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  1. tall_tracy

    OMRL Adkins

    Someone tried to get me to wear your Bilt suit once you put on the A* one so I could get out on the track during practice... #schweatysuit
  2. tall_tracy

    OMRL Adkins

    I'm so glad I got lucky and caught this on camera.
  3. tall_tracy

    OMRL Adkins

    Someone said that was a 65, not an 85 - does anyone know for sure what it was? I have to go back to see if I have any photos of it, it was one of my favorites. That little bike was wicked fast.
  4. tall_tracy

    OMRL Adkins

    I had a blast. I have more pics, but I'm working on getting them into a flickr acct right now. I'll let you guys know where to find them when they're ready. I really wish I had my gear because it would have been so fun to run some laps during practice. I might have to invest in my own bike in the near future...
  5. tall_tracy

    OMRL Adkins

  6. tall_tracy

    OMRL Adkins

    Some pictures from practice yesterday...
  7. tall_tracy

    PIRC MotoAmerica Round

    ....took like 4.728637 seconds to find...
  8. tall_tracy

    Class 1 hitch ok to tow bike and trailer?

    I went down a wormhole the other day looking up the ability to tow with my GTI. It was interesting to see that the same vehicle in Europe is rated to tow more than here in the US. And I get it Europe is smaller, doesn't have miles and miles of 70+ speed limit highways, etc, etc. Didn't people tow campers with the big domestic station wagons back in the 80's? But anyway... I have a friend that tows one of those single rail/fold up motorcycle trailers with his Mazda 3 wagon to track days; it looks sketchy as all get out, but it works.
  9. tall_tracy

    $20 shipping for $25 t-shirt

    No, you can have Dainese without a Ducati, but cannot have a Ducati without Dainese... it's Italian math
  10. tall_tracy

    $20 shipping for $25 t-shirt

    Typical The Dainese shirts that I own were purchased at the Duc dealer off the sale rack...
  11. tall_tracy

    Where to order Ducati parts?

    I didn't realize you could - thanks bunches! And I love my Kriega bags, that's what I use when I go moto-camping. I've got a 30L and a 10L and they fit everything I need for a weekend trip and, most importantly, keep everything dry.
  12. tall_tracy

    Where to order Ducati parts?

    I'm glad you're having better luck with pricing on what you're looking for. My rearsets were astronomical even with the sale price I paid. And thanks - I'll have to check out Advance Auto near me.
  13. tall_tracy

    Where to order Ducati parts?

    Motowheels.com I found them when shopping for my rearsets and have purchased oil thru them because I can't find Shell Advance 4T Ultra anywhere local.
  14. tall_tracy

    My new screen name

    not squidward
  15. tall_tracy

    track leathers

    Hahaha Tell him I said Hi.