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  1. I have the Leo Vince FAST Shift setup on my CBR and it gets used on occasion. If it wasn't installed when I bought the bike, I don't think it would be on my list of things to buy for a bike that spends it's time on the street.
  2. Exactly the exhaust I have been thinking about as well. Good to hear you like it! And see that it fits with the saddlebag brackets. Thanks for sharing.
  3. +1 for the Go Cruise. I have used one for a few years now on road trips, mostly traveling on the highway. $20 well spent.
  4. I have had the SMH10 for about 5 years now and it is still going strong. My buddy and I have used them all over the country and they work great. Battery life is good too for long trips, turn them on in the morning and they are still going strong when we turn in for the night. That is constant use either talking or listening to music all day.
  5. I have been to a few different indoor ranges, but most of my time is spent at Middletown Sportsman Club at their outdoor range. The range at Target World is average. Gun selection is real nice and I have had some pretty good conversations with a few of the guys behind the counter. Point Blank over in Blue Ash is a great place too. I picked up a few guns from there and the sales guys were good at asking questions and holding a conversation. It's nice when the guy behind the counter actually talks instead of stares at you while you are holding the gun. I had that experience down at Bass Pro Shop
  6. I just rode my VFR out west and back on a 3,000 mile trip over the last week. It is a great balance for me between the sport bikes and touring bikes. I have owned an FJR and it is a great highway flyer and will eat up the miles. It handles twisty country roads just fine, but the weight was a bit much for around town riding and solo travel. My 1000rr is great fun, but not my first choice for riding hundreds of miles day after day (not much storage capacity either). The VFR is an excellent solo touring bike for me and has plenty of storage. The mods that really worked for me were helibars, tal
  7. I been here before... Shredded semi tires seem to litter I-75.
  8. Short video clip on I-65. The video doesn't do the scenery justice. http://youtu.be/_UzxpysclLg Don't forget your I-Pass! I had to make 3 different stops at toll booths because it didn't dawn on me that I could have brought along my I-Pass I had from a trip through Chicago last year... http://youtu.be/tWyAC8p68Uo
  9. I have a couple GoPro videos rolling down I-65 that are uploading, but in the meantime here are some friend's I made at a little gas station in Pax, WV. We sat around and watched the world go by before parting ways. I took off for my next adventure and they just continued to hang out in the shade.
  10. Me + Taco Bell = Funny thing is that I have been eating pretty much the same combo for the better part of 13+ years.
  11. No problem, my 5er is on the shorter side of them and also an ultralight. I wouldn't tow anything I didn't feel comfortable with. I understand what you are saying though as the same can't be said about everyone being in control of their rig.
  12. Breakfast The burner setup is an MSR Pocket Rocket and Jetboil fuel canister. The mug is 20oz and stainless steel. I tried to keep the camp food pretty basic to just things I could make with hot water. Time to finish packing up and get back on the road. My favorite road trip food! I have stopped at many Taco Bell's across the country and this one in West Virginia has been the cheapest of them all. This was just shortly after 11am, so I had the whole joint to myself. As you can see, I have another window seat. I can't imagine I'm the only one that parks their bike near a window s
  13. My '99 F350 DRW 7.3L just rolled 200k. The transmission was rebuilt at 190k, it leaks a bit of oil and the steering was pretty sloppy. I have recently replaced all the shocks and ball joints. Also tightened up the steering gear box a bit to try and offset the sloppy steering. I didn't really need to do these things, but it seems that every vehicle I own, I usually update the suspension. I use mine to haul a 28' fifth wheel. Sometimes I throw a trailer on the back of that and haul my bike with me. It pulls like nothing is back there.
  14. http://youtu.be/rzeHLjkI-oQ Luckily I didn't hear this all night! I'm not sure what or if there is a train schedule, but I was heating up some water for instant cappuccino and oatmeal around 8am and this clamors past the campground. Other than the train, the morning went off without incident and several of the people I had talked to the night before stopped by to say hi and wish me luck. What I really think though, is they wanted to see if I survived the night in that little tent!
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