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  1. Triumph

    Annual Dayton Meet at Little York Tavern 2/28/15

    Would have loved to have come but it was our anniversary last night.
  2. Triumph

    Favorite cleaner to use?

    I have never used water or soap on my bike in 4 years. The only time I have actually washed a bike is if its an old one that's getting a restoration and its piled with grease and grime. If your bike is muddy dirty then wash it with soap and water and dry. After that, use Turtle Wax ICE detailer to maintain it, even after riding in the rain. I wipe my bike down once a ride. Spritz on, wipe off and buff lightly with a microfiber towel. I hit my rims maybe every 3 rides or so. My bike is literally immaculate to the point of people constantly asking my how I keep it so darn clean. Frankly, its easy once you are on top of it. The stuff works on every part of your bike, will remove bugs, polishes your paint, works on the black plastics and cleans your windscreen. For the chain area, Simple Green spritzed on a microfiber towel and then used to wipe it down, works best. You need nothing else. If you want to keep your seat and black plastics in order, use Mothers Back To Black only as needed to darken them back up. Otherwise just maintain regularly with the detailer spray. I've tried every brand of detailer out there and the Turtle Wax ICE is best. Once a season I buff the bike out with Mothers deep cleaner wax (if needed) or just use the ICE wax. The ICE leaves no messy white residue and can be used on the black plastics as well.
  3. Triumph

    Bike Nights Beginning In Troy Ohio

    Yes, this event will continue in 2015 and for as long as people in this area love riding. If you look up Apex Addicts on FaceBook and request to join, you will be able to keep up with this event and others happening in this immediate area. There are a number of Ohio Riders aboard and we love this group of fine folks here. Let me know by PM if you have any questions and you can email me directly at Oblvious936@gmail.com. Ryan
  4. Triumph

    Bike Nights Beginning In Troy Ohio

    TROY BIKE NIGHT IS OFFICIALLY DONE FOR THIS SEASON. If anyone wants to stay in contact for further events yet this season and over the winter months, please join the Apex Addicts FB page for more information.
  5. Triumph

    Bike Nights Beginning In Troy Ohio

  6. Triumph

    Bike Nights Beginning In Troy Ohio

    The Apex Addicts cookout was at our place last week and it was a huge success. Well over 40 people attended. Bike Night will be back on at Frickers this coming Sunday at 7pm. No organized group ride will be held prior to meeting at Frickers.
  7. Triumph

    Bike Nights Beginning In Troy Ohio

    Glad to have met another of you this afternoon/evening. Ireland (Don't recall your screen name) we all enjoyed having you aboard. I hope that you are able to come back and ride with us on a longer ride. We will be riding a full route next week. We just ran out of time. Look us up on FB at Apex Addicts to keep up with the group and there are a few photos on there from today already. I know that Nathan will be posting up more once he gets the GoPro footage edited.
  8. That's good Paul. My worries are either getting taken out by someone else or running over someone's head. I don't need either. I will see what I can do about work and mull it over. What group would you be riding in?
  9. Triumph

    Bike Nights Beginning In Troy Ohio

    Bike Night is on for this coming Sunday at 7pm until whenever at the Troy Frickers. I will be leading another group ride about meeting at 4:30 sharp and leaving at 5pm from 302 S. Main Street (St Rt 48) in Pleasant Hill. It will be toned down again and mildly over the speed limit at times in straights. We just have some riders that are newer and really need to focus on their technique. Because of that, I will be giving a brief 20-30 minute instruction lesson before heading out. All are expected to work on the topic discussed the entire ride and no shenanigans will be tolerated. No fast riding is allowed this time out and plenty of room will be had between the rider in front of you and the rider in back of you. This is going to be a ride to help newer and experienced riders alike. It will be follow the leader style and all participants are expected to follow suit. We will be stopping in a parking lot and working on some technique if time allows. I also intend on stopping in a very safe area and having riders go through the turns while I watch and listen from the side of the road. Throttle control and quick steering will be the primary focus. If anyone wants to ride quickly, please seek other riders to hook up with before Bike Night. This ride needs to be focused and suited to those riders that need the instruction, encouragement and leadership. After all, that is one of our goals.
  10. Depends if I can get off of work or not. Probably fast or medium-fast depending on how I feel like riding that day. Just leery of large group rides these days. I've been witness to 3 crashes this year and I have had my fill.
  11. Triumph

    Bike Nights Beginning In Troy Ohio

    I hope so, Snot. We've missed having you guys back. The group has grown dramatically. We are now at 70 strong and growing. Yesterday's group ride consisted of about 20 bikes. We realize that next season we are going to have to break them up into smaller groups based on ability. However, we are going to start training sessions to help those riders who would like to participate, mature in safety, abilility and confidence. That will begin next week, continue the remainder of this season and pick back up in the spring.
  12. Triumph

    Bike Nights Beginning In Troy Ohio

    There will be a small group ride today, meeting at 5pm. The pace will be much slower than past rides. A crisp clean pace is all that is to be expected so that everyone is able to participate. Even still, anyone that does not stay with the herd should ride within their comfort level and NO ONE is expected to try and keep up. You will be waited on at the stop signs, without complaint. I will be riding 2-up today so there will be zero shenanigans taking place. Mildly brisk is the goal. We will be meeting at 5pm at 302 S Main Street (St Rt 48) in Pleasant Hill. Plan to be rolling by 5:15pm for about 1.5 hours around the Miami county area. Curvy roads are the destination and we will end the ride at Frickers in Troy for Bike Night. If you don't know us, come introduce yourself. You will be happy to find some of the friendliest folks you've ever met. Everyone thinks it's going to be weird and uncomfortable meeting a new group of people but they realize that they feel like they've known us forever within 5 minutes. Good folks, a really nice ride and a really good time culminating with some Frickers to fill your belly. Come on out and meet us!
  13. Triumph

    Bike Nights Beginning In Troy Ohio

    Bike night will be held this week, as usual, at the Troy Frickers beginning at 7pm on Sunday. I will update regarding a group ride. Ryan
  14. Triumph

    Bike Nights Beginning In Troy Ohio

    If anyone is planning on going over past Columbus with us to ride Route 78 and 685, please be at the Meijer parking lot in Troy NO LATER than 10:00am. We will be rolling out by 10:15. The skill levels will run the gambit, so don't be afraid to come as you are. We do, however, strongly encourage gearing up. These roads are some of the most technical roads in Ohio. You don't need to respond to this message, just show up, introduce yourself and we will ensure that you get there and back. We will be rolling back into Troy about 7:30. Its looking like at least 20 people will be on the ride. BIKE NIGHT IS STILL ON. Ryan
  15. Triumph

    Bike Nights Beginning In Troy Ohio

    NDspd....glad to see you come back and definitely glad to see the Triumph up and running. What a great looking bike that is. Matt....Yes, we typically hold a group ride before Bike Night for those that are interested. Last week there were about 10 bikes involved. (BTW, I live in Pleasant Hill and so does Anden) This Sunday we are planning a group ride over to Route 78 outside of the Columbus area and joining our brothers in group GRC for the day. There will likely not be a formalized Apex Addicts group ride in this area (due to Nate and I being in Columbus) but you and everyone else are welcome to roll with us over there. We will be leaving from the Troy Meijer parking lot about 10-10:30am Sunday morning and returning that evening about 7-7:30, just in time for Bike Night. It should be an epic day on an epic road. Come prepared to ride your ass off. Everyone rides their own pace and no one gets left behind. If you drift behind, no problem. We will set it up for different paces and wait points will be had. I usually head the group rides here and I am planning on going on the Columbus trip headed by our lead administrator. However, the following week we will be riding here. They typically start about 3-4 pm and leave from my house in Pleasant Hill, just outside of Troy. For faster information regarding group rides or just general info, please email me at Oblivious936@gmail.com Please include "Bike Night" in your subject line or your email may get missed. Peace, love and chain grease, Ryan