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  1. Hmmmm. Maybe for me. Will post up shortly
  2. Yep that was my plan with the torch and vice. But I finally found a set on eBay. I haven’t been on eBay in awhile. Amazon is where all my purchases happen
  3. Anybody remove them and put a torch to them and bend an inch or so purposely. Reason I’m asking finding adjustable levers for the super tenere is hard enough and then there from China which takes nearly a month. Don’t wanna spend $ 200 either
  4. Okay bro. Maybe I don’t need unless want to update firmware.
  5. Which app Sena app have you downloaded from App Store. There are quite a few. Some called Sena utility and some others
  6. I had about 10% of my 401 k invested in gold in roughly 2005 through late 2011. It hit nearly 1800 an ounce in 2011 so sold it off and rolled it over. Wish I would have had more invested at the time
  7. I’m just glad your not talking about my bike the Yamaha super tenere
  8. I can relate to the knee pain. I have had 3 surgeries on I’m knees. I can’t squat any decent weight anymore. Try deadlifts, they don’t seem to stress the knees so much and are fantastic for the back and legs
  9. I think I mentioned my mom worked for your current company. She couldn’t wait to retire. She also says it was soul crushing
  10. Keep the fight bro At my age I lift so I can keep doing what I want
  11. Some roads might be. I know some are for cars and motorcycles
  12. I downloaded the permit and just need to know where to get inside the park to ride some good dirt and gravel roads. I assume there off 83 somewhere. Any ideas?
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