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  1. Selling my shift suit, I'm 5'8" and 155lbs, fit well with a little more room in the belly area. It's got s little rash on the left knee but nothing damaging. Right leg zipper is stuck down. Shoot me a PM for my number. Asking $220 obo. I'd rather drive and meet you half way then ship this thing. I'm at work right now, but when I get home I'll get the actual suit size.
  2. check the tip over sensor, make sure its mounted correctly. literally just repaired a 14 sv650 by doing so. provide more info when you can
  3. found the "tip" sensor not mounted correctly, went to go check for codes in it and found the sensor laying on its side. FIXED.
  4. update, they asked me to look at it, exchanged fuel, and then checked for spark. i have no spark, and ive got no power to the coil packs.
  5. Our dealership took in a 14 sv650, its only got 280 miles on it! but it doesnt run. just cranks and cranks and cranks. took a look at it, cant really smell fuel like its flooded, but i only cranked it for a short time. not looking for huge detailed explanations, but anyone have this issue with these? its SOUNDS like it has great compression, havent checked for spark and fuel age in tank is unknown. just looking for shout outs of common issues
  6. I wish i had wet eyes. between smoking and dealing with all the chemicals and shit at work, my eyes dry up with contacts easily. due to responses i might just ever forget wearing contacts while riding. both helmets i own have chin guards and my visor is always down, but my contacts will get spotty after an hour or two of riding. thought id ask! thanks for all the replies!
  7. How many of you wear your contacts while riding? any tips to keep them from getting dry? i usually wear my glasses while riding simply due to the possibility of a contact giving me issues, but id rather not have to wear glasses. tips? suggestions?
  8. welcome! i will be coming from bruswick, so not too far from you guys
  9. welcome, im in brunswick, usually ride when i can! ill cruise with you
  10. im in search of a one piece leather suit. im 5'8" and weigh about 155lbs. should be pretty close to a 40/50? maybe a tad larger so i can get out of it when i sweat to death. black or blue primary colors. have one? message me and we can talk
  11. I'm 5'8", about 155lbs, would this fit me?
  12. well, after a few years away, im finally back on 2 wheels. looking forward to going on a few group rides. purchased an 06 zx6r, and i fell in love with the color.
  13. No, I just want a new suit when I get the new bike
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