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  1. blue-yamaR6s

    OMRL Adkins

    What cost is there for practice days?
  2. blue-yamaR6s

    OMRL Adkins

    still want to try this out sometime....just have to make it happen.
  3. Thanks for sharing the many photos. Great place to be riding. Brings back memories of my trip out there 2 years ago. Some epic roads in the whole area. Deadwood is such a cool town. The casino had great food and for a good price. Keep having fun!
  4. blue-yamaR6s

    PIRC MotoAmerica - Aug 24-26

    Thanks Tracy. Plan on being there both days and was wondering about discount ticket codes.
  5. blue-yamaR6s

    Changes at RD

    Ditto to all the great compliments. Good luck on the next chapter.
  6. blue-yamaR6s

    NEO Dinner Monday April 2 @ 6:30PM @ Rick Roush

    Will be on vacation, otherwise would have been interested. Have a good time.
  7. blue-yamaR6s

    MotoAmerica Pittsburgh Round

    Went last year commuting on the bike both days. Had a blast. Planning on going again.
  8. blue-yamaR6s

    Jerry/ Al-z-heimer Needs some positive vibes from OR

    Just burried my wife's uncle last week due to cancer and watching my uncle battle cancer now with no hope for a good outcome. The chemo is definitely taking a lot away at the same time. It's hard to watch it. Hard decisions for those making the choice to continue or run it's course. Feeling for Doc and everyone that knew Jerry well. I met him one time and I know he was a great guy.
  9. blue-yamaR6s

    2017 Yamaha FZ10 Reveiw

    Glad to hear you are back again and able to ride. Nice review. This bike has intrigued me for a while. Good perspective.
  10. blue-yamaR6s

    2004 Yamaha FZ6

    That is a nice find.
  11. blue-yamaR6s

    Nelson Ledges

    Correct. Sam is an awesome guy and complete gentleman and very well respected.
  12. blue-yamaR6s

    Nelson Ledges

    I think it was $180 the other two previous dates.
  13. blue-yamaR6s

    Nelson Ledges

    I believe it is $170 for the pre-registration fee...(10 days prior to event) still cheaper than midohio and others.
  14. blue-yamaR6s

    Nelson Ledges

    Go to leantd.com for the link to the track days. Hopefully, next year will bring some additional improvements like track curbing, new bathrooms and a remodel of the scoring building and tech sheds. The ownership there is doing it right. There is a 10 year fix it up plan. Several years of neglect doesn't get fixed over night. I like what I see and hear from the new owner. Keeping the things that were unique to the track is part of that vision.
  15. blue-yamaR6s

    Insurance & Track Days

    Dereck, find out his insurance company and pm me. I would like to shop around.