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  1. Happened to me too, just got a call and bought mine. They take your name, address, cc#, and said they'll mail it out next week or you can opt to leave it there. FB page said if you lose it it's gone forever. What a deal! I'll definitely be down this year for the Minis and if OR decides to go...
  2. Saw this on Facebook and thought the Deals Gap crew may wanna know. It's just for today but the cards can be used for lodging, food, gas, etc. @max power @NinjaDoc @what @Connie14 @Tonik @Helmutt @snot @2talltim @Blitz @Pauly @rawlins87 @theroamr @Casper @MidgetTodd @Danimal@OsuMj@Uncle Punk @jacobhawkins @TimTheAzn
  3. Glad to hear it. Too bad I already took this and uploaded it haha.
  4. I'm wondering if part of your SAI system is disconnected. You looked at the actual injection point on the top of the valve cover, but follow all the tubes back to the cannister behind the right fairing and make sure it's all there and not disconnected. It's possible the PO disconnected some components like the air flap in the ram tube and may have capped the line and the cap has fallen off. Another spot to check is the throttle bodies at the base where they fit into the rubber boots with 3mm ribbon clamps. Could be a damaged boot or a loose clamp. Also pick up a Tune ECU cable and softwa
  5. This is the guide I used to find the faults and upgrade the charging system in my 07 Triumph Daytona 675. Another model plagued by charging system woes. http://www.triumph675.net/forum/showthread.php?t=35227
  6. Any chance you can get a recording? Mine had a bad cam chain tensioner which led to the windshield and fairings vibrating from 6-8k rpm. I've also got some intake noise like a very powerful vacuum sucking air if I open the throttle up really quickly from zero. It only makes the noise for maybe 1/2 of a second. Is your intake flap in the ram tube stuck shut? Should be opening up at 4500 rpm and be shut otherwise unless the bike is tuned.
  7. How long does it last? RPM dependent? How many miles on the bike? Last maintenence done?
  8. GS500 is the best bike! Bitchin rad graphics on her too. Welcome Gary, be sure to check out the Epic Ride thread and clear your schedule for May 16th. http://ohioriders.net/index.php?/topic/106951-unofficial-spring-epic-ride-may-16-2015/
  9. I'm free after 4 most days, in the Westerville area.
  10. Gratis for you man. You bought me a beer last year at Fontana. You need all four?
  11. I've got 4 from a 2007 they're the round type lens. AFAIK the mounting is omnidirectional as well.
  12. Definitely bike. The cars in the intersection while blocking the box still have the right of way when the yellow and then red light comes. Biker failed to yield and should also get a reckless op charge for riding like that. What an asshole.
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