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  1. tall_tracy

    2018 Isle of Man TT Top 10 Reactions

    I love watching the coverage on TV, I can only imagine being there in person... I love the sound of that Norton. And the sidecar racing. I know last year they had a IOMTT Snapchat that I was slightly obsessed with but I couldn't find it this year... I hope to make it there one day to witness it in person. It's definitely a bucket list trip for me.
  2. tall_tracy

    What did you do to your bike today?

    I'm getting new tires installed tonight
  3. tall_tracy

    Random Thoughts thread

    It's like the servers know I'm on vacation next week... neither remote desktop is fully functional at the moment... I give up
  4. tall_tracy

    Random Thoughts thread

    When you forget that your office closes early on Fridays and call your boss about a question and he asks what the heck you're doing still working... lol
  5. tall_tracy

    Babes Ride Out

    I don't think it's the same one, this one is in Roscoe, NY. It's called Dundas Castle.
  6. tall_tracy

    Babes Ride Out

    Breezewood is one of the largest trucking interchanges, if not the largest, in the US. All the truck traffic combined with high winds and twisty highways was a scary combination, especially when you're trying to do 75-80mph... it was nuts.
  7. tall_tracy

    Babes Ride Out

    So I went back to this Narrowsburg, NY again this year - 4 states and 1,093 miles by the time I got home. It was a great time - there were 6 of us that made the trip from Ohio. I hadn't met the ladies I rode with until we all met up in PA. We got rained on, spent a few hours in a quarter car wash hiding from the rain, explored a haunted castle, drank free beer and stunk up a hotel room the first night will all our wet gear. I learned that riding west out of Breezewood, PA is probably the windiest area, clogged with truck traffic and twisty highways that I've ever seen - it was so stressful, but I survived. And I rode thru a tunnel for the first time too. I posted a bunch of pictures on Instagram if you want to check them out. I know you're all super jelly that you don't have a vagina so you can't attend this annual camping event. LOL
  8. tall_tracy

    Cycle Gear Columbus

    The manager of the Columbus store is Taylor, she was at the Cleveland/North Olmsted Cycle Gear previously. She's awesome and not just because we're friends. :)
  9. tall_tracy

    Dog in need of new home

    And that's mostly why I don't have any friends anymore.
  10. tall_tracy

    Dog in need of new home

    I had a friend that took her. Without getting into the story, I'm done helping family out. It's sad when people that are your own blood shit on you without a second thought. 😡
  11. I'm cancelling, too cold for me. Have a safe ride.
  12. Brake issue resolved. 🤘🏻 I can meet at either spot, but I'm thinking meeting at the Shell station would be easier so I'll see you there.