quickly. these boots did accommodate my wide foot better though.
  7. I'm pumped for this weekend. Bikes are prep'd. Trailer is ready (enough). Went grocery shopping. Just need to fill the gas cans, pack the gear, and drive there tomorrow for some practice laps! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. maintenance is up to date. cadre cycle serviced this bike since new (during the original owners stint). i purchased the bike from cadre w/78k miles, owned it for a couple of years and only ridden it 4000 miles. that's one of the reasons i'm giving it up.
  9. still have this bike if anyone is interested $3000
  10. i'll be glad to service anyone's motorcycle, because anyone's money is green. unfortunately we get a lot of calls wanting advice, favors, and general help... which actually doesn't spend as easily. multiple factors that go into monthly overhead that don't allow me to perform services on vehicles without charging labor for such services. somehow, theres folks out there that believe this is unfair practice. to these folks: i invite you to open your own business and try this out for yourself. i could go further into describing day to day operations and profit/loss, but i feel its a lesson best le
  11. a man after my own heart. whats the purpose in modifying a bike to ride like shit? i'll go further: whats the purpose in modifying a bike, for performance gain, if you're just going to cruise to bike night? what really grinds my gears: when the shop gets calls from people with a 198x yamahondasuzisaki who bought it for a couple hundred, and wants us to clean and "go through" the carbs. we'll come back with estimates, usually near $1000, and they get shocked that a pile of crap bike thats been sitting in a field for 20 years, hasn't run in 30 years, requires a significant
  12. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/gMwxnLwcIOs" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> https://www.youtube.com/embed/gMwxnLwcIOs https://www.youtube.com/embed/gMwxnLwcIOs in case it wont embed: https://youtu.be/gMwxnLwcIOs
  13. what a neat little truck! i didn't know they were available in manual trans. GLWS!
  14. trust me, its not so ripe... unfortunately, video killed the radio star. With big places like revzilla, MS, IP, and a bunch others, its hard for us small guys to compete in the retail world. the only time we make any profit whatsoever, is labor sales. if we try to mark up parts/accessories/apparel, its always "i can get it cheaper on the internet". We actually accept 'bring your own parts' to help customers save a buck. its ruthless out there. its so easy to lose business over a $5 bill. saying all that, i'd still love to open a retail store front in the downtown cincinnati area, m
  15. Crazy weird European Dirtbike. Ready for another season in the woods.
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