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  1. Thanks for your help Jim! I really appreciate it.
  2. I watched that same video, lol. If I have the proper wrenches I'm gonna see if it can do it myself. If I change my mind, I'll let you know.
  3. I’m not sure if I have the right size Allen wrenches, I’m going to check after work today. It’s a 2016 Monster 821.
  4. Count me in. I guess I need get to working on my oil change/exhaust removal!!!!
  5. Next photo in front of a historical building.
  6. I heard on the radio today that people are curious about this virus so Google has seen a spike in searches for the “Corona beer virus”. 🤣 🙄 It makes me sad that people are that dumb.
  7. What type of scarf?? A winter scarf or a statement scarf that just pulls together your riding ensemble?? 😉
  8. I've never considered a boa but maybe next year. I prefer a bow on my helmet. 😂 This is true, unless you're not a man, then all bets are off... 💰💰💰
  9. ^^RUDE! Will there be a "guess my bike" thread in the near future? Otherwise all of this is worthless... 😀
  10. This show is so much better than the Cleveland IMS. It's a nice venue and has a lot to see. I didn't wander down to the demo bike area like last time but that's okay, I met Brittany Morrow and saw Briana Venskus who actually remembered us from Babes Ride Out - that was cool. It seemed like the show was slightly smaller than in 2017 - I remember vendor booths over where the flat track was set up, but maybe it was just better planning with the layout inside this time? It was also awesome to see all the bikes parked outside - if only the Cleveland IMS was during nicer weather. People would save on parking by riding there, but then again I always see tons of pirates drinking during the show so maybe it's best that it's in the winter??
  11. Your map looks like a super pointy penis... Have fun!! Looking forward to pictures of the trip.
  12. No worries - it was good seeing you too, and congrats on the 50/50 win!! Yeah, rain out doesn't even begin to describe it... lol
  13. That shelf cloud was amazing - the storm that followed, not so much... It was good to see you this weekend @snot
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