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  1. Brownsfan1

    Happy Birthday oldschoolsdime92

    Happy B-day.
  2. Brownsfan1

    Random Thoughts thread

    I'm so buried in work I haven't had time to enjoy any of this summer. At least it has rained almost everyday so I don't feel as bad about missing out on riding.
  3. Brownsfan1

    Random Thoughts thread

    Work! Work! Work! The only way that I am posting this because my network at work is down. This confirms I need a vacation.
  4. Brownsfan1

    say something about the poster above.

    likes to grave dig.
  5. Can't seem to find good help.

  6. Brownsfan1


    Welcome to OR.
  7. Brownsfan1

    Newb From Akron

    Welcome to OR.
  8. Brownsfan1

    Sometimes I Don't Know If I Like My Job

    I need a new job. Nice work.
  9. Brownsfan1

    New Member From Alliance

    Welcome to OR.
  10. Brownsfan1

    New Member From Ohio,

    Welcome to OR.
  11. Brownsfan1

    Another Clevelander Joining

    Welcome to OR.
  12. Brownsfan1

    Registered a few years ago, but...

    Welcome to OR.
  13. Brownsfan1

    Random Thoughts thread

    I'm in the same boat everyone claims they have the qualifications, but then they ask how to do something they should know how to do. Same as what you are putting up with they show up when they want and leave when they want.
  14. Brownsfan1

    The sentence game.

    a sheep with the clap