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  1. MotoAmerica Pittsburgh Round

    Went last year commuting on the bike both days. Had a blast. Planning on going again.
  2. Jerry/ Al-z-heimer Needs some positive vibes from OR

    Just burried my wife's uncle last week due to cancer and watching my uncle battle cancer now with no hope for a good outcome. The chemo is definitely taking a lot away at the same time. It's hard to watch it. Hard decisions for those making the choice to continue or run it's course. Feeling for Doc and everyone that knew Jerry well. I met him one time and I know he was a great guy.
  3. 2017 Yamaha FZ10 Reveiw

    Glad to hear you are back again and able to ride. Nice review. This bike has intrigued me for a while. Good perspective.
  4. bike 2004 Yamaha FZ6

    That is a nice find.
  5. Nelson Ledges

    Correct. Sam is an awesome guy and complete gentleman and very well respected.
  6. Nelson Ledges

    I think it was $180 the other two previous dates.
  7. Nelson Ledges

    I believe it is $170 for the pre-registration fee...(10 days prior to event) still cheaper than midohio and others.
  8. Nelson Ledges

    Go to leantd.com for the link to the track days. Hopefully, next year will bring some additional improvements like track curbing, new bathrooms and a remodel of the scoring building and tech sheds. The ownership there is doing it right. There is a 10 year fix it up plan. Several years of neglect doesn't get fixed over night. I like what I see and hear from the new owner. Keeping the things that were unique to the track is part of that vision.
  9. Insurance & Track Days

    Dereck, find out his insurance company and pm me. I would like to shop around.
  10. Insurance & Track Days

    I don't think the health insurance would be an issue, but with the way the industry is going, I would not be surprised in the future if they excluded extreme sports.
  11. Insurance & Track Days

    It's sure not worth it, although I have heard others say it under their breath. I would not risk it myself and my bike is not new enough or worth a whole lot by any stretch. The insurance company said if it was a class held in a parking lot, they would cover it. That would be a tip over, basically.
  12. Insurance & Track Days

    Falling off the trailer is a good idea as long as they don't want a police report.
  13. Insurance & Track Days

    I did and this time they told me if it was held on a race track, I would not be covered. Time to shop around again for insurance.
  14. Insurance & Track Days

    After watching 2 street bikes get wadded up this past weekend doing a track day, I would bet most people putting their nice street bike on the track don't know they are not covered for damages to their bike if you lose it. I was under the mis-information that I was covered by my own insurance company as of last year, but after calling the insurance company and pressing them more, they told me this time it's not covered when on a closed track circuit. This takes all the fun out of doing the occasional track day with the street bike. I would like to know what others do when going to the occasional track day. I know there are companies out there that will insure a bike/rider for track days at various levels but I have not priced it out. I saw some pretty new bikes out there on the track that were still street bikes. I would hate to throw it down and have a hard time "eating" the cost to repair it especially if I still owed payments. What about medical insurance too? I could see some insurance companies excluding extreme sports like motorcycle track days and sky diving, etc. from their coverage. I think I will start by looking for a "track bike" that isn't so nice and use it instead? Maybe the cost of fixing it isn't worth the premiums? Any other ideas? Insurance companies suck!