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  1. I have never used water or soap on my bike in 4 years. The only time I have actually washed a bike is if its an old one that's getting a restoration and its piled with grease and grime. If your bike is muddy dirty then wash it with soap and water and dry. After that, use Turtle Wax ICE detailer to maintain it, even after riding in the rain. I wipe my bike down once a ride. Spritz on, wipe off and buff lightly with a microfiber towel. I hit my rims maybe every 3 rides or so. My bike is literally immaculate to the point of people constantly asking my how I keep it so darn clean. Frankly, its easy once you are on top of it. The stuff works on every part of your bike, will remove bugs, polishes your paint, works on the black plastics and cleans your windscreen. For the chain area, Simple Green spritzed on a microfiber towel and then used to wipe it down, works best. You need nothing else. If you want to keep your seat and black plastics in order, use Mothers Back To Black only as needed to darken them back up. Otherwise just maintain regularly with the detailer spray. I've tried every brand of detailer out there and the Turtle Wax ICE is best. Once a season I buff the bike out with Mothers deep cleaner wax (if needed) or just use the ICE wax. The ICE leaves no messy white residue and can be used on the black plastics as well.
  2. I agree with the video being too much but a shorter snipped could be used as a grabber intro into a much longer video containing what everyone has listed above. The scheme shown is a bit loud but cool nonetheless. Now doing the same process in popular race schemes would be something of great interest to me.
  3. I am waiting on the KTM RC390. That sounds like a ton of fun.
  4. Put her on the back of your sport bike and keep insisting that you will buy something more comfortable soon...and don't. Not that I know anything about that. But if you insist, there are bikes like the BMW K1200S or a VFR that would be the best of both worlds. Those are really at the top of my 2-up list, along with the Sprint 1050's.
  5. If you're going to ride the Blue Ridge Parkway its just an easy jaunt from there. I agree that its worth the visit if you like old American bikes. And yeah, Dale and Matt are cool as hell.
  6. That just sucks. I get the spilled gas but I don't get the drop at the Speedway entrance. How does that crap happen? Jeeze.
  7. Triumph

    Corbin Seat

    I have a Corbin on my CBR and I love it. I have had it since maybe March? I also ordered one for the pillion seat, even though I have a solo cowl, because the plywood slab that came stock on the bike was just too much on longer distance rides for my GF. I can say that it definitely looks far better than the stock seat, the fit and finish is superb and it was comfortable right out of the box. Firm but still more comfortable than stock. Corbin says that the seat doesn't break in until you have about 2000 miles on it. I will say that it does keep getting better and better. The seat makes me feel much more secure and there is no slippage. This is obviously going to depend on what material you have put on it. I chose the carbon fiber look with the asphalt sides. Its just enough to add some detail but it doesn't look like bling either. Subtle and tasteful. They were expensive but I would certainly do it again.
  8. Welcome to the forum from the Pleasant Hill area. Bike nights at the Troy BW3's on Sundays from 7 until close. All kinds of riders, from advanced skill level on down.
  9. HATE tar snakes. Especially when they are hot and fresh. Met with some on 55 outside Urbana.
  10. I'd be all for it except bullets are cheaper...lol
  11. Good luck on your buy but I'm surprised that nobody mentioned Craigslist. You can find some serious deals on guitars there.
  12. Sweetness. Congrats. Like that color too.
  13. They may be protective and a great price but good god are they ugly. Those suits are still in plenty supply as I was there on Tuesday of this week but the tacky silver and primary colors are just over the top. They look like a box of Crayola crayons threw up on them. Get over that and they are probably a great buy.
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